How Can Astrology help in Growing Your Business?

Indian Astrology | 20-Jun-2022

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It is a difficult task to take your business to the desired heights in this highly competitive world, we live in today. Forget about the desired level even running your business smoothly without facing problems seems next to impossible today! 

Starting and expanding a business requires a great amount of investments in terms of time, hard work and money. Even after applying best of these three one is not sure about the success and expected growth in business. What are the reasons behind these disappointments?  The reasons could be many but solution is one- Astrology!

Astrology is an ancient science which may solve all problems of life with the help of the indications given by the planets in your birth chart. Growth in business is the prime query of any business man going to an astrologer seeking astrological guidance. A kundli analysis helps to determine the strength of the houses and planets related to the business perspectives of a native. The astrologer suggests the most effective ways to carry on business activities to make maximum gains for a native.


How can an astrologer help in business growth?


  • An astrologer would suggest the best suitable line of career or business.
  • An astrologer would suggest the most suitable time for commencement of any new business.
  • Best astrologer in Delhi warns you against the bad or inauspicious time period based on your finance horoscope. 
  • An astrologer advices whether one should do business in home or foreign country.
  • An astrologer may also suggest the suitability of carrying a business in a partnership or sole proprietorship.
  • An astrologer also suggests the most appropriate approach towards conducting your business activities. For e.g. how one should advertise the business or whom one should select as a partner or what should be the marketing strategies etc. 
  • How one may increase business revenue tremendously taking help of astrology?


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Why one should take help of Astrology for business?


  • Doing business requires financial investments which may be really large at times. Nobody wishes to take risk of their hard earned money without calculating the outcome of the investments. If you know what line of business will surely get you the desired results, you are safeguarded against the risk involved in new business. 
  • Sometimes you are not good for business and may perform excellent in a job or profession. Astrology finds out whether a person should do a job or business so that the native is saved from undesired losses and humiliation.
  • The planets in your birth chart put considerable impact in choice of business for you. The business as indicated by the planets will definitely take the native to the heights of success. 
  • Astrology uses the placements, transitions and dasha system of the planets to make out the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of a specific time period for a particular business. Online Astrology consultation suggests what should you do to get very good success in your business.
  • Different planets indicate different types of business based on their specifications. It is necessary to assess which planet is influencing your business. Choosing your business as per these significations certainly grow your business manifolds. 
  • Business astrology may successfully find out the reasons behind failure in any business despite best of efforts.
  • A deep horoscope analysis reveals about the favorable and unfavorable Dashas to predict the good and bad times in business.
  • Business astrology determines whether your business is going in a right direction or not.
  • Sometimes incompatible business in terms of the native’s birth sign or horoscope may bring disasters. It is always advised to take an astrological consultation before selecting any line of business. A valuable advice may save your life. 
  • An astrological consultation helps to find out the root cause of business failure and get the most effective astrological remedies to overcome them to enhance growth in business. 
  • The astrologer helps to ward off negative or evil energy from your premises or office. They suggest astrological remedies to keep away any negativity or jealousy from your business. 
  • Astrology goes deeper into our Karmas to take hints about this life and guide accordingly. By following good conduct with deep understanding of the planets, one can take the best business decisions to derive abundant profits.

 Thus from choosing the right business to knowing the best time to start a business, everything can be precisely predicted with Astrology. 


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The most effective Astrological remedies for business growth


In case a person is facing problems in business or the profits in business are not up to the expectations, then one should visit an astrologer to find out possible doshas in your birth chart.  

These are few of the best astrological remedies for growth in business –

  • One should buy some small gifts for the kids while buying raw material or any other required material for the business. 
  • The office surroundings should be clean. Any unused old, broken or rusted articles should be immediately thrown. These bring negativity to the business. 
  • It is advised to install Shree Yantra and Lakshmi Ganesh idols in the office and worship them daily. This would certainly help in growth of your business.
  • One should pray to Lord Shiva for overall prosperity. Visit Lord shiva temple to offer water on Shiva linga. This would help in getting the desired results in business. The planets of your kundli will be pacified and give blessings in your life. 
  • Donate regularly to foster growth of your business. 
  • Keep a figurine of an owl in your drawer or place where you keep your money. Since it is a vahan of Goddess Lakshmi and the Goddess will certainly follow it to your home and business premises.
  • To overcome troubles in life, take bath early in the morning and offer water to the rising Sun. Also chant the Gayatri mantra and Aditya Hridaya Stotram to attract positivity in your business. 
  • Make a swastika at the main door of your workplace or office. This invites good luck and prosperity in your business.
  • Keeping sea salt in small bowls in your business premises also removes the negative energy at that place. It’s important to change it regularly weekly.
  • Worship your family devatas to receive their blessings. This helps in running your business smoothly. Their blessings also bring the wisdom of your forefathers which can’t be achieved otherwise.
  • One may also keep the picture of forefathers in office to seek their blessings and wisdom in your business.

With an astrology consultation, the native overcome all troubles in the business. The information related to the conduct of business in the most suitable way, certainly goes a long way in determining success of a business. 

Any negative dosha present in the Kundli of the native can be rectified immediately. The best astrologers at Indian Astrology will certainly give a valuable advice to take your business to immeasurable heights. 

They suggest you the best of astrological remedies to overcome any type of business problem. They may suggest new business options, selection of business as per your date of birth, choosing the right name of your business as per your horoscope, family disputes in business, expansion in business, ancestral business etc. So, meet the most experienced astrologers at Indian Astrology to get the best astrology consultation in Delhi and NCR.