The pros and cons of wearing Blue Sapphire / Neelam

Future Point | 22-Oct-2018

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Blue Sapphire / Neelam: Gemstone has always been a very good remedy recommended to a needy in the scientific study of astrology. In fact, when a learnt and expert astrologer who undertakes the study of a horoscope and finds certain area of shortcomings in the same, they quickly recommend gemstone as an important remedy. Especially when the remedy would need a permanent solution and not mere temporary. Therefore, in astrology, there are gemstones for all the nine planets in the zodiac orbit. The following table would be a ready reckoner for the readers.

English Name Hindi Name Planet
Ruby Manika Sun
Pearl Moti Moon
Red Coral Moonga Mars
Emerald Panna Mercury
Yellow Sapphire Pukharaj Jupiter
Diamond Heera Venus
Blue Sapphire Neelam Saturn
Hessonite Gomedh Rahu
Cat's Eye Vaiduryam Ketu

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Other than the above-mentioned gemstones, there are many more which can be used, however astrologically it recognises only nine such gemstones which are mentioned above. Thus, each of these gemstones have there own pros and cons. In fact, while wearing any gemstone, it is recommended to take the view of an expert and learnt astrologer. Since, only them can provide you the correct solution and remedies for the same.

Among the nine gemstones mentioned above, much care should be given to one stone which is Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone. As one would know, Blue sapphire wearing is not only expensive but also highly degree of purity should be maintained. Since in any horoscope, this is recommended to those whose, Satun in the horoscope is afflicted or does not have the required strength. But this is much easily said than done. Since, Saturn is a planet that would reward or punish a native at the earliest. Hence, it is always recommended, only astrology advice would help the native to wear the correct gemstone of Blue sapphire. Here the weight, size, shape and design would be studied in great detailed before recommending the same to the native. There are many gemstone astrologer specialised in this who can help the native to wear the correct type of blue sapphire gemstones.

Following are some pros and cones of wearing the gemstone of Blue sapphire.


  • Blue sapphire benefits is the best remedy for the native who has an afflicted Saturn in the native chart of the Navamsa chart. Wearing a blue Sapphire becomes a one-time solution which can be highly helpful to the native.
  • Since Saturn is the lord of Karma, wearing a Blue Stone enhances the positive karmas of a native. One is sure of getting the best karma results by wearing this gemstone.
  • The native wearing this gemstone is assured of getting rich and amassing wealth by dealing in Landed Properties.
  • In case if any one is suffering from the ill effects of Black magic, by wearing the stone of blue sapphire, the native can insulate them self from all the negative powers. They would remain blessed by lord Satun.
  • If leaving in a foreign land or aspiring to live in foreign land, then wearing Blue Sapphire gemstone will be highly auspicious.

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  • Since this gemstone is to improve the strength of karma, a native by wearing this gemstone should not undertake any non-dharma or non-benefit karmic work. This would immediately affect the native as Saturn would not appreciate any work which is forbidden by the law. Native should refrain from such activities.
  • Among the gemstone, Blue Sapphire demands pure environment. If the native is not able to provide any such solution then they are advised not to wear the same.
  • Since this gemstone is very expensive, a native should not buy in hurry and then regret the same. Since, Blue sapphire is not ment for any one and every one. The resale value of the same is reduced considerably as there is a genera fear that Blue sapphire should be worn after detailed astrological consultation.
  • There are many Synthetic and fake Blue Sapphire which are also available in the market. Native are advised not to get conned as these fake gemstones an do more harm to the them. By gemstone which are genuine.
  • Always remove the gemstone during morning ablution. Since this can attract negative energies which can then be transmitted to the body of the native wearing a blue sapphire.

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