Horoscope: Phrases that best describe each sign of the zodiac

Indian Astrology | 10-May-2020

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Astrology allows to reveal characteristics of the personality of each individual according to their date and time of birth.

Each sign of the zodiac is defined by a series of elements that make them different from each other.

Although it is not perceived directly, the stars such as: the sun, the moon and the planets of the solar system influence the behavior of human beings and thanks to this, the behavior of each sign can be predicted and compatibility, tastes, etc. etc.

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There are certain phrases that describe with great precision how each of the members of the zodiac are, below you can discover each of them:


"Power is your essence."

The natives of this sign like to be in control of situations because leadership runs through their veins naturally.

They are the type of people who have admirers everywhere. A positive characteristic of the Aries is that they are very good friends and can always be counted on.


"The one that catches your heart."

Taurus are defined by the way they express their emotions. They are very genuine and say things the way they feel.

They value their friends very much and try to make the other person feel loved at all times.


"Your light is immense."

The members of this sign are people who are characterized by being always on the move. They were born to overcome all the tests they face during their life.

They are very real and they like to live each moment with intensity. Geminis fill every place they go with good energy.

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"Courage is your best weapon."

Cancerians are protective signs and despite the fact that they sometimes feel fear in certain situations, in the end they will always do anything for their own.

In addition, they are brave in all aspects: love, family, work. For them life is a risk.


"The one illuminated by the Sun."

Leo are characterized by their light, they shine in every place they arrive. They are used to people always seeing them and they really enjoy being the center of attention.


"The one who in the end only believes in him."

This phrase does not imply that Virgos are selfish, it simply talks about the quality of those born under this sign to have enough confidence in their abilities to know that they can overcome any adversity on their own, without help from anyone.

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"The one who puts himself in the place of the other."

Libras are very empathetic, sensitive and supportive, they are the type of people who do not hesitate to give to the needy even when they no longer have for themselves.


"The one who falls in love."

Despite the harsh image that Scorpio natives can reflect, in reality it is just a shell with which they protect themselves so as not to be hurt by others.

Deep down, they are the type of people who fill the lives of others with love and good energy.


"The one that gets it."

Sagittarians are sometimes perceived as capricious and stubborn but are actually very persistent.

They hate to think that they can't achieve what they set out to do, so they rarely back down when they set a goal.


"Who likes to reach the top?"

Lovers of victory, they do not like things by halves, they hate conformity and are always looking to get more in all aspects of their lives.

Capricorns are very demanding and perfectionists with themselves.

Lovers of victory, they do not like things by halves, they hate conformity and are always looking to get more in all aspects of their lives.

Capricorns are very demanding and perfectionists with themselves.

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"The one who was born to be an artist."

They are the type of individuals who live for art, they have a free spirit that does not get carried away by the material. They value love above all else.

Their sense of humor is one of their great qualities and it makes them the favorite people of many.


"The one who always dreams high."

Pisces are characterized by having a very cautious personality, it is difficult for them to express their true feelings to those around them, therefore they can go unnoticed at times.

However, those born under this sign always dream of great achievements and even if they do not say so they work hard to achieve them.

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