Sun Transit in Gemini- Get Ready for a Change in Your Life!

Indian Astrology | 06-Jun-2022

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The Sun is the king of all planets in Astrology and is known to signify our soul, health, eyes, power, father, recognition, name-game, courage, authority, government, success, high status and medicine etc. in Astrology. The powerhouse of energy is going to transit the zodiac sign of Gemini on June 15, 2022. With its transit, the Sun will bring significant changes in the lives of people belonging to different signs of the zodiac. It is specified in astrology that the Sun gives its prominent results within 10 days of its transit in any sign or house. So, get ready for significant changes in life with Sun in Gemini.


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A little information about Gemini sign


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury and Sun share neutral relationship and thus will bring results as per their placement in the birth chart of an individual. Gemini is the sign of communication, media, writing, short travels, social relations and transmitting information through any means. In natural or kalpurush kundli, it holds the third house which is also the house of siblings and your courage. Thus, we may expect changes in these specifications with the Sun transit in Gemini.


Sun Transit in Gemini: Date and Time


The Sun will transit into Gemini on 15th June 2022 at 11:58 A.M. on Wednesday. It will stay here till 16th July 2022, after which it will transit into Cancer.


The effect of Sun transit in Gemini for all zodiac signs



For Aries, the Sun rules the fifth house and the transit will occur in the third house of the zodiac. The Sun in third house will increase your courage towards accomplishing your goals. You will feel confident to take important decisions and will have religious inclinations as well during the transit. There are chances of visiting a pilgrimage and short travels as well. There might be arguments with the siblings and you are advised to keep your ego in control to avoid fights and disharmony with them. There may be bitterness in your relations with your father as well. Take care of the health of your family members during this time. Also, watch for conspiracies at the workplace. 

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For Taurus natives, the fourth Lord Sun will be transiting the second house of wealth and family. The presence of 4th Lord in the 2nd house makes your financial prospects stronger with bright chances of making gains through real estate business or your property. Those in the government sector will make financial gains. You should watch your harsh speech to avoid arguments in the family. Also, take care of your eyes and health of your family members. There are chances of arguments with the in-laws as well. Drive carefully and avoid junk and spicy food for this month.

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For Gemini natives, the Sun is the Lord of the third house and will be transiting through the ascendant. The presence of Sun in lagna being the Lord of the house of courage will inflate your ego and courage to a greater extent. So, you have to be very careful with your changed behavior and personality. You will suddenly become benevolent and wish others to appreciate you for what you do. Take control of your aggression and feeling of pride for this time. There are chances of arguments with your spouse as well which should be avoided for later regrets. The transit may cause minor health issues like fever, headache, pain in bones and acidity etc. So, watch for the side effects of change in season. 

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For Cancer natives, the Sun rules the second house and will stay in the twelfth house of losses and foreign travels. Many of you may go for foreign travels and those working in MNCs or those indulged in foreign trade will be benefitted during this time. You have to face troubles at the workplace in the form of ego issues with your co-workers but you will turn victorious. You are likely to get positive results in legal cases if any. Take care of your health especially those with heart troubles as chances of hospitalization are there. Second Lord in the twelfth may create situations for undue expenses and losses as well. So, take your business decisions wisely and take control of your expenses. 

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For Leo natives, the transit of Sun will bring promising results as the ascendant Lord is going in the eleventh house which is a house of gains and fulfillment of desires. The Sun is here to fulfill your long due desires bringing auspicious results to you. The Sun is considered good in the eleventh house and you are likely to make gains through influential people of the society and your father. However, you have to take care while talking to your elder siblings and children as your harsh speech may create differences with them. Your love life may remain troubled during this time. However, time is excellent for the students as they will show determination in their studies to achieve desired goals. 

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For Virgo natives, the Sun rules the twelfth house and will be staying in the 10th house of the zodiac. Te transit is particularly good for career and getting recognition at the workplace. You will be applauded by your seniors for your determination and efforts in work. Those looking for govt. job will get it during this time. The Sun in 10th is considered good to earn name and authority. So, people in politics will become a known face amongst masses during this time. However, some arguments in the family may trouble you as domestic environment will be heated up.  from your zodiac sign. Also, some expenses or job change may happen if you have a weak or badly placed Sun in your birth chart. 

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For Libra natives, the Sun rules the eleventh house, and now will be transiting in the ninth house of the zodiac. The position is very good to make financial gains through long travels and also with the support of your father. You will suddenly feel more inclinations towards religious activities and charities. Luck will support you throughout the transit. There are chances of travels bringing fruitful results to you. Those in government sector will make great income and money gains with this transit. However, ego issues with siblings may create bitterness in relations.

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For Scorpio natives, the Sun rules the tenth house and will transit through the eighth house of the zodiac. The transit is particularly good for occult practitioners, insurance agents, tax evaluators and researchers. You guys will see improvement in your skills and profession. The transit of Sun is a matter of health concern for the natives as you may face constipation and other health problems related to eyes and bones. Natives have to undergo sudden losses in their business and it is advised to postpone important business decisions for this time. Don’t mess with people for this time as chances of getting into legal matters are there. You need to work harder than before to gain success as obstacles may arise every now and then. 

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For Sagittarius natives, the Sun rules the ninth house and will be transiting through the seventh house of the zodiac. The transit will bring religious attributes in your spouse. Your spouse may remain indulged in religious and charitable acts during this time. However, you may feel low in energy and that may probably create a feeling of irritation and frustration in you. This will directly affect your marital bliss and there are chances of fights and arguments between married couples. Those in partnership will derive beneficial results but avoid clashes with your business partner with your soft speech. You may get into quarrels and arguments with everyone during this time. However, those in govt. relations job will make good income with the transit. 

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For Capricorn natives, the Sun rules the eighth house and will stay in the sixth house of your zodiac. The transit is not at all favorable for you as you might have to face change or loss in job during this time. Your competitors may trouble you and co-workers may plan conspiracies against you. You will face obstacles in your daily routine job and may remain very low in energy for this time. However, the Sun is considered auspicious in the sixth house where it eliminates all diseases, enemies and loans but being the eighth Lord it will help you turn victorious but after much hard work, struggles and efforts. Take care of your health during this time. Chances of a surgery are also there.

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For Aquarius sign, the transit of the Sun will take place in the fifth house. The Sun rules the seventh house of the zodiac. The situation is very good for the students and those dealing in stock market and speculation business. There would be boost in your intelligence and creativity. You will feel satisfied with your marital relations but problems in love life may occur. Also, the health and education of the children needs to be taken care during this time. Time demands care for the health of your family members. However, those in government sector and politics will make good gains during this time. Also, time is very good for the sportspersons and artists. Talk nicely with your elder siblings to avoid misunderstanding in relation.

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For Pisces natives, the Sun rules the sixth house and will transit through the fourth house of the zodiac. The situation is not good for harmony in the family. You may lose domestic peace for this time and the health of your mother needs special concern. Some problems at the workplace are foreseen with ego problems with the seniors. Those working in real-estate field will be benefitted and if you were undergoing some land dispute then it will be resolved for this time. Many may change job to find better opportunities. If you wish to take a home loan then the period is favorable. However, take decisions wisely as Sun in fourth after being the sixth lord may cause disrespect and false allegations at the workplace as well.

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