Astrology- An effective measure to resolve family issues

Indian Astrology | 31-May-2021

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“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”- This is absolutely true as a happy family is what we all desire for. A family is what makes you feel secure and loved, where you tend to forget all your hardships that may arise in your relations with the outer world. 

Those smiling faces of your loved ones are something you live your life for. A family comprises of the parents, spouse, children and the relatives along with the hopes and wishes of the family members. A family is called a perfect family when the members love, respect and care for each other. 

The harmonious relations in a family are an outcome of mental aptitudes of the members arising out of their respective emotions or feelings etc. at any moment. But occasionally we face hindrances in these loving relations and more often than not end up with misunderstandings and frictions among the family members. 

If the men and women in the family have a strong relationship between them, then we can assume absence of problems in their lives regarding mutual issues. In every family, good and bad phases are inevitable. 

The head or the principal part of the family, in most cases the father, has the responsibility to take important decision for the family. Sometimes a lot of issues related to the elders or children or between husband and wife may arise in the course of time. Solving theses issues become an exhaustive task resulting in even more chaotic relations sometimes. 

There are problems which are not solved in a simple way and needs expert guidance. In Vedic astrology, each planet signifies certain relation or in other words is a karka of them. We can get an idea of these significations if we understand our chart carefully. 

The good or bad placement of these karkas in association with the houses and planets can give a clear picture of the kind of relationship we share with them. You can contact with the best astrologer in India online who specialises in finding the Family problem solutions accurately and in short time.

Therefore the astrology is a pristine subject that can fully understand the problems which are created between the family members due to financial reasons or lack of understandings etc. The astrology has a lot of power to change the undesirable into desirable.

As per the principles of astrology, the Sun is known as the father.  It is the king of the planetary cabinet and is the centre around which all other planets revolve. Other planets are hugely dependent upon the Sun for their existence. The Sun in astrology is a major force. 

It not only indicates father, but also symbolizes the soul, ego and vitality of the person concerned. The Moon signifies mother in astrology. It also indicates mind, peace, nourishment, and comfort in life. Jupiter is a karka of progeny or children and is called Putrakaraka. These are the three main planets influencing the idea of a perfect family. So, we should deeply analyze these three planets to understand the quality of relationship a family shares.

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The Sun in the horoscope

The Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Leo and it is the sign of forefathers.  The Sun is a fiery planet and remains at the forefront of the chart. In kalpurush kundli, Aries rules the first house which is also the exaltation sign of the Sun. When the Sun is placed in Aries, the person learns a lot of good things from the father. 

The father will keep a very important place in the native’s life. This goodness will further increase if there is a positive association of other benefic planets too. However, the Sun being the primary source of life can’t remain hidden and is placed at the top while analysing a chart. The Sun is considered very strong when it is placed in the 1st house, and the 10th house. 

If your Sun is in these houses, then the father of that native is usually a strong and self made person. He will be a man of principles serving as a guiding light for the native. So, the Sun largely gives the idea of the father and also tells how a person is at the soul level. This can depict whether a person can indulge in bad and evil deeds or will adhere to the moral values.

To get a fair idea about the placement of the sun in the chart, one should talk to an astrologer as mere placement can’t give a precise picture and other factors have to be considered with due care.

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Moon as the Mother in astrology

Mother is always depicted by the Moon in astrology.  Moon is a fluctuating planet and has watery energy. It rules the zodiac sign of Cancer which is a water sign. So, in case the Moon is placed in Cancer it tells about a very sensitive mother. Moon represents not only the mother but other things important for good family relations like emotions, nourishment, material aspects, peace, comforts and happiness as well. If the Moon is not afflicted and is well placed then it gives an idea of a very sweet mother. However, every association whether good or bad, gives a challenge to overcome to the planet so associated. Similarly, every mother, father or any member of the family will have to go through some challenges.

Jupiter for Children

Children are represented by the greatest fortune i.e. the Jupiter in astrology. This most benefic planet of the zodiac indicates luck and fortune. No doubts, children bring fortune and happiness to our life. Being parents is the biggest happiness of the life and Jupiter signifies it in true sense. So, a strong and well-placed Jupiter indicates happiness from children. Jupiter rules over two signs; Sagittarius and Pisces. Among these Sagittarius is a Mool Trikona sign of Jupiter.

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The Challenges of a bad placement


The Sun, if weak, debilitated or associated with malefic like Rahu, Saturn or Ketu poses several challenges to the native. No matter which house it is placed when placed if is not strong bring down the moral values of the native making him ill spirited. This will also affect his relations with his father and sometimes they may even create enmity with one another. The Sun gets debilitated in Libra sign. So, the native will naturally have issues in acquiring resources from his father. The Sun likes to be in the forefront, so when it is placed in the Trik houses like 6th, 8th, and the 12th house or in 4th and 7th house then it may bring difficulties in the relationship with father.


The Moon is a friendly planet. It doesn’t maintain enmity with any planet and is friendly towards all of them. But Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu do not share harmonious relations with the Moon and consider it as their enemy. So, when the Moon is placed with these planets, then it signifies challenges for the mother. 

Moon is uncomfortable in the sign of Scorpio as it gets debilitated here.  Such a person may face low confidence and unstable mind with lack of decisiveness for various reasons. Especially when the Moon is forming a Kemdrum dosha in the kundli, a situation when it doesn’t have any planet in the 2nd and the 12th house, then the person feels lonely in his life.


Many couples are devoid of the bliss of children.  It may take any form like absence or delay in progeny, disobedient or mentally disabled children or early deaths of children etc. The debilitation sign of Jupiter is Capricorn. When it is weak, debilitated, retrograde or combust, it indicates challenges from children.

However all the challenges can be reduced to a single point or so. Thus, it will not be fair to predict by looking at a single matter and judge the quantum of happiness a person will get. In order to get a precise picture of the placements in the astrological chart one can opt for online kundli as well.

Is astrology helpful to deal with family problem?

Family Problem Solution can be dealt with effectively through astrology. The age old wisdom guides the native about the strength and weakness of the horoscope. A smart person is that who after understanding the bits and pieces of his present, past and future can take actions accordingly. A family consultation report prepared by an expert astrologer saves you a stressful life. In the short span of time, all problems will vanish confirming happiness in life.