The Baby Horoscope- A complete guide to your child’s progress

Indian Astrology | 04-Jun-2021

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In Hinduism we give utmost importance to a birth chart or kundli. Most of the important decisions like career, education, marriage, health and profession all are consulted with the help of a horoscope. Horoscope is a snapshot of the position of the planets and stars in the sky when a child is born. 

It is believed that planets so captured or placed in the sky at that time come in that specific alignment to give us the results of our past karmas. They bring forth the results of our past good or bad deeds in the form of various combinations, dasha, placements and association of the planets. 

They give results accordingly at different phases of life. When Lord Buddha was born it was predicted that either he will be ruler of the Earth-the Chakravarti Samraat or he will be a great saint. The truth of the prediction is before the world! 

So, a birth chart can efficiently predict our future events if read accurately. However earlier it was said that a baby horoscope should not be read before 12 years of age as till that time he remains in the care of nature which acts its guardian for that period of time. 

But with changing scenarios we may read a horoscope of a child that provides useful insights into the life of the new born. Prince Siddhartha (Lord Buddha) was just born when he was predicted to be the great saint or the unbeatable monarch. You can get a baby birth horoscope prepared by the best of the astrologers here at the Future Point website. 

Primarily, astrological chart is the foremost thing a child possesses and Hinduism necessitates everyone to have a kundali.

With future knowledge at hand one can plan his course of action accordingly to tackle vulnerabilities, challenges and hardships that may arise ahead.

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Child birth and Kundli

When a new born arrives, it is the most auspicious and celebrating moment in any family. After the birth of a child Indian families have a tradition of naming ceremony when a child is named with the help of his birth star done by an informed astrologer. Name giving ceremony is one formal part of Hindu sanskar which is performed to give a name to the new born.

Hindus believe in choosing the name as suggested by an astrologer after considering the details of his birth Nakashatra. Knowing about the information of janam nakshatra of your child is very important before giving particular name to your chilthe events of life. Nakshatra details of the infant calculated on the basis of birth date, time and place gives initials of the name to be kept. 

Talk to the best astrologers to know about the future of your child what is the kind of character he or she is going to overtake? Whether your child will be a peace maker or trouble maker? What kind of psychology your child is going to inculcate?

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Importance of Having a Birth Chart

Software kundli or online kundli is probably the most popular method to create one’s birth chart. With accurate information of his birth date, location and the time of the birth, a kundli can be prepared.

  • Janam Kundali predicts in advance how a child will live his life or what will be the status of his life. It explains in detail the attributes, preferences and personality traits of the native as well.
  • A birth chart can also tell about the lucky color, lucky number and lucky gem stone of a person.  
  • Birth chart can also tell about the adversities and diseases that a native may have to face in near future.
  • Our birth chart is the prime tool to handle the uncertainties and vulnerabilities of life.  
  • Ideally, no Hindu marriage takes place without matching of kundlis and that is done through horoscopes of both the boy and girl of course. 
  • It gives a glance of how our financial conditions, love life, profession, health, career, and family relations would be?


Importance of a Childbirth Horoscope

The Childbirth Horoscope focuses mainly on the baby and foretells all the important elements of his/her horoscope. With precise calculations, predictions, best-suited remedies and gemstones and others- the Baby Horoscope Report suggests powerful remedies to safeguard the child from future adversities if any. Important information like the lucky day, lucky number, lucky color, gemstone, deity, Mantra has also been included in this particular Online Horoscope Report. 

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Baby Horoscope includes:

  • Panchang of Birthday
  • Avakahada Chakra
  • Planetary Degrees and their Positions
  • Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Sarvashtakvarga Chart, Dasamamsa Chart
  • Vimshottari dasha
  • Yogini Dasha
  • Nakshatra Reading


Paya of the child

Paya is something people often enquire about, this is again calculated on the basis of the birth star and placement of the Moon in the chart. The paya tells about the kind of comforts or struggles a child is going to have in his life. One can know about paya with the help of the position of the Moon in horoscope. The house in which the Moon is placed in our horoscope indicates the paya of the child. 

If Moon is situated:

In the first, sixth or eleventh house- Golden Paya

In the second, fifth or ninth house - Silver Paya

In third, seventh or tenth house - Copper Paya

In fourth, eighth or twelfth house - Iron Paya.

Here, we are mentioning about paya, their all types and their effects in our life. Paya is of four kinds:


Silver paya

A child born with silver paya affirms happiness and peace in life. All desires and goals will be accomplished duly. The person gets fame and gives happiness to his mother. The person has divine capabilities and is religious at heart.


Copper paya

The copper paya again is considered good, but it gives slight sharpness in the nature and the person is little restless. All the work will be completed on time. Whenever obstructions arise, then offering water on Shivlinga with copper vessel will give you peace and happiness.


Golden paya

The Golden paya found in horoscope is considered to be moderate (not so good or so bad). There is a possibility of losses and despite everything you will not find peace in life.


Iron paya

The iron paya found in a horoscope is considered to be inauspicious. It indicates a struggling life, obstructions and disturbances in life. There may be disease and pain in the body. The father has diseases related to eyes, stomach and mind is affected too.

Get yourself a Baby Horoscope to gain better understanding and planning of the future of your apple of eye.

One can Talk to astrologer to find solutions to any problems that you may be facing regarding your child’s upbringing. A bright future is assured if we follow the impressions as showed by a competent astrologer. It becomes easier to make education and career choices for the child if one is well acquainted with all the personality traits of the child. So, consult the Best Astrologers in India today to get solutions to all your problems related to your child. One can go for a Baby Horoscope Report in order to know what stars have in store for your little one!