The Fate Line on Your Palm Decides Your Path of Life

Indian Astrology | 27-Jan-2022

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The fate line is one of the most important lines deeply analyzed by the palm readers. It is a vertical line that runs up the palm towards the base of the middle finger.

The starting point of the line can be anywhere from the base of the palm but mostly people find it starting from the middle part. The middle finger also known as the Saturn finger is also referred as the 'Saturn Line'. Astrologers refer Saturn as karmkaraka i.e. a significator of one’s deeds or doings.

This is the reason that the fate line also called the career line as it mainly depicts the fortune of one's career or job. From the fate line, one may easily find out the changes of your career or path of life. 

If your fate line is prominent and straight without too much crosses, you are likely to be bestowed with a fortunate career. Some palm readers also refer it as 'Luck Line' because it's closely related with luck and success. However, it is almost rare to find a deep and straight fate line running from the wrist towards the middle finger. 

Let’s understand in detail what our fate line means to us?  

We all have to work in order to earn our livelihood. Our fate line depicts how our career would be? How much would we earn? When would we get Job? Any likely change in job is also depicted by our fate line. Palm reader Mrs. Sarita Acharya suggests that our Fate Line demonstrates our path of life and transformations in life as well. 

Fate Line Timing

The timing on the fate line is shown in the above figure. 

  • The line from the base of the palm is marked with the age of 5.
  • The intersection point of the fate line and head line is at the age of 35 and the point with the heart line is for the age of 55.
  • 75 years old is located at the Mount of Saturn. 
  • The timing of the fate line helps to determine the fortune of your career and destiny at different stages in life. 

No Fate Line

Absence of fate line doesn't mean that the individual doesn't have a career but it indicates frequent changes in job or career. It may also mean that the native doesn’t have a permanent occupation in life. This shows carelessness and lack of interest. One may talk to astrologer to get remedies for improving things in life. 

Shape of Fate Line

Deep and Long

A deep, direct, straight and long fate line that begins from the base of the palm and extends till the Mount of Saturn indicates a strong career or business.  A thinner and shallow line from the middle part of the palm indicates a smooth career fortune during the young age and a worse fortune after the middle age. 


A shallow fate line indicates lots of hard work and a career full of ups and downs.

A Curved Fate Line

A curved fate line denotes changes in career or life. The more sharper the curve, the more pronounced is the change or transformation in life. If it sways from side to side, it indicates lack of direction and motivation. It also means wastage of resources in life.

Double Fate Line 

A double fate line, depending on how close they run to each other, may depict two similar occupations, business or hobbies etc. it may also mean that the individual will study along with pursuing  a career.

If the lines are running too close to each other then it can also show a business in partnership or even represent a couple who supports each other. In all circumstances, the second line suggests double source of income and also acts as a support line, giving strength to the main line.  

Broken fate Line

  • A broken fate line indicates sufferings in career. 
  • A break from the base of the palm means a rough childhood and disruption in studies at a young age. 
  • A break at the middle of the fate line indicates setbacks in career and property loss as per the time line. 
  • If the fate line has been broken and resumes its course again parallel to that broken line then it means a change in job or start of a new career.
  • The gap in the fate line usually indicates a change in job that comes unexpectedly. 

Cross Bars at the Fate Line

A fate line with cross bars or horizontal lines show potential obstacles in achieving goals and management of resources. These disruptions may be caused due to changes in life like starting a family, financial difficulties, wrong decisions, or overall stress. It is temporary in nature if the line extends beyond the mark. 

An Island on the Fate Line

An island on the line means disruptions in the financial flow caused by excessive loans. This sometimes indicates bankruptcy also depending on other factors.  Bigger the island more serious is the trouble in life.

An extremely weak Fate Line

An extremely faint line depicts lack of direction in life. It is common among youngsters who are yet to decide their career. If one has this kind of line then he/she needs to focus more on future goals in life and there are chances of discovering a better line with passage of time. 


  • A Trident or trishul at the end of fate line indicates a famous and rich life.
  • A fork starting from the base of the palm and extending to the Mount of Sun and the other to the Mount of Venus indicates an excessive desire and disturbed fortune in life. 
  • A branch extending to the Mount of Jupiter from a fate line ending at the Mount of Saturn means the individual will own more than one business or company, or will be in charge of many works.
  •  With such kind of a branch, you usually remain in power and lead a successful career.

One may learn palmistry to understand what different lines on our palm mean to us.