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Indian Astrology | 13-Nov-2021

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We all know the importance of kundli reading and have done it at some point in our life. A horoscope or kundli gives deep insight into our life by deciphering the placement and associations of different planets and stars in our kundli. It is magnificent to know how an astrological diagram called the birth chart guides us through the path of our life.

How wonderful it would be if we get all information related to our life in our mother tongue Hindi? We tend to understand better if information is conveyed in a well versant language. Here at Indian Astrology, the best astrologers are providing facility of free online janam kundli in Hindi reading which helps the native to gain better understanding and at the same time control on your life. Not just Hindi but you may also get reports in your preferred regional language.

A Hindi janam kundli report covering all aspects of your life strives to solve all problems you might be facing in your life. 

Life is uncertain so are the circumstances related to it. We all are still struggling to overcome the slow down phase the pandemic has created for most of the business and career. Most of us find it difficult to put our work in the same line as it was before the pandemic. Not just this but we are vulnerable to several global, national and even individual risks in life.

Kundli reading for career may come to our rescue when we wish to deal with such suddenness and undesired situations in our work life. All miseries of life can be resolved through a genuine janam kundli analysis done at the hands of expert astrologers.

How a kundli is prepared?

In olden times, our ancient scholars used to perform several intricate astrological calculations to know the exact position of the planets and thus used to cast a birth chart on such basis. But now, in modern times the task of making a kundli is done with the help of astrology software which in a fraction of seconds present your birth chart or kundli. The basic information required is as follows:

  • Date of birth
  • Timing of birth
  • Place of birth with exact location

If you provide this basic information in any software then in no time you get your free online kundli in hand. Now this should be further processed by an expert astrologer to extract the relevant information from the same. The best astrologer with using his/her best knowledge takes out the relevant information from the birth chart and give suggestions accordingly. 

An experienced astrologer may solve all your problems regarding various aspects of life. Free kundli reading in Hindi may help you to a great extent regarding these below mentioned aspects:

  • The best education for someone
  • The best career choices
  • The most compatible marriage or love partner
  • Chances of foreign settlement
  • Enhancement of luck through karma alignment
  • Change in residence
  • Change in profession
  • Delays in marriage
  • Unforeseen delays or obstacles in your endeavors
  • Excessive competition
  • Hidden enemies
  • Acute mental stress
  • Evil eye disruptions
  • Happiness from kids
  • Financial status
  • Old age
  • Occurrences of diseases or serious ailments
  • Huge debts and ways to come out those
  • Recovery from long term illness
  • Getting back the lost relations or articles and so on

An astrology consultation with the best astrologer is a key to overcome any kind of problem that has turned your life into hell. The need is that you reach the right astrologer. Since you will be making significant changes in your life style and thought process, it is very important to choose your astrologer wisely. 

We assure 100% accuracy of the predictions and results as suggested by our wonderful astrologers. They all have passed the test of time with experience of over decades. You can never go wrong with them. Their prowess lies in the fact that they not just consult but also teach astrology to astrology enthusiasts since years. Some of them have even written best seller books in astrology giving glimpse of their excellent command and knowledge of the subject. Each of them is an epitome of brilliance with a long list of satisfied clients across the globe. 

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A well-settled life is affirmed through Janam kundli reading by our best astrologers.

Everyone wishes to have a trouble free life with all round happiness. To lead such dream life one has to work hard but at the same time if his/her efforts are backed by destiny or good fortune then nothing can stop that person to succeed in life. In that case, one may resort to various astrology report prepared by our educated astrologers and use them as a guiding tool in various years of life. These reports are available in English, Hindi and other regional languages to suit the needs of the reader. 

These reports help to take right decision at the right time for a successful and bright future for you and your loved ones.

How future predictions done by astrologers at Indian Astrology are so accurate?

The astrologers at this esteemed institution take deep insight into the matter by inspecting various things to make even a single prediction.  

  • Yogas present in the natal chart
  • Running dasha
  • Transit of different planets individually as well as over natal planets
  • Ashtakvarga
  • Varsh kundli etc. 

This complex and time consuming effort raises the accuracy probability to almost 100%.

Several negative yogas like Manglik dosha, kuja dosha, kal sarp dosha, pitr dosha, grahan dosha  and others may ruin the happiness in life even if the native is making the best efforts in streamlining things in his/her life. An astrology consultancy is sure to bring relief from miseries while attracting fortunes in life.