Easy Astrological Remedies to Overcome Financial Status

Indian Astrology | 18-May-2021

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Astrological Remedies for Financial problems: Are you facing financial or money hassles? Is your business going down in spite of employing the best efforts? Do opportunities come and go without a grab? If answer to these is yes then it may be due to the problematic placements of planets in your birth chart. 

Astrology strives to find the solutions to all these money problems by carefully analysing the astrological charts and suggesting remedies thereby. Money is a primary need of everyone to sustain and grow in life. People want to earn in abundance to secure the lives of them and dear ones while ensuring a handsome lifestyle. 

Money problems may occur in form of debts, loss of job, sudden losses, closure of business, sudden heavy expenditures, theft, wrong choice of profession, fire, forgery, deceit and accidents etc. 

Sometime financial problem may occur due to the astrological movement the stars or planets in the zodiac and they actually end up blocking our growth and prosperity. Astrology here comes into the picture and can actually help to solve these money problems easily.

It has various remedial measures like gemstone, mantra chants and donations. These measures dominantly bring the things into one’s favour if done with reverence. The Vedic astrologers with their expert guidance and experience can help a person to overcome his financial troubles. 

The study shows that while some people make riches pretty faster, many have hard time in earning even a meagre amount. Even though some people are extremely talented but still it doesn’t favour them in money matters. 

Why all these discrepancies are there? May be the answer lies in astrology!!

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How to Solve the Money Problems through Astrology?

  • Astrologically the second house in a natal chart deals with finance mainly. 
  • The fourth house shows landed property, bank balance, luxuries and happiness there from.
  • Money matters are also seen with the fifth house, where gains through speculative activities are indicated, 
  • The eighth house signifies gains through inheritance 
  • The eleventh house signifies gains out of one’s own labour or efforts. 

Condition of the lords of these concerned bhavas or houses is viewed to analyse the financial aspect of a native. A strong benefic placed in the eleventh house ensures money gains. Shadow planet Rahu signifies illusory means of gains and also says that the person will gain suddenly and through his own efforts.  

The Saturn in the second house gives wisdom to handle big chunks of money but only after much struggle this wisdom is gained. It also leads to unexpected expense that too in high quantum. The great fortune i.e. Jupiter if forms an association with these houses adds strength to the financial front. 

Placement of Venus or its positive influence over the second house also helps to lead a comfortable life. Association of Venus and Mercury if well posited leads to a strong position on financial front. Jupiter placed in the sign of Mars and positive influence of Jupiter over Mars also indicates handsome financial gains.

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Various reasons that may lead to financial losses:

    • Weak placement of planets in the horoscope
  • Presence of Pitra Dosha in Kundali
  • Eclipses or Grahan Yoga formed in the money houses
  • House of fortune, income and profession may be badly afflicted
  • Yogas for bad health so that the person can’t work
  • Lack of decision making capability
  • Presence of Kuldevi dosha or prêt dosha in the horoscope

Now, if bad or malefic planetary placement is the reason for money failures then these can be rectified through grah shanti pooja or sacrifices.

  • The auspicious and benefic planets can further be strengthened by using siddha yantra or kawach, gem stones etc. to receive their full benefits.
  • Sometimes even the vastu remedies are needed to be employed to the native’s benefit.
  • If it’s a case of black magic then efforts should be made to ward off the same.
  • Chant of lakshmi mantra and other money attracting hymns may be recited with devotion.
  • Installation of specific yantras for different planets can be placed in the house after detection of the planets causing problems. 

Various yantras that help to overcome money issues:

Siddha shree yantra-

Known to everyone, this yantra strengthens the money inflow if installed properly. However it should be revered daily with faith and devotion on a daily basis else no result will be seen.

Kuber yantra-

It is yet another powerful yantra that relieves the financial problems but due consultation must be taken before installing it. If it is followed by proper pooja  then tremendous energy as emanated will change the course of life for good. Click Here to Buy Kuber Yantra

Mahakali Yantra-

This saves the business surroundings from negative energies and evil eyes. If it is installed properly then good results will follow. Click Here to Buy Mahakali Yantra

Durga Yantra-

This yantra attracts the grace of maha shakti. The proper prayers as performed in front of it will shower the devotee with satisfactory results.

Some of the simple astrological tips that talk about the general code of conduct to strengthen the money forums are as follows:

Give respect to the females: The house where women are given due love, respect and care always prospers with monetary prosperity as females are the embodiment of goddess Lakshmi.

Always Be Fair: Never earn money through wrong means as it is non stable in nature.

Charity: donate a certain portion of your earnings in charity every month. This benevolent practice will in turn help the native to get divine blessings. 

Placement of Locker: the cash locker should be placed in the South or South west direction of the house, this way one will open it while facing the North and North is the direction of Lord Kuber known as the god of wealth.

Always pay for the services you get: one should never receive free services or the things from others and pay for the services so received.

Offer prayers to tulsi plant: Every evening light a diya or mud-lamp filled with pure ghee and recite prayers. This would ensure stability of prosperity and wealth in the house.

Feeding Cows:  Feeding cows with green grass on every Wednesday helps to fight financial crisis.

No Clutter: one should keep the house clutter free and broken things or utensils should not be kept at any cost.

Worship Goddess Lakshmi: Offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi every day before starting your day to seek her blessings.

Worship Lord Vishnu: Every Friday, offer water to Lord Vishnu using a conch shell opening in south as this makes Goddess Lakshmi happy.

Lady of the House: The lady of the house should try to be in a happy mood and dress pretty. Every morning, she should also throw a tumbler full of water at the main entrance of the house as it is known to clear the path for wealth to enter the house.

Recitation of Mantras: Few vedic mantras are believed to be effective remedy for the recovery of money and improving the financial status. These are “Shree Sukta” 16 times daily, “Mahalakshmi ashtakam” 11 times per day, “Narsimha Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra” for clearing debts etc.

These astrological remedies and a talk to astrologer will definitely help those facing financial troubles. One can improve his finances effectively if duly measures are taken after consulting an expert astrologer. With these astrological remedies monetary problems can be eased out and financial status can be improved to a great extent.