Can an Astrological Reading Help With My Love Life?

Indian Astrology | 20-May-2021

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Almost all of us are chasing it, but it can feel like relatively few of us are managing to find it.

From dating apps to endless advice that never seems to help, modern dating is enough to make anyone feel burnt out.

But one thing you might not have thought to try yet is an astrological reading. This can help you better understand yourself and what qualities you need in a potential partner. We’ll help you learn how in this article.

Synastry in an Astrological Reading

Synastry is the comparison of two horoscopes in an astrological reading. This can help you look at astrological compatibility issues to help you figure out the likelihood of a happy long-term relationship.

Most often this is used to look at romantic relationships, but in reality, synastry can be used to look at the compatibility of work relationships, friendships, and more.

It’s what astrologers use to answer common questions like, ‘when will I meet someone?’, ‘when will I get married?’, and so on.

The exact way an astrologer achieves this will differ depending on the branch of astrology they specialize in. For example, Western astrology calculates Zodiac signs using the position of the sun in the Spring Equinox whereas Vedic astrology calculates them using the fixed stars. Vedic astrology also finds more detail by using natal or birth chart readings. 

All branches of astrology have their strengths and can help give great astrological guidance. They all use a combination of the twelve Zodiac signs, ten planets, and twelve houses to create charts and readings. 

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Houses, Planets, and Birth Charts

You might be wondering what on earth planets and houses have to do with your love life. But for astrologers, they’re a vital indication of compatibility. 

Venus and Mars are what’s known as the relationship foundation planets. The placement of these planets affects the way zodiac signs will behave.

In the same vein, houses or bhavas each represent a key part of life like your family, home, or career. The 5th, 7th, and 11th houses (love, friendships, and humanitarianism) are all considered when looking at astrological compatibility. 

Your birth chart is also used to identify which matching factors you might have with a potential partner. But if you have no partner in mind yet, it can also be used so you can keep in mind who may be a great match for you.

It’s an ancient science, but astrology can answer many of the pressing questions so many of us feel from the pressures of modern dating. 

Most importantly though, astrology can help us better understand our own motivations, desires, and needs. This can help us in our own self-development and self-knowledge. This can help us build more stable, healthier relationships that are based on a foundation of love, respect, and mutuality. 

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An astrological reading can help reveal who you’re compatible with, as well as more about yourself. It’s a great tool for discovering more about your love life, but astrological readings go far beyond just this aspect of your life. You can learn more about the power of astrology here on our blog.