Why Vedic Astrology Can Help You With Your Career

Indian Astrology | 19-May-2021

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Establishing and maintaining a good career is increasingly becoming an integral part of human life. Everyone yearns for that perfect career path, which can keep them engaged, content, and financially secure. But not everyone has the clarity it takes to make a permanent decision like choosing a career path. 

This is where the study of Astrology comes in to lend a helping hand. Astrology is a precise study that can be an effective tool when it comes to making empowering career decisions. Judging aptitudes and careers is one of the most intense and complex areas of astrology, and requires an immense amount of knowledge and skill. 

This is why, when booking an online astrology consultation, looking for only the best and most reputed practitioners can give you the information you need. Most often, individuals are mixed bags of different personalities, wants, desires, interests and so much more. 

Not many individuals can instantly be placed into a single category based on their birth chart. However, some basic rules of Vedic astrology can be applied to catch a fleeting glimpse into a person’s ideologies and where they could thrive. 

Houses to be judged for a Career or Jobs

No astrological prediction or study can be complete without the first house and the ascendant, or the Lagna. If only one house could be used to make any judgment, it would be the first. This house represents a person as their whole, physical self, and their personality or their outlook. 

Next, the 10th house, which refers to a career, work, duty, and professional life, is studied. The 10th house points at the nature of a career one would experience. The 2nd house is the next important consideration, which rules the earnings or gains, and the 11th house points at the source of an individual’s gains. 

This also plays an important role in deciding a career path. The 7th house, the house of others or partnerships, is also important to study what kind of partnerships (professional) are in store for you. When seeking online astrology consultations for career decisions, a practiced astrologer will consider the following: 

  • The strength and placement of the 10th house Lord 
  • The position of the Lord ruling over the 3rd and 5th house
  • Placement of Sun in your natal chart
  • Placement of moon in your natal chart
  • The influence of celestial bodies on the 10th house
  • D9 chart
  •  Atmakaraka Planet
  • The ruling Mahadasha and Antardasha planets
  • Transiting planets and their influence 

Planets Reflecting different Professions

The planet ruling over the first house of your chart has a keen role in dictating the key professions one might excel in. Below are the planets and the professions compatible with them:

  1. Mercury – Scientists, Engineering, Journalists, Acclaimed writers or research professionals, bankers, and more. Mercury signifies communication, A strong mercury on a chart indicates that any job revolving around communication might be a good fit.
  2. Venus – Artist, creative work, fashion design, architecture, and so on. Venus symbolizes love, pleasure, luxury, and wealth. It also reflects creativity and an eye for beauty.
  3. Sun, Moon, Mars – Government jobs; administrative jobs to please the sun, Service for the people to please the moon, and military or police jobs for strong Mars.
  4. Saturn – Hardworking jobs. Saturn symbolizes hard work, wisdom, dedication, and routine.
  5. Rahu & Ketu – Routine jobs. As these are shadow planets, the jobs are subjective.
  6. Jupiter – Philosopher, astrologers, spiritual leader, activist, law, and more. Jupiter signifies wisdom, learning, and knowledge.

These are only some factors to consider while looking to astrology for answers about your career. To get a comprehensive view or perspective, book an online astrology consultation with an experienced astrologer!