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Indian Astrology | 13-Jul-2022

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The universe can’t deny the importance of numbers. Everything around can be counted in numbers. Numerology is as old as numbers themselves. 

They help in getting a clear spectrum of one’s life. In numerology we study numbers and with few important of them can measure their significant impact on life. 

Significant numbers are derived from a person’s date of birth and name.  

Online Numerology course is helpful in understanding the human behavior and also in future prediction of individuals. 

Every number tells you about your strengths, weaknesses, flaws and talents to help in determining better understanding of one’s career, relationships and growth as a better individual.

How can we calculate the root /path number?

The calculation of the root number is a main basis of Numerology. Anyone can calculate the root number with numerology calculators available online or with the help of a numerologist. 

One can also learn numerology online to understand the fascinating world of numbers. 

The numerologists then deduce simple yet useful meanings about life through them. Every number has a different story to narrate. 

Some numbers tell you about creativity, some about consistency, and some about strength. It’s a numerologist job to help finding a destiny number, personality number, heart number etc.

There are various charts and systems that revolve around numerology.

One is ‘Pythagorean chart’ that helps us to reach the number easily. You can add up the numbers assigned to your name alphabets and keep on adding till you get a single number.





































You can also add up the digits of your birth date and reach the root number. Add all the numbers including date, month and year of your birth date. 

Keep on adding till you get the final number that is your root number. For e.g let’s take a birth date, 19th December 1985. Now reduce the digits to onesingle number (19+12+1985, 10+3+23, 1+3+5) =9. So, by adding all together we get 9.which we call is the root number.

All that we read so far seems quite simple and straight. But there is more. Apart from common numbers from 1-9, there are MASTER NUMBERS. They are 11, 22 and 33. 

Because they are paired together, they are more powerful. People born with master numbers are considered born to rule and have more cosmic energy. 

If someone is born in November, he has an inbuilt master number. Then we calculate their path or root number, let’s say someone is born on November 6, 1990. Calculation will follow: (6+11+19), (6+11+1) =9 

So here we are not reducing the 11 that’s the birth month and a master number.

How to become a successful numerologist?

If someone is fascinated with numbers can easily enrol for numerology course online which can be started at the learner’s convenience. 

Though there is no formal degree or education for a numerologist but one can learn with experience and learning from the experts. More we analyse better we understand numerology. 

With more practise, reading and learning from the experienced numerologists, one can achieve expertise in this field.

 There are several online numerology courses as well to get the knowledge and better understanding of numbers.


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Numerology courses

To increaseyour credibility as a numerologist, one should consider pursuing numerology courses at Future Point. 

Courses are crafted in accordance with the needs of the beginners and masters alike. The courses teach the value of numbers in an individual’s life along with their processing method. 

The learners can learn all about lucky numbers, master numbers, path numbers, root number and how they influence people’s life. How numbers help in deciding career and being successful in it? 

How to make a relationship harmonious? How to grow in business? All these questions get answered while learning numerology. 

After doing a numerology course online at Future Point, one obtains a certificate which helps in turning the students into professional numerologists. The institute provides useful material to study and offer practical experience too through its experienced teachers. 

What to choose?

There are different systems to choose from when one aspires to become a numerologist. They are listed as follows:

  • Pythagorean Numerology
  • Chaldean Numerology
  • Abjad Numerology
  • Chinese Numerology
  • Indian Numerology

Each one of the systems has its own way for arithmancy practice and numbers divination.however, most popular and known ones are:


Though in both the systems, the common thing is ‘Master Numbers’. Numerologists never reduce 11, 22, 33 in any of the theories.


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Online numerology courses

Today’s life style calls for the things that are quick and convenient. We want more in less time. To be a numerologist, one has to practise more. 

And thankfully in this modern tech savvy world, we get more time of practise while completing the courses through zoom and video calling apps. We may learn at our own convenience with no age or time constraints. One must be just willing to learn and dig deeper in knowledgeable sources. And one may learn by just sitting in your living room.

Numerology as a career

A numerologist should have a strong grasp over numbers and their utilities. Nothing can match determination and focus in learning. The success of a numerologist depends on strong social skills, lot of motivation and of course luck is most important of all. Numerologists help in each and every field of life. Be it career, education, marriage, business, health or finance etc.Numerology not only helps you to help people but also enlighten your spiritual side. The excitement of finding lucky numbers, path numbers and truth behind all numbers present in universe keep you motivated. 

A numerologist can earn well as this is now widely accepted and people are willing to know problems and solutions for them. Apart from astrology, numerology is the new aspect in this modern era. The only thing required is deep digging and building trust and learning every day.