What Causes Divorce According to Astrology?

Indian Astrology | 20-May-2021

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Marriages are made in heaven. It is a beautiful relationship for those in love couples. They get to be with their soulmate’s. But not everyone is so lucky. Some people have a harrowing time in their marriage. Their marriages end and leads to divorce. Even couples who have lived together happily for many years sometimes get so apart that they wish to end up their marriage. The divorce rate has gone up very high specially in India where at one time no one thought of separating. 

There are many reasons for divorce a few of them are –  

  1. Increasing independence of women in India. 
  2. Communication problems among couples. 
  3. Problems with in laws.
  4. Extra marital affairs. 
  5. Not having a child. 
  6. Financial mismatch in both the parties. 

These problems can be averted if you match the online Kundli of the boy and girl. Divorce can be avoided if you talk to an astrologer and get proper horoscope matching done. In some charts there is an obvious divorce or major malefic influence on the Marriage house - 7th house. Such a match can be avoided. Also in Kundli matching, just regular Guna matching is not enough. That can be done by any software in today’s date but actually checking the placement of the luminaries sun and moon as well as analysing the houses relevant to marriage should be done by the best astrologer

Divorce in Astrology is indicated by a few planetary placements. There are a few combinations that lead to divorce in couples which can be analysed by a good astrologer. A good astrologer can work out marriage problem solutions by suggesting few remedies too. 


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The houses that need to be analysed for marriage in a Kundli are –  

  1. 4th house - the fourth house represents the happiness from family. If the 4th house or the 4th house lord is afflicted by malefics then the native is devoid of happiness from family. 
  2. 7th house - the seventh house represents marriage mainly. If the 7th house or the lord of the seventh house is afflicted then it can lead to serious trouble in marriage. However if the planet Jupiter aspects the 7th house then the native’s marriage never breaks. 
  3. 2nd house - the second house represents kutumb which means your family and relatives. Any afflictions related to the second house can also lead to a divorce. 
  4. 12th house - the twelfth house represents bed pleasures in a marriage. If this house or it’s lord is afflicted then it can create problems regarding sexual relations. 


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There are a few planets whose associations with the marriage houses can lead to a divorce - 

  1. Sun - sun is generally a hot as well as a separative planet. If it is placed in the 1st or the 7th house then it can cause a lot of fights or arguments in a marriage. Also the presence of sun and Saturn together in the 7th house can lead to divorce. If sun is within 7 degrees of Venus, which is the karak for marriage then also it can lead to divorce. 
  2. Mars - Mars is a red planet and often associated with a few houses causes manglik dosh which many astrologers say is bad for marriage. A person with manglik dosh should marry after matching horoscope only. If Mars is placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses in the natal chart then the native has manglik dosh. But not all times can result in a divorce. Afflicted Mars can cause quarrels and fights in a relationship. If Mars and Saturn aspect each other then it can lead to big problems in a marriage. 
  3. Saturn - Saturn is usually associated with divorce if associated with the first or seventh house. Saturn makes a person doubting and suspicious about their own partners. It is a slow moving planet so it seeps in slowly like poison but does cause problems in a married life. It can also lead to life long separation and misunderstandings if not divorce legally. 
  4. Rahu - Rahu if placed in the 7th house in the natal chart can lead to extra marital affairs. Such people are usually not happy with one partner and have a flirty type of personality. It can lead to separation due to sexual problems. 
  5. Ketu - ketu usually takes you away from all the material things. If ketu is placed in the seventh house then it takes the natives interest away from marriage. They also not want to have sex with their partners. Also it’s secretive so if ketu is in conjunction wing Venus then the native can have extra marital affairs. 

It’s very important to talk to an astrologer and get your Kundli analysed if you are of a marriageable age. There are various factors that need to be analysed to check if the native will have a divorce and also remedies can be suggested. Also there has to be thorough analysis of the D-9 chart which gives a confirmation to the prediction based on the native chart.