Misfortunes in your birth-chart and their remedies.

Future Point | 25-Oct-2018

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As in Vedic astrology, one would know, that every birth chart has certain yog of dosh, this aspect is studied in great detailed in a native’s horoscope. In fact, after detailed study, a native is suggested certain remedies. These remedies are suggested only by a learnt and expert astrologer.

Though a yog is a very auspicious combination of planet, a dosh is actually a curse in a native’s horoscope. Therefore, a dosh would always need certain remedial measures. Some of the dosh which would need immediate attention are as follows. These dosha would require remedial measures for sure.

As the list of dosha would be high, we have included some of the serious one which definitely needs attention. In fact, we at Indian Astrology are a team of expert and learnt astrologers. We have been providing astrology consultation for the past three decades. To know more on specific Dosha’s native can write to us at [email protected] or visit our website www.indianastrology.com. For more details on Dosha or any other analysis of the kundali, readers can write to us.

Grahan Yog:

Whenever, Rahu or Ketu are come together with the Sun or Moon then it results in Grahan yoga. It causes one to go through all sorts of problems in every sphere of life. Grahan yoga affects one's mind, intelligence, emotions, family, and reputation in a negative manner. One gets almost everything, but after tremendous hard work.

Such a person is very negative in attitude and even towards his own family members. It has been observed that not even to one’s own mother and father want to help such an individual. People affected by this yoga, don't have many friends, their bodies become very weak very fast and they start being afraid of responsibilities and try to find ways to escape their responsibilities.

If such a yoga is formed in the 1st, 2nd, or 9th bhava or house, then it brings about very negative effect on one's luck. In this case, the individual becomes angry at almost every other thing. Ego is another problem that gets inflated too much with this yoga, which causes them to be mad with others.

The person's thoughts are not stable - they don't remember their promises. The person will end up staying away from everyone except their spouse and will always blame and criticize others causing Vani-dosh. This dosha causes them to never have stable relationships.

If the yoga is formed in the 7th bhava of house, then it causes a bad effect on one's marriage or the person does not get married at all.

However, there are remedies to this problem.

  • Such individual should be in the supervision of a Guru/mentor - take care of a cow regularly.
  • Make sure you eat turmeric regularly, put some on your tongue in the morning. This is apart from what you'd intake in your cooked food.
  • Visit a mandir or place of worship regularly - learn Surya and Chandra kriyas and make them part of your daily routine.

Sometime, the above yog is also known as Rau and Ketu Yog. Thus, with these remedies, a native can bail himself out of the problems.

Dridra Yog:

Either wealth doesn't come or doesn't stay if your birth-chart has Dridra-yog. It can even turn a billionaire into nothing, which can even include - business, work, property, jewellery, your car, pets. This yog also effects people who were flourishing very fast in their life.

How is this Yog formed?

If the Lagna or the 12th house are afflicted, then it causes not to be owner of one’s property and money. The stronger the yog, the more one would be affected. However, If Jupiter is strong, then it causes one to be intelligent, but devoted to social causes despite being very poor.

If such person's family is not careful, then such people can end up giving away their share of the property away too. This yog is also caused by the 4th and 8th house. The connection between these houses causes one to lose wealth due to siblings or friends.

Usually Planet Mars Rahu or Saturn cause this yog. Rahu & Saturn will cause one to never save any money throughout their life and creates great problems. Venus and Mars in the 12th house causes a life of poverty to the life partner. The 12th house's Venus and Mars along with the Moon of second house causes one poverty due to love/love marriage.

Following are the remedies mentioned for this Yog.

  • Don't stay in the place you were born - establish "Shri yantra" or "shodashi" yantra
  • Offer free labour/work on Tuesday and Saturdays - take 11 leaves of "belpatra” and write "pang, rang, dang" with sindoor and haldi on them; let them flow in water on Shukla-Paksha Navami tithis in river/lake every month.
  • Clean the East part of the home on your own - offer some part of your property to some social work - religious or some work for the poor.
  • Keep a squared piece of silver with you always - it should be given by mother, Guru, or have it "abhimantrit".
  • Never have property in your name - always have a black or white dog as pet.

Veyshi Yog:

This is another yog which is very often caused if there is placement of planet Mars or Saturn, immediately next to planet Sun or Moon.

  • One to be affected by Tantra very quickly
  • Problems due to the opposite sex - lots of problems in progress

However, this yoga can have different effects out of Mars or Saturn. If Mars is the cause of this yog, it makes one very wealthy and then causes poverty after that; brings bad repute; also will cause the person to go through some punishment given by the government. Such a person will not be loved by his spouse or children.

If Shani is the cause, the person is not able to eat well or eat on time or there may be some inedible items in the food. Native are advised to undertake Surya kriya, donate bricks and food on Tuesdays, they can even do gayatri yag, eat something sweet and then some water before going to work. Sleep on the ground on Tuesdays.

Please ensure that you are not egoistic, flirty, or deceive anyone, otherwise you can't get married or if you do you can't have a good married life. Get your nose pierced. Never take free things from anyone. If you've taken someone's things illegally, then return them as soon as possible.

Kaal sarp Dosh:

This yog can cause one to reach many heights in life due to one's own efforts and/or due to the grace of God. So, it's not really a bad thing. It is caused by the combination of Rahu, Ketu, Moon, Venus If Rahu or Ketu are in the first house with Moon or Venus it causes Sarp Dosh. If Rahu or Ketu are in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, or 8th house, it causes Naag or Sarp Dosh.

This causes the individual to go through mental problems, loss to reputation, deceptions, bad effect on marriage or in getting married, even after marriage. There is deception, such people also deceive others, there can be economic problems to the life partner or the life partner goes through some mental problems, the life partner does not get much affection from his home and family and the relatives are also not so good. It gives unlimited anger.

Further, the native suffering from this dosha doesn't have any good friend. The person doesn't eat good food. They may be inclined towards drugs and alcohol or may have friends who are all addicts. The person can finish all his wealth or leave home with no plans. It can cause schizophrenia or some other mental or behavioural problems. It gives a lot of loneliness in one life.

In extreme cases, one can even end up in prison. As remedy,

  • Write "Om Namah Shivaya" on 5 peepal leaves on a Saturdays and let them flow in some river; do this throughout life.
  • Donate milk every Monday throughout life.
  • Wear a silver chain in the neck throughout life - keep some saffron in your belly button throughout life.

Thus, with these remedies, a native can rescue them self from all problems. For more details, please write to us and seek expert astrologers advice.