Yantras can change your life and increase your wealth

Future Point | 23-Oct-2018

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In astrology, there are so many ways and remedies to solve our problems and make our life easier and happier. Everyone wants success in their life. In ancient times, humans uses so many devices foe their well being and immediate solution of their problems. Yantras are devices of this kind, which are created as support systems towards a particular purpose.

What is yantra

In astrology yantra means a machine. A machine is a combination of very purposeful forms. Yantra allows us to use our body power and positivity in a much better way. Yantr helps us to perform different types of activities in a better way. The process of building temples was to create a powerful yantra for everyone.

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Yantras benefits

  • This is a tool which can enhance our life in different dimensions.
  • In ancient times, yantras are made to achieve different purposes.
  • Basic yantra is a simple triangle and upward facing triangle is one kind of yantra, a downward facing triangle is another kind.
  • To achieve success in business, career and family life, one should worship bhairavi yantra. This yantra has the power to enhance the one’s well being. It is a powerful, personalized tool that creates a certain space and an atmosphere so that your well being is naturally taken care of.

Types of yantras and their benefits

Shree yantra: this yantra has highly divine energies that destroy all tpes of negative vibes around you. It gives wealth and prosperity to your life. Shree yantra can fulfill your all desired and makes your life easier and happier.

Lakshmi yantra : this yantra is specially made for wealth and inflow of money. It can increase your wealth and richness. It eliminates the poverty and shortage of money.

Kuber yantra : if you are handling business or leading shops then you should use this yantra to attracts lucrative opportunities and brings luck and wealth through business, property etc.

Sudarshan yantra : this yantra is belongs to lord Vishnu. Sudarshan yantra has power to destroy all evil forces and attracts positive force into one’s life.

In addition to the above mentioned yantras, there are many more yantras like navgraha yantra, surya yantra, guru yantra, shukr yantra, rahu yantra, ketu yantra, mangal yantra, shani yantra etc. these vedic yantras can solve any affliction caused by any graham dosha. Yantra for wealth, yantra for business and career is also available.

Symbols used in yantra

Yantras are available in various shapes and patterns like squares, circles, triangles and floral patterns. Let’s know about the significance and role of each figure of yantra :

  • A dot on yantra is the starting and ending point of the creation. It signifies the infinite or the cosmos.
  • In yantra swastik stands for good luck, prosperity, spiritual victory and positivity.
  • The lotus flower represents chakras, with its each petal displaying the vritti of that particular chakra.
  • Shatkona comprises two triangles like upward triangle which represents masculinity and action. Another is downward triangle which signifies introversion, Meditativeness or passive powers.
  • Bija mantra that corresponds to each chakra.

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Every yantra has mantra

In astrology every yantra has a particular mantra. That mantra is an integral part of yantra as it infuses life into that geometric figure. If yantra is some form of deity then mantra is the mind consciousness. A yantra cannot be energized without the mantra.

Lifespan of yantra

On earth each and every thing has limited lifespan. For yantras, there is an interesting concept of yantra’s lifespan among people. It is believed that yantra lives till you keep using it while others believe that energized yantra can never die. There is no denying the fact and the truth that a yantra may last for your life time.

Energizing a yantra is important

If you are not energizing a yantra from its mantra, then it may useless for you. To attain desired effect, it is important to energize yantra with its deity mantra. It is believed that energized yantra remains active and alive till the intension has been manifested energetically and physically, after which it may withdraw its energy and go inert. Without energizing a yantra, it has no effect and benefit.

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