Searching for Love Match? Vedic Astrology can help!

Future Point | 09-Oct-2018

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Love and romance are a very important aspect in one’s life. It is said that no human being can ever live without the basic essence of love, which is love. Therefore, when a native decides for Marriage Consultant, the first point that comes to their mind even today is Vedic astrology. Since, Vedic astrology can help in searching for perfect love Match.

Thus, even today, there are expect and learnt astrologers who are known are also known to be love problem specialist astrologer, provide detailed analysis on horoscope matching or kundali matching, to a prospective bride and a groom.

How can Vedic astrology help in searching for Love Match?

In Vedic astrology, for arranged marriages, even today, Match Making is given importance. The match making is done through a method called Ashtakoot kundali milan. This is a method which gives weighted average to eight different parameters. These paraments can range from longitude, health between the two couples, Mutual Love and understanding, Progeny, Mentality, Compatibility, Work life etc., however some believe that this method is only suitable for arranged marriage. which is not true. The Ashtakoot method can also get extended to love marriage or even in a romantic relationship.

Thus, when a native indicates that they like or are interested in dating someone, then one of these eight paraments usually gets activated. It is therefore, the weighted average of the match making that enables an expert to gauge if it is a case of love marriage or arranged marriage in astrology. Again, these 8 paraments along with detailed horoscope analysis for marriage would provide the cues to the individual.

Again, in the horoscope of any one of the prospective couples should indicate a connection between the 5th house (romance) and 7th house (marriage) and 11th house (fulfilment of desire). The trio are in connection, in any one of the two horoscopes, then there is a clear indication, that the horoscope promises a search for Love match. Therefore, you would be interested in settling down with Love match in your life.

But does Vedic astrology can pin point the exact Love match?

Yes! This is possible, when there are accurate birth details of two individuals who are interested in each other. They can then take it to an expert and learnt astrologer who can provide detailed analysis to the couple. When any of the above eight paraments can provide clues to the individual couples, then why not take the benefits of Vedic astrology?

Vedic astrology can provide accurate details in the following areas:

- Physical traits - general height, body type, complexion etc.

- Profession / education.

- Specific mannerisms.

- Chances of finding your match in a specific Vedic sign.

- More special clues.

Therefore, the exercise of match making exist even today in many parts of our country and every abroad. Further, the use and importance of Vedic astrology has even come to the extent of helping couples in the area of love and romantic relationship.

One must know, that the Hindu scrip of Vedas has recognised Vedic astrology as its Eyes. Thus to fore see, or to even do a simple love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth or horoscope, Vedic astrology would help the native.

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