Know The Right Vastu for Bedroom Furniture!

Indian Astrology | 19-Oct-2020

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Vastu Shastra is the holy scripture that contains the sacred knowledge of Vastu which is the science of architecture based on the effects of cosmic energies, the five primordial elements as well as different directions upon the residents of a structure based on its architecture & functionalities inside. 

Vastu Shastra for Home is the set of Vastu based principles that apply on a residential property and is something that one must take very seriously & diligently adopt for maintaining a steady flow of incredibly powerful & positive cosmic energies in his/her home that have the potential of bringing along good health, abundant wealth as well as growth & success in life!

Significance of a Vastu Compliant Furniture

A house must not just have its architecture in compliance with Vastu but must also have the furniture placed inside, Vastu compliant too. This is simply because all inanimate objects emit certain specific types of energies and articles of furniture are perhaps at the top of that list!

Now, bedroom is a section of our home where we spend the most vital time of our lives hence, the furniture placed in our bedroom takes the centre stage while contributing to the overall Vastu of the bedroom and its effects on those who spend maximum time there.

Vastu for Bedroom Furniture is extremely important to be kept in mind while selecting the type of furniture that we want as well as the direction of your bedroom in which we wish to place that furniture.

Following are some tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to the furniture of your bedroom:

Type of Wood for Furniture

The furniture in your bedroom should be made out of wood derived from trees that are considered auspicious such as Sagwan, Sandalwood, Neem, Ashok, Arjun etc. This is because wood from such trees attract highly positive energies to the place where they are kept in the form of furniture and bring peace, joy, health, wealth & success in the lives of people that spend time in the place.

Design of the Furniture

While there can be any number of design options possible when it comes to furniture but one should keep certain things in mind such as the furniture must not contain pointed edges as it attracts energies that promote disagreements as well as bickering among the family members plus on the physical level, they pose danger for children as well. Try to go for furniture that has soothing designs on it e.g flowers, rising sun, beautiful leaves etc. as this brings peace and happiness promoting energies into the bedroom.

Direction of the Furniture

The furniture must be placed in a direction that is conducive to the overall energy field of the bedroom and thereby, in turn favourable to the people staying in that bedroom. For example, the bed should be placed in such a way that the native should have his/her feet facing the North direction. Also, heavy furniture should be placed in the South direction as it blocks the negative energies that flow from the South. 

The dressing table with a mirror must not be directly in front of the bed, rather it should be kept in a direction that is adjacent to the bed. The almirah or the safe containing the locker that has valuables should be placed in the North or East direction as it promotes prosperity and wealth. If there is no space left in the South direction to place heavy furniture then you can alternatively place in the West direction as well.

For more Vastu Tips for Wealth that you can incorporate in your bedroom and actually your entire house for that matter, consult with a Vastu Professional and get the tips that would make the aura of your house pure, positive & prosperous.

Remember, having a disturbed state of Vastu or in other words- a ‘Vastu Dosh’ in your house attracts malefic energies that result in hurdles, obstacles, bickering, loss of wealth, bad family relationships and failures in life. 

On the other hand, having the right state of Vastu in your house is the real gateway to true wealth, love, harmony & success in life. Therefore, without any delay, get the Vastu of your house analyzed by a Vastu Expert and know the tips that you can incorporate to further attract positive energies in your house as well as know the Vastu Remedies for Vastu Dosh if there is any and ensure an overall blissful, prosperous & fulfilling life ahead!