Buy Property in this Muhurat- Profits Guaranteed!

Indian Astrology | 26-Jul-2022

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Buying a property is a big decision! It may sometimes involve the lifetime savings of the native. Is it sensible to put your lifetime hard earned money into huge risk in the absence of an expert’s advice? Who this expert can be? 

Only an astrologer may suggest you whether the property you are buying will get fortunes or misfortunes to you. Only an astrologer may tell you whether the decision you are taking is right or you have to regret it later. 

It is important to know the auspiciousness of the timings when you are planning to buy any property. Sometimes, everything might be correct but the bad timings may turn your profits into huge losses.    

One should know the auspicious dates and time to buy property so that even your small investments fetch you great money gains. The reason behind buying the property may be for personal use or sale and purchase. In any case, shubh muhurat will matter as any property bought during the auspicious timings brings prosperity to the dwellers or the buyer. 

Why one should look for the shubh muhurat for buying property?

In Hindu traditions, timings keep a significant place in occurrence of all maanglik kaary or auspicious events. Be, it going for a long journey, starting a new venture, entering a house, considering marriage or anything else. 

We generally go to the pundit ji or priest at the temple to ask for the shubh muhurat. When it comes to look for the shubh muhurat for buying property, one should visit an astrologer who takes references from the Hindu Panchang as well as the birth chart of the buyer. 

A shubh muhurat is shubh for almost everyone but practically it can’t, because every person is born with different birth chart. The birth chart decides whether a specific shubh muhurat is actually auspicious for the native or not. The planetary placements in the birth chart will matter a lot while finding the shubh muhurat for a native.  

Moreover, the vastu of the property or land one intends to buy should also be in alignment with the birth chart of the native. This further enhances the auspiciousness of the property for the buyer. We all have our Moon in different rashis and nakshatra in our kundli, it is where the game changes for each of us!    

However, if someone has already paid the token amount without any astrological guidance then one must at least do the registration of the property as per the shubh muhurata. Even if the property registration has already been done then one should consider the best day to enter the new house as suggested by the astrologer. 

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What to consider while buying a property?

When someone decides to buy a property, there are many things to be considered. 

  • Tithi
  • Vaar
  • Nakshatra
  • Karan
  • Yog

Finding a good muhurata is not an easy job and a scholar has to consider all of the above mentioned things. An appropriate day in consideration of all these above mentioned categories provide good results to the native. It is a common practice to find a suitable muhurata with the help of Hindu panchang wherein details of each of these are given. But what important is to match these with the planetary placements of the native.

The nakshatra in which our natal Moon is placed is called the janm nakshatra and it plays a significant role in identifying the auspiciousness of the day for a native. Based on calculation if Moon is transiting into vipat, pratyari and badhak tara or nakshatra, a person should not buy any property or do any other auspicious work on that day. 

There are some other points that an astrologer consider while suggesting a good and fruitful time period to the native. These are as below-

The position of the lagna lord in the transit at the time of buying the property

The transit of all the planets especially the fourth and eleventh lord as these both are the houses of property and gains from it.

To check the position of the rising ascendant at that particular time

The karaka Mars and Saturn should be strong in the transit at the time of buying a property

If most of these are in strong position in today’s horoscope, the person is going get huge benefits from the property. 

Things to avoid for a good property

Just like keeping in mind the auspicious timings, one should also consider the inauspicious timings. Anything done in inauspicious muhurata tends to get inauspicious results. There is some inauspicious timings like-

  • Rahu kaal
  • Yamghantak Kaal
  • Vaar vela
  • Kaal vela
  • Rog
  • Gulika
  • Udveg

Talk to astrologer to avoid all these timings in order to avoid losses or buying an unfortunate property. You must have noticed that after shifting to a new house some people fall terribly ill or their business fail completely. Untimely death, constant misfortunes and other bad results just after buying a new property gives a hint of property bought during bad timings.

As per Hindu panchang, one should not do any auspicious task during adhik maas as well. Thus, one should never buy a land or property in adhik maas or month. 

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Good Nakshatra for buying a property

Nakshatras are the significant factors in astrology and helps in calculating the right events and accurate timings. Nakshatra is also important for buying a profitable property. The date or tithi with favorable nakshatra brings immense luck and extremely beneficial results to the native. There are some good nakshatras under which buying a property brings prosperous results. If the Moon is transiting through these nakshatras, the property deal is certain to bring highly beneficial results. These nakshatras are- Ashlesha, Rohini, Uttara Ashada, Magha, Purva Bhadrapada, Anuradha, Purvafalguni and Visakha.

These nakshatras have been considered good for the registration or purchase of any property. These nakshatras are good for all deeds related to land and property for their inherent qualities. Still, if any of these falls in bad tara then the property may not fetch the desired results. Thus, it is advisable to consult an astrologer to find the status of these nakshatras for an individual based on his/her horoscope. Favorable nakshatra always bring favorable results. 

Good days for registration or purchase of property

The days like Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday have been considered the most suitable days for any property related deal. Their Lords are Mars, Jupiter and Venus which are considered benevolent for property related deals. Thursdays are very auspicious for property deals as Jupiter the most benevolent planet of astrology rules this day. But again the position of Jupiter in your birth chart will matter in deciding the quantum and type of results.  

Thus, it is advisable to consult an astrologer to know the true auspicious muhurata for buying a property. Merely going with the Hindu panchang suggestions as read by ordinary pandit ji will not suffice the purpose. It is important to see the property yoga in the kundli as well. If a person doesn’t have property yoga then all properties irrespective of good and bad muhurata may invite bad luck. It is important to identify and rectify them in time so as to avoid huge losses later!