Horoscope Matching- Your Spouse is a Key to Your Success

Indian Astrology | 28-Sep-2021

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Marriage is a union of two souls whereby two individuals commit to live together for the life time. They vow to share happiness or adversities of their mutual life as a couple together.

This is a union of not just two individuals but two families as well and their peace too is somewhere connected to the blissful married relations of their children. Now, every individual is different with different characteristics.

In such a situation, how can you be confirmed about the compatibility of two individuals as a couple? In that case, Kundli matching or Horoscope matching is the answer.  

Matching kundlis has been considered as one of the most important aspects of Indian marriages for ages. Although many modern believers deny the importance of this ancient tradition, but vedic astrology has a sound base to prove that horoscope matching by the best astrologer is indeed a necessary step before finalizing any marriage including love marriages.

The best astrologers in Delhi and NCR may predict many aspects of married life after doing a detailed Kundli Milan. The analysis helps in predicting the problems in advance which can either be avoided or averted with the help of astrological remedies as suggested by them. Vedic astrology strongly suggests matching horoscopes to avoid any major problem in the future.

Why Kundli Milan is important?

  • The first reason for Kundli matching by name is to ascertain the mental and physical compatibility of the couple so related. This checks the general characteristics like attitude, mindset, temper and social traits of both of them. 
  • The planetary placements in the horoscopes are also matched to overcome the negative impact of any inauspicious Dashas that may create problems in marital bliss of the couple. 
  • Kundali matching may also facilitate to predict about the progeny and happiness there from. This is again a very aspect of married life. Nadi Milan which is the eighth guna in Kundli milan is helpful in indicating the possibilities regarding the child birth.
  • Kundali Milan is required even in the case of love marriages which couples generally tend to avoid. But matching should be done and in case any problem is foreseen then remedial measures can be taken. Various Pujas and other measures can be suitably adopted to overcome any dosha. 
  • Kundli matching also prescribes as how auspicious their respective planets will be for each other. Sometimes we see that a person prospers after marriage only while the other has to see a lot of struggle in his life. This all happens because now their mutual stars effect each other in a good or bad manner. This is probably the reason that a spouse is considered the saubhagya of the other life partner.
  • Kundli matching complements the flaws of one with the strengths of the other which promises bliss in a relation.  

Horoscope matching is based upon a point system. Best astrologers in India will see the charts of both the boy and the girl. The total attributed points are 36 and if a match attains more than 18 out of 36 points then the match is acceptable.  

Most of us are aware about the 36 points of horoscope matching but it is very important to know what all these points indicate. To give a simple outlook, different parameters have been explained in simple language:  

Assessment of Nature (1 point) - Under this head the compatibility of nature of both the boy and girl is checked through their moon sign. 

Who will dominate the relation (2 points) – Under this head it is checked whether husband or the wife will dominate the other.

Destiny (3 points) – Their janm nakshatra is checked to determine their bhagya or fortune as a couple.

Sexual compatibility (4 points) – Under this head also known as yoni Milan, another important aspect of married life i.e. sex compatibility is checked.  

Mutual relation (5 points) – A strong mutual understanding is the base on which the prosperity of the married couple depends a lot. This is given the most weightage in gun Milan.

Gana Milan (6 points) – This is very important to determine whether an individual belongs to manushya, rakshas or devta ganas. The compatibility between these ganas is also checked.

Element of love (7 points) – Also called as bhakoot Milan, this checks how lovable they will remain for each other. This is done by thorough analysis of their respective moon signs.  

Health (8 points) – Health also determines the prosperity of married life. If a partner is sick then the expenses, all time care and hassles so involved spoil the peace of the married life.

Manglik dosha in Kundli

Getting a good score out of 36 points is not enough and there are some other doshas known as mangal dosha or rahu dosha in a horoscope which should be taken care of. The best astrologer in India will also check if the boy or girl has any of such doshas prominent being Manglik dosha in kundli. This dosha has certain negative implications and remedies as well. A marriage astrologer after analyzing any of such dosha may suggest effective astrological remedial measures. There are lots of cancellations too. So, one must consult the best astrologer in India to know more about maglik dosha in one’s kundli Milan. 

Now a trustworthy astrologer will not only take care of basic points commonly available in any of the astrological software but will also perform an in depth analysis of the horoscopes of both the boy and girl. Their lagna lords should not share mutual enmity. Also the sun and moon of any individual gives an idea about his soul and mind respectively. These should be analyzed in detail to know about the inner self of any person. Just basic horoscope matching or gun milan cannot give a fair idea of the success of a marriage. An in depth analysis of various houses important for marriage has to be checked carefully so it is important to visit the best astrologer of India.