Happiness in Marriage promises Happiness in Career

Future Point | 25-Mar-2022

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We often see, the most successful people in the world have terrible married life! Why success in career and married life can’t go hand in hand?

Astrology has an answer!!

Generally, some people remain so busy in their career or profession that they are hardly left with any time to spend with their families. Their work place soaks up all of their family time creating dissatisfaction and arguments in marital life. It is a general notion but astrology explains this with little twisted perspective. Read on…

Connection of 7th and 10th house in Astrology

In Astrology, the 10th house is called the house of karma or our career in astrology at the same time the 7th house demonstrates our married life and spouse. The best astrologers say that 7th house being 10th from 10th house keeps a very important place when it comes to predicting about the career of a person. In a way, the planetary influences at the 7th house exert significant impact on the tenth house in a natal chart or horoscope. There is a dire need to maintain healthy relation between your married life and career else both may shatter. This clearly states that if your seventh house is strong or in positive conditions then only it will energize your house of career and vice versa. One other important thing is that no remedy but awareness of your attitude will save both your career and marriage. 

The angles or Kendra sthaan i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are called Vishnu sthaan in astrology. They are known to sustain anyone’s life. The energies of these houses are interlinked and a planet placed in any of these houses certainly affects the other Kendra sthaans as well. Now, if your seventh house is afflicted then the affliction is sure to spread in other Kendra sthaans. Your career horoscope affects your mental and physical well being, domestic happiness and peace in life. Thus, it is very important to keep your seventh house in good shape to keep other angles and their specifications in healthy state. Among these, 10th being the most affected as seventh is tenth from tenth as per “bhaavat bhavam principle” which specifies seventh house to be the secondary house of career. It is always a good idea to keep your marital bond strong to excel in career, business or profession.

Ways to improve your 7th house in a horoscope

  • The 7th house of spouse is totally based on your relationship and no astrology remedy can prove effective in mending the seventh house.
  • The most effective remedy is to curtail your disrespectful behavior towards your spouse and it is only through karma alignment that one may remove the negativity from the seventh and then ultimately from the tenth house.
  • Try and understand the expectations of your spouse from you.
  • Be tolerant, forgiving and open minded.
  • It is not good to keep over expectations and avoid being demanding all the time.
  • Love marriage astrologer suggests taking care of your spouse's genuine mental and bodily needs.
  • Prefer quality time together.
  • Communication and not arguments is the key to happy married life.
  • You should remain aware that any bitterness here in marital life will ultimately spoil bliss at your work place and thus will hamper growth in career.
  • Mutual understanding between couple may transform the seventh house positively and the tenth house as well.
  • Avoid arrogance, egoistic behavior, and high headedness which are commonly seen in male counterparts as they don’t need to handle as many things as females do in domestic life. So, there is a need to be more subtle, soft, adjustable and forgiving in nature.
  • Married life is not a threat but a supportive house for a successful career. 

Seventh house in astrology supersedes all other houses in a horoscope:

  • Seventh house is tenth from tenth and hence a very important house for your career.
  • Seventh house is also 9th from the 11th house. 11th house is a house of desires and all kind of gains and ninth is considered fortune in astrology. So, seventh house is a fortune of your desires and materialistic/spiritual gains. A strong seventh house ensures fulfillment of all desires in life.
  • This is the reason seventh house is called saubhagya vardhak house means the house that brings all good things in your life.
  • Seventh house is your social depiction and thus its deep analysis may very well predict your true nature and abilities to adjust and adapt.
  • A thorough reading of every house in a horoscope in association with the seventh and the tenth houses can benefit the natives to a great extent. This further proves a connection between your married life and career.
  • To improve the strength of any house in a horoscope, one has to improve the relations with the spouse at the right time before it is too late. One can’t ever improve the 7th house of marriage by performing ordinary remedies and behavioral change is required.

Benefits and effects of a happy married life on career

  • With a satisfied spouse, you leave home with a peaceful mind bringing positivity in your attitude which you share with your colleagues and co-workers at the work place.
  • A peaceful mind also enhances your creativity and thus productivity bringing praises and promotions to you.
  • A happy person is adored by all and no one avoid you.
  • Your mind is relaxed and you are not pre occupied with worries at home.
  • You remain motivated to finish work and go back home in relaxed environment.
  • An understanding spouse is a boon and you may share all secrets related to your work with him/her which you otherwise can’t share with anyone else.
  • A happy spouse always motivates you to come back on time and you are saved from any kind of bad habits or wrong addictions.
  • In an environment where both males and females work together, a happy and understanding spouse keeps you away from indulging in extra marital affairs or otherwise.
  • An understanding and supportive spouse is your best advisor keeping outsiders and selfish people away from you.

So, it is very important to strike a balance between your marriage and career to lead a happy life. For a happy married life one should opt for horoscope matching before getting married as it perfectly defines your compatibility with your life partner. Even in a case of love marriage, one must try and check compatibility between them to lead a successful professional and personal life. This article explains the importance of happy married life not just for a contended life but also for satisfying and promising career. It is easy and simple as you just need to attract positive energy to your seventh house and all other positive things are bound to follow!