Lost your valuables? Find them through Numerology

Indian Astrology | 22-Oct-2021

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Are you troubled with the memories of your expensive yet favourite pair of glares? Have you just forgotten where did you put your car keys? Are you the person who often take rounds of the house looking for the things on regular basis? 

Now, you may stop worrying as Numerologists are here to help you find those lost articles! 

In occult studies, there are many branches like astrology that may help you to find the lost article with the help of Horary Astrology or prashna jyotish

But the limitation is that the person so trying to find the lost object with the help of astrology must have thorough knowledge of this ancient science which is certainly a tough job in itself. 

On the other hand the sister of astrology i.e. Numerology may help in finding any lost article with the help of simple numerical calculation as simple as addition. 

A numerology horoscope may reveal the trick of finding lost objects which is truly magical and has proved its efficacy for end number of times. Let’s explore the magic of Numerology!

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Here, the process begins…..

  • First of all the person seeking a lost object must think about the object that has been lost. He/she has to feel it as if it is being held in hands. Visualize its texture, color, size, weight and every other attributes that you may remember. 
  • Next, say any nine numbers randomly between 1 and 9.
  • Write them on paper.
  • Add them together.

Once you have got your number, check it up on the chart given below and voila! The clue about the lost object is clearly before your eyes!

How does the technique of finding things with the help of numerology works?

Every observation we make and every action we take is consciously or unconsciously is permanently stored somewhere in our subconscious mind. 

Everything we see even for a fraction of second puts a permanent imprint on our minds.  

Theoretically, it is possible to remember that thing we saw for a second at a much later date or time.

Numerology helps you to take advantage of the vast storage capacity of human subconscious mind.

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Lost Objects Number List

(The numbers 1 through 5 do not apply).

6 - It is near cleaning tools or articles or foot gear. 

7 - It is near items of clothing.

8 - Someone you don’t like will deliver it to you.

9 - A young person will present it to you innocently as a gift.

10 - Look for it in the room occupied by you might not be your own house.

11 – It might be near to a large water body.

12 - It is in a safe place, and you will find it just like that.

13 - It is in your wardrobe.

14 - It is under water.

15 - It is near animals or items kept for animals. A child will help you in recovery of the object.

16 – You always desired to lose it.

17 - It is close to some luxury item stored in a small place.

18 - It is near soft objects, pillows, clothing, towels, or blankets. 

19 - It is near your house.

20 - Look near the sink, in the bathroom, or around the water heater.

21 - Look in your briefcase or purse.

22 - You will find it shortly.

23 - It is not far from where your location. Look under or inside furniture.

24 - Look in places where you used to store it in the past. Family members may help.

25 - It is surrounded by something white, or a source of light.

26 - An older man, probably a relative may help.

27 - It is inside a car and is damaged.

28 - Someone else has found it and is unwilling to return.

29 - Someone close to you will return it to you. The person might either be an old person or a child.

30 - Look among toys or art materials.

31 - It is near moving water, not far from the house.

32 - It is in a high place, probably outside the house.
33 - It is near a religious idol in the house.

34 - It is near a light or heat source in your house or office.

35 - It is near running water inside the house.

36 - It is in the possession of someone close to you.

37 - Look near a religious artifact in your house or in the eastern side of the house.

38 - It was lost on your way to a place you visit regularly. It is visible and in the open.

39 - It is in a high place. The items surrounding it are related to play or creative activities.

40 - It is surrounded by soft material.

41 - It is low in a closet or near foot gear.

42 - It is in the kitchen but not your own house. Call the places you visited.

43 - It is near a bed or it may also be between folded sheets or blankets.

44 - The object is in a dirty place, or in a part of the house that is being remodeled, and a worker will find it.

45 - You pass it closely every day. Keep your eyes open.

46 - Ask a co-worker, in particular one you feel close to. Wait for a few days before asking again.

47 - More than one person knows about the object. Question your subordinates.

48 - It is close to water or cooking utensils. Also, look in the bar.

49 – It has been lost.

50 - It has been moved since you lost it. Look inside carrying cases of vehicles of transportation.

51 - It is in a place of worship. It may also be in a place of healing like a hospital.

52 – It’s been taken by an unknown.

53 - It will be found during your absence.

54 - It is carried around or otherwise being transferred from one place to another. Recovery is certain but will take some time.

55 - It was displaced and you will find it when you least expect it.

56 - You passed by it a short while later.

57 - Look in the pockets of sport gear.

58 – Someone has stolen it.

59 - It is in a dry and dark place, probably a small cabinet. Look around food or cooking utensils.

60 - There is no chance of recovery.

61 - Look for the underground storage.

62 - You lost it a considerable distance from the house, and you will not recover it.

63 - The object is in a forgotten place of storage, surrounded by items you have not used since long.

64 - There is no need to look for it. You will find it when you clean or reorganize your house.

65 - You will pass by it in the next few hours. 

66 – Thief has a physical problem; either the hand or the foot is damaged.

67 - A younger family member, probably female, will find it and return it.

68 - A third person will find it and return it.

69 - It is a considerable distance from your house. Call friends or relatives you visited not too long ago.

70 - You did not lose it. It is simply mislaid. Look near study materials. Think!

71 - The object is close by. You will find it when you relax. It is near printed material.

72 - Look in vases, bowls, or other containers that have an open top.

73 - You should involve the police or another official.

74 - It will be returned to you by someone whom you have not respected.

75 - It will be returned to you, but has been damaged.

76 - It is in the kitchen or pantry. Look near flour box.

77 - It will be found and returned to you.

78 - It is near animals and damaged, and the chances of recovery are not good.

79 - It is in some metal container.

80 – It was locked away with other items and you will find it when you are not looking.

81 - It went out with the garbage; you will not be able to retrieve it.

Try this and we are certain you will be awestruck with the accuracy of the results. Learn numerology to know about the magic of numbers and the positive effects it may bring to life.