What is Crystal Globe in Feng Shui and How it works?

Indian Astrology | 10-Dec-2019

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Feng Shui is the oldest way to spread positivity in the lives of the individuals which is based on the belief that the way you arrange things within the rooms of that building, can affect aspects of your life such as how happy and successful you are. Every individual needs a powerful good luck charm in his/her life to succeed. If you are looking for a good luck charm then the crystal globe in Feng Shui can be the one.

Channelize good energy in your studies and make all dreams a reality with Crystal Globe!

Crystal Globe is made up of a spherical model of earth with a metal ring and it can be used by any student or professionals. By placing this powerful globe in your home or office can enhance your luck in any field. However, the placement of a Feng Shui Globe is of key importance. Before placing the globe anywhere, you must make sure the energy and vibe of that place are pure and do not cut through the positive vibes of the mystical product. Found in varied colors, the Feng Shui Crystal Ball has been used as the most positive source in a household to accumulate divine energy & spread it via its mystical energy in its aura. It promises good health, education, and virtue.

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Tips to Install a Feng Shui Globe

  • Excellent Place to Put That Feng Shui Globe!
    The Feng Shui Globe represents our earth and the bounty of nature it has. It is the purest element that stabilizes the true healing powers.
    The right place to place the Crystal Globe should be the south or southeast direction in order to attain prosperity, new opportunities into your life. The Feng Shui Globe has orbs of energy bursting inside, which makes it a portal that accumulates mystical powers and channelizes it in the scholarly & education sector.
  • Knowledge purpose- If you want to secure good marks in academics, then place your globe towards the northeast direction. The right placing of Crystal globe will always give you result in a positive way like it can improve your memory power, concentration. It could be also placed in the Southwest corner for more favorable results. Rotate it Right- Make sure that you always rotate this globe clockwise just like the earth. The Feng Shui Globe is supposed to be revolved around its axis for about three times, thrice a day for excellent results. As the Crystal Globe accumulates energy & purifies it, we highly recommend that you dip in saline water for about 12 hours after every year so that all negative energies that have latched themselves onto the ball are dissolved in the water and the Globe is as good as new.
  • Keep it raised- The crystal globe should always be placed on the study table or on an elevated platform. Make sure not to keep it on the floor. The Feng Shui Crystal Ball promises good wealth & health as well, which makes it a champion in every aspect.
  • Right Spot- Always place the crystal globe on the left side of the table and it should not be too close to the edge as it might fall. And According to Feng Shui, it is believed that any broken item will not be beneficial and also affect the beauty of the space.
  • Clear up the table- Always make sure that you handle each and every product should be handled with care. The table should be mess-free and does not contain any unnecessary things. Make it a point to keep the Crystal Globe sparkling clean. It should always be dust-free to not create any hindrances to its path of energy.

Benefits of Crystal Globe

  • Anyone can use this highly powerful Crystal Globe in order to improve the future, financial luck, and to welcome prosperity in your life.
  • Crystal Globe also enhances the native’s knowledge and concentration power.
  • With its calming properties, the globe can be installed a piece on the nightstand, and it will work like a charm to provide you with sound sleep. This can also be used while meditation.
  • If placed in the right place, this globe might ensure the constant flow of money and wealth in the life of the individual.
  • Crystal globe can help you attain all the worldly happiness.
  • You can give this Crystal Globe in the form of a gift to your friends or relatives.
  • This beautiful Crystal Ball is one of the most powerful and popular things which is used for predicting the future.
  • According to Feng Shui, if two Crystal Balls are kept in a room then it can be beneficial for a couple to get a better and successful love relationship.
  • When you buy a genuine Feng Shui Crystal Globe you will start feeling the change in only a day or two.

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