Which factors in Kundli influence your decision of getting married?!

Indian Astrology | 08-Nov-2019

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Marriage marks the most important event in one’s life. Every parent wants to see their child settling down with a partner they love & cherish the most. Marriage constitutes a major part of one’s life and it is the most important decision that is supposed to be taken by an individual. It is really important for one to find a partner who is loving and supports them in every endeavor of their life.

There are various questions in one’s mind related to marriage ranging from “When will I get married?” Or whether they would have a Love or an Arranged marriage? But to sum it all up, Marriage astrology caters to all these questions and provides marriage prediction by date of birth to help one understand the course of their love life. It also reflects upon Manglik dosha and the perfect gemstone to wear for a blissful marriage.

Best time to get married

The 7th house of the birth chart needs to be analyzed in order to know about the best time to get married. The strength of 7th house, its lord, its karaka and planet Venus are the most important aspects in analyzing the favorable time for marriage.

Here are some points that must be kept in mind while looking for the time of marriage:

  • One needs to look for the Yoga of marriage and if it is present then early or late marriage needs to be assessed.
  • The Dasha of the 5th Lord and the ascendant lord is really important.
  • The study of the planet Rahu also helps in analyzing marriage so the Dasha of Rahu is important.
  • While looking at the Navamsa chart, the Lord of the 1st, 5th, and 9th house and these houses or any of their Lords are really important.

The houses that need to be analyzed while studying Marriage Horoscope.

  • The 7th house and its lord play an important aspect while studying the marriage prediction by date of birth.
  • The study of the 8th house will let one know about the stability and sustenance of marriage and it also indicates the physical compatibility. Thus, when the 5th house or its Lord connects with any of the 8th house or its lord, it creates astrological yoga for a happy relationship.

Love or Arranged Marriage? What do your stars say?

The confusion is strong whether you should choose a love marriage or an arranged marriage and thus needs a solution. The solution can only be provided with the help of Astrology. Love marriage or arranged marriage astrology consultation will help you to choose between the two and provide solutions to all your problems. There are various love marriage consultants who will help you to find out about how your love life would end up.

The 5th house is considered the house of love & the 7th house is known as the house of marriage in a horoscope. For learning about the Yoga for Love marriage, the strength of the 5th house and its lord in the kundli is really essential. If the 5th house and their lord are without any afflictions and strong, the chances of Love marriage are really high. If the 5th house is surrounded by emotional planets, there are chances of being in a love relationship. The 5th and 7th house’s connection is extremely necessary. Also to be noted is the conjunction between Venus and Mars. The 5th and 7th houses in Kundali and the Venus-Mars relations play a vital role in predicting the possibility of either love or arranged marriage. The 9th house and its lord play a really important role in analyzing love or arranged marriage.

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The major houses that need to be analyzed while studying the marriage horoscope of a person:

  • 7th House: It is considered as the house of relationships. This house holds great importance for all kinds of partnerships. This house also indicates about our marriage and married life also. It is the most important house which needs to be checked to know about Love marriage.
  • 5th House: It indicates Romance and affair, and that is the major reason this house is considered for checking Love marriages. A certain involvement of the 5th house is necessary for love marriage.
  • 11th House: It indicates gain and monetary benefits. It is the house of friends and social circles.

Planets which predict Love or Arranged Marriage in Janam Kundli

  • Venus: It is supposed to be the planet of Love and Romance. Without the blessings of Venus, one is not able to enjoy any comforts in life. Venus is the most important planet when it comes to anything related to love related matters.
  • Mars: Mars is the planet that indicates energy and is an important planet in determining the married life of a person.
  • Rahu: Rahu is considered the planet of all the desires. Rahu creates a desire to enjoy life. It plays the next important role after Venus.
  • Moon: Moon is the controller of mind and it is the most important thing in matters of Love and Relationship.

Kundli will answer a lot of questions and solve all your confusion about how your relations are with your partner and it has become necessary for a person to opt for Free Kundli Matching. Planets and their effects are not unknown to any person.

If you’re not clear about where to go to find a solution for your problem regarding Love Marriage or Arranged marriage, you can consult the best astrologer for marriage, and talk to astrologer will give you the confidence to rely upon the decision you take at any moment of time.