Signs that Mercury Retrograde is seriously affecting your zodiac sign

Indian Astrology | 10-Jun-2020

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If your life suddenly seems to have turned upside down, if nothing makes sense anymore and you can't find the moment when everything turned upside down, Mercury retrograde is probably involved.

Mercury retrograde is one of the great villains of the horoscope. When Mercury goes into retrograde , it affects the zodiac signs in incredible and sometimes unpredictable ways. It can be a time of great danger  and rare opportunity , but it is important to remember that there is a light at the end of the road.

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According to astronomy, Mercury in retrograde is not what it seems. All the planets move in the same direction. When a star has a " retrograde " movement , it means that it is moving in the opposite direction. But the planets do not change the direction of their orbit.

Mercury makes an  apparent retrograde movement : from Earth, it seems to return and then return to the correct direction. It is an effect of the speed differential of the orbits of both planets. In reality, its movement does not change, but in the night sky it seems to slow down, stop, reverse, and then correct course.

But astrologically, Mercury in retrograde means much more than that. The planet represents the communication , travel, siblings, decisions, messages and important documents and more. Astrology interprets retrogradation as something that disrupts all these areas of life for all signs alike.


  1. Problems regulating your emotions: If you suddenly notice that you are more sensitive to comments, words and even looks, Mercury may be exerting its effect, leading you to analyze and overanalyze every detail to the point of trauma.
  2. Persistent doubts: If you notice that you begin to doubt everything, that you stand in front of a mirror and do not even know who you are seeing, if you question whether you are doing enough and if all your effort is worth it, Mercury is exerting its influence on you.
  3. You knowingly make bad decisions: If you perceive that you are making decisions that you know perfectly well that they are not the best, but you do not understand why in the blink of an eye you are following the worst impulse, look for Mercury in the sky. It sure is in retrograde.
  4. Serious communication problems: If you do not seem to be able to make yourself understand, nor do you manage to understand what others are saying, if text messages do not respond and calls do not connect, and you feel that you go from misunderstanding to misunderstanding without ever reaching the understanding, surely Mercury is wreaking havoc.

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When you identify that Mercury retrograde is affecting your life, you must take certain precautions. Communication, relocation and other problems can be very cumbersome, so it is advisable not to embark on complicated projects, such as a move, marriage, accept a new job or make any big decisions.

Emotions are raw and skin deep at this time, so it is important to allow yourself to feel them, cry if necessary, and even give yourself a sweetie when we need it.


Mercury retrograde has the tendency to make us relive old cycles and go the same way twice. If you notice that you trip over the same stone again, don't blame yourself, it's the nature of Mercury at this time of year. Just take a deep breath and remember that it doesn't last long.

You are also likely to be filled with doubts about your past decisions. This is not the time to question yourself, you will not find answers. Wait for your path to straighten again, and you will experience an intense creative energy that will illuminate your path. It's just a matter of being patient.

While you wait for Mercury to finish its retrograde movement, you can keep exploring the wisdom of the zodiac. There are three zodiac signs whose men are more prone than others to infidelity.

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