5 Top Most Feared Yogas in Astrology

Indian Astrology | 27-May-2021

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Astrology is a science that requires a very deep study. There are many yogas that get formed by the position of planets in a birth chart. There are thousands of yogas that effect our life. Some give very good results and some aren’t very good for us. People born with good yogas are so blessed that they become kings. One such example of raj yoga is of Narendra Modi. His Kundli has a very strong raj yoga. 

In his lagna itself the lagna lord - Mars is in own house as well as Moon gets debilitated which forms a neech bhang yoga. This makes the lagna so powerful that even a person with very limited means and born in a humble background becomes the prime minister of the biggest democracy in the world. 

On the other hand, there are many yogas that are unfavourable. These can create tensions, problems and hurdles in the natives life. Usually these problems come about when that planet’s dasha is operated but some also keep showing their effects throughout a native’s life. 

There are remedies also for these which can be suggested if you talk to an astrologer. However not everyone is aware about these yogas. One needs to analyse the online kundli in detail to study all yogas and then analyse which ones are auspicious and which ones are inauspicious. These are seen only in the natal chart. 

A few of the inauspicious yogas are

Kemdrum Yoga 

This yoga is formed by the placement of the moon. This is related to the planet moon. It gets formed in a Kundli when the one house before and after the moon is vacant. In other words the second and twelfth house from the moon is vacant. They said it is inauspicious because people with this yoga become lonely. As the moon is alone their minds take them away from people. The native gets unhappy and suffers in their life. The native faces mental stress in their life. It gets cancelled if there’s a planet in Kendra from lagna or moon.

Remedies - chanting of Om namah shivaya can help in making your moon strong so you can face these problems with a strong mind. Also respect your mother and serve her.

Guru Chandal Dosh  

This yoga is formed by the placement of Jupiter and Rahu. It gets formed when Jupiter and Rahu are posited together in a natal chart. The qualities of guru and Rahu get conjoint which lead to the native being unethical. The guru is the most benefic planet in a horoscope and people with a strong guru are always very good and ethical. When the guru gets conjoint with Rahu which is a mysterious planet it can create havoc. The effect definitely varies in the house in which this yoga is formed but it can lead to immoral work and corruption. Such a native can face problems in education and career. They can face hurdles in life and use their education and knowledge in a wrong way. The native will have a negative thinking and a materialistic inclination. 

Remedies - do pooja for guru chandaal yoga. If guru is placed well in your online Kundli then give donation to Brahmans or your teachers. Pray to lord Vishnu. Respect all gurus in your life and serve them. 

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Visha Yoga 

This yoga is formed by the placement of the moon and Saturn. This yoga is formed when the moon and Saturn get conjoint in one house. If the degrees are very close to each other then it can create havoc in a Kundli. It can make a native very cruel as well as make you emotionally weak. Moon being the mind gets afflicted by Saturn in the natal chart. It is like you are born in sade saati. This can make the native depressed. It can make people harsh in their speech. It can be the result of bad karmas of our past life. But if the moon is strong then it will not be so bad. 

Remedies - pray to lord shiva. Recite the mantra om namah Shivaya every morning and specially on Mondays. Meditate and make your mind strong. 

Amavasya Dosh  

This yoga is formed by the placement of the sun and moon. This is formed when the sun and moon are placed together in one house in the natal chart. It is believed that on the day of the amavasya the moon loses its strength and comes under the influence of the sun. The native may face financial problems and emotional turmoils. The sun takes away the strength of the moon making it weak and even malefic according to many astrologers. Though of course the effects depends on the house as well as the degree of conjunction. In some cases it can cause problems with the mother. 

Remedies - donate food items on amavasya days. Worship Shiva and chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ 108 times on Mondays as Shiva rules over the Moon. Consume vegetarian food on Amavasya days in a month.

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Kalsarp Dosh

This is formed by the placement of Rahu and ketu. The placement of Rahu and ketu is always opposite to each other but if all the other planets fall between Rahu and ketu on one side than the Kundli has kal sarp dosh. Even if one planet comes out of the Rahu Ketu axis then it gets cancelled. Some say that it’s anshik kalsarp dosh but most feel that it gets cancelled. Even if in the same house but if degree of another planet comes out then it gets cancelled. 

This is a very severe one and native’s feel that some aspects of their life gets affected. The native does not get full effect of their hard work and they feel they have to put in much more efforts than normal people. There is marriage delay or problems in marital life. Also progeny issues can be there. The effect is seen maximum when Rahu or ketu maha dasha or antar dasha comes. The native can get bad dreams also. 

Remedies - Recite hanuman chalisa. Should do devta ki pooja. Can donate a grey blanket. 

Like this one should be aware of the inauspicious yogas in your Kundli and do proper remedies of them to get rid of the bad effects.