Moon- The Ultimate Strength of the Horoscope

Indian Astrology | 06-May-2021

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The prime source of sustenance on this Earth is our two luminaries the Sun and the Moon. Popularly known as the king and queen in the planetary cabinet of our astrological system, these royal planets are essential for a native to enjoy his life to the fullest. In this article we will specifically talk about the Moon or Chandrama.  

Moon in Astrology

The planet Moon is of utmost importance in Vedic rituals and beliefs system in Vedic astrology. Considered as a queen and the significator of the mother, it is serene, calm, and peaceful. Moon rules over the human mind and people with strong Moon are bestowed with sharp intellect and wit. 

The science of astrology is based on Dasa, Nakshatras, and Yogas, which are all studied from the position of a natal Moon in Vedic astrology. However for Yogas a careful analysis of Lagna and other planets is also required. 

Moon chart or the Rashi chart is again a significant part of vedic astrology and many learned astrologers base their predictions on the rashi chart as well. 

It symbolizes mother, our deepest self, basic traits, our comfort zone, our reactions and our unconscious mind. It also signifies the maternal side and our expressions.

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Exalted moon

The Moon remains exalted in the Taurus till 3 degree. The exalted moon is a powerful thing in the birth chart. It gives highly imaginative and creative nature to the person owning it. However, the house it is placed in plays its own role. If it is exalted in Kendra or Trikona, then is capable to bring forth great amount of fate, status, money and fortune. 

Debilitated moon

Just opposite to Taurus, the planet Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio. If it is debilitated or afflicted with malefic planets, then it is not considered good.

The weak Moon can be a threat in many ways. When afflicted with malefic like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, it brings mental imbalance, psychological problems, depression, excessive obsession, migraine, unsound mind, forgetfulness, indecisiveness and confusion etc.

However, if Neech Bhang Yoga is there the Moon becomes auspicious. In conjunction with benefics or auspicious planets like Jupiter and Venus it becomes highly auspicious. So, it is pertinent to consult a astrologer to understand the strength of the Moon.

Characteristics of Moon in Astrology

Moon rules over sign Cancer (Kark Rashi) and the 4th house in Kal Purush Kundali. Moon completes one zodiac circle in 27 days and stays in a sign for 2 and half days. Moon is a sattvic planet and is a benefic one depending upon its paksh bala

In astrology, Moon represents Vaishya by caste and thus signifies prosperity through trade and business, money and the stock market.

Those born in Rohini Nakshatra are generally beautiful and attractive. It also signifies home and comforts associated with it. A strong Moon is essential for a blissful domestic and family life. 

Moon also signifies pregnancy and the menstrual cycle with its waxing and waning phases. It also represents sensuous pleasures, fragrant flowers and gardens, if one is interested in these then surely he has a strong Moon in his chart. 

Some astrological facts about the Moon

To understand the inherent power of this royal planet, one must go through the following information:

DirectionVayavya (North – West)

Day – Monday

Nature – Calm and peaceful

Colour – White

Enemies – Rahu, Ketu and Saturn

Friends – Moon, Mars and Jupiter

Neutral – Mercury

Nakshatras ruled – Rohini, Hasta and Sravana

Mool Trikon – Taurus

Own sign – Cancer

Exalted sign – Taurus

Debilitated sign – Scorpio

Gemstone – Pearl

Metal – Silver

Period in Vimshottari Dasha syatem– 10 years

Significator (Karak) – Mother

Bodily parts – Eyes, heart, lungs and bodily fluid

Diseases – Cold and cough, Depression, Heart problem, respiratory diseases, TB, weak eyesight and fear.

Since the Moon is a water element, it is specifically beneficial in the water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. 

Moon and the Sun are never retrograde. It serves as a link between the Sun and other planets. It reflects the rays of the Sun to spark off the dark sky. While Sun represents soul, Moon is our mind- it depicts our perception of the world. 

Effects of a badly placed Moon

Moon shows our analysing, imaginative and creative side of our mind. An adversely afflicted Moon may result in native losing his mental or emotional stability in no time. As Moon goes through the waxing and waning stages so causes our mind to go through the same and makes us fickle minded. It gives them hard time to remember things and in the later years of life, such people may also develop Alzheimer’s disease.

People with afflicted or badly placed moon frequently switch their opinions and rarely stick to it. Every new opinion is another attraction for them and they end up changing their belief again. 

A badly placed Moon also results in unkind heart or lack of compassion. More often than not they find them not helping others in their trying time even if they wish to. 

They live in their fantasy world and get easily excited at even minute things or events. They are daydreamers who have thousands of future plans but hardly do anything to turn them into reality. They are lazy chaps and often lack required efforts. 

People with a badly placed Moon sometimes develop unusual habits or personality-related disorders like split or bipolar personality. 

In human body, the Moon controls the mind, eyes, breast, lungs and lactation. So, an adversely placed Moon causes mental afflictions, weak eyesight that may include night blindness and colour blindness, or in fact sometimes complete blindness too. Chronic ailments like asthma or lung infections are common. Females with an afflicted moon also have difficult time while lactating and may even suffer from difficulties in childbirth. 

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A strongly placed Moon in the birth chart

Moon symbolizes intelligence and a well placed Moon means a gift of high intellect. It also gives great retention power and clarity to the mind which makes them perform brilliantly in every field. 

People blessed with a strong Moon are extremely imaginative and are always ready with out of the box ideas. As it is a karka of mother so those under the good influence of it are very caring and loving. It is a planet of compassion and people with strongly placed moon always remain ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. 

Moon also signifies healing properties. So, most of the healers have strong moon in their chart. 

 Yogas formed by moon

There are many yogas as formed by Moon. Here goes a small list of the same:

Sunafa Yoga

An auspicious Sunafa is formed when there is a planet in the 2nd house in the Natal chart (except Sun, Rahu and Ketu). This powerful yoga of Hindu predictive astrology makes the person fortunate.

Anafa Yoga

Anafa yoga is another one which is created when any planet except Sun, Rahu and Ketu is placed in the 12th house of the horoscope.

It bestows dynamism and magnetism to the personality of the native. 

Gaja Kesari yoga

Gaja Kesari yoga is a popular yoga in the vedic astrology. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion. Hence, it combines the traits of elephant and lion. A native with Gaja kesari yoga gets fame, wisdom and great speaking skills. This auspicious yoga is formed when the planet Moon and Jupiter are posited together or in Kendra from each other.

Durudhara Yoga

Durudhara yoga is said to be formed when there are planets (except Sun, Rahu and Ketu) on the either side of the Moon. The person with Durudhara yoga is confident, brave, scholar, religious, wealthy and happy.

Kemadrum Yoga

It is an inauspicious one and is formed when the planet Moon has no planets in the chart on either side of it. It bereft the native of all the happiness in terms of major aspects of life. However there are some cancellations available which requires an expert to be consulted to gain deeper insight.

In a nutshell, a strong moon is a great asset in the horoscope but at the same time to take benefit of its full potential a thorough analysis of the kundli is required. Nowadays, even online kundli analysis is a great tool to bank upon.