Venus Direct in Sagittarius, January 29, 2022: Great wealth awaits you!

Indian Astrology | 10-Jan-2022

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Future point is the most trusted name when it comes to understand the results of transit, retrogression and placement of different planets. Winning hearts since last 40 years, Future point has excelled in providing accurate predictions and astrological remedies to remove the ill effects of the planets. Now, in this article we will talk about the direct motion of the most beneficial planet in astrology- Venus.

Venus, the planet of luxuries, romance, marital bliss, comforts, fame, art, beauty, love and passion etc. was turning retrograde since starting of the year 2022. Whole January was under the influence of retrogression and combustion of this morning star which must have brought significant changes in everyone’s life depending upon its position.

Venus stays in a sign for about 23 days and after that it moves in the next sign of the zodiac. Venus is a benefic planet in astrology and its strength in kundali decides the quantum of wealth and comforts in one’s life. Venus is responsible for a happy married life and its movements whether direct or retrograde affects the natives to a great extent. We have given detailed information and effects of the movement and speed of this planet on people here on Earth; you may find the links for the same on our website.

Now, we will see how Venus direct in Sagittarius in January 2022 will affect people belonging to different signs of zodiac.

What to expect from Venus Direct?

  • Increased interests in beautification of the house or living spaces
  • Increased urge for grooming among individuals
  • Affection for vehicles and luxuries
  • Increased interests in art, culture, entertainment and comforts
  • Indulgence in physical pleasures
  • Increased urge for good food and drinks
  • Increase in benefits earned through career and business ruled by Venus

Venus Direct In Sagittarius: Date and Time

Venus will move in and out from Sagittarius in January, 2022. It was in its retrograde motion and now on Saturday, 29 January 2022, at 14:55, the planet will assume direct motion bringing end to retrogression. Venus will be staying in Sagittarius for the whole of the month January. Venus will certainly affect all zodiac signs in a special way.


Venus will strengthen the luck of Aries natives bringing overall prosperity and happiness. You will successfully complete whatever you undertake during this period. Career and business will flourish. Some may find religious and spiritual inclinations and may make charities and donations. Siblings and friends will support you and chances of short travels are also there. Love and married life will blossom along with radiant health.


Taurus natives have to settle for less and there are chances of arguments and tiffs at the work place. Health would remain the prime concern and old health problems may even become more problematic. However, short travels will amuse you. Your competitors may trouble you and you might not get appreciation for your hard work. Avoid junk and unhealthy food for maintaining good health.


Venus shares friendly relations with Mercury and brings good results for this zodiac sign. Venus will bless the natives with peace and harmony in their marital relations. There would remain passion and excitement in your relationship. Many singles may tie the knot and business will flourish. But remain conscious of your arrogance and harsh words as it may cause clashes with your partner. Take care of health and try to meditate to avoid any situation of stress.


Venus will help a lot in career and profession of the natives. Your luck will support you in all areas of life. You will share good relations with the business partner and will earn handsome profits during this phase. The students will do fairly well and their hard work will yield good results. Financially, the period is wonderful for acquiring monetary benefits.


Venus will bring the most favorable results to Leo natives. The students will perform well in academics and love life will flourish during this period. Those in job will gain benefits at the workplace with all round appreciations from your co-workers. Those in partnership business will also make considerable benefits in their business. Unemployed may get a new job and those already employed may get promotions or salary hike.


Venus will bless the natives with luxuries and comforts at home. You may also buy a vehicle but take care of your aggressive attitude with your family members. Some may buy their own house or may spend in beautification or renovation of the house. Career and profession will flourish with the support of luck.


Venus may give you health troubles with its direct motion and you are suggested to take nutritious food while avoiding unhealthy items. There may be troubles in travel which may not prove beneficial for you. You may also get stress at the workplace with increased work load and competition. Therefore, hard work is needed to excel during this period.


Venus in conjunction with Mars will make wealth yoga for Scorpion zodiac. You will be receiving money through various sources during this phase. If you were facing any financial troubles then those will be resolved now. However, expenses are needed to be taken care of as Venus may make you spend on food and accessories during this time. Plan your budget beforehand before making any purchases. Love life will flourish but the married couples have to face some arguments with each other. Health would remain excellent during this direct motion of Venus for Scorpions.


Venus will give wonderful results for Sagittarians and will add charm to your personality. Financially, the period will prove fruitful and will bring new sources of income for you during this period. There might be gains through sudden and unforeseen events. You will undertake new ventures which were in pipeline since long. Family members will support you in your endeavors. You may also get family assets during this time. Reunion with friends and relatives will amuse you. Health will remain good too and those facing old health issues will get rid of them permanently.


Venus, at this time will give immense success in your field of work. Apart from this, business people may expect new business opportunities with profitable deeds. However, care should be taken at the workplace as your opponents may trouble you during this time. Love life will blossom with romance and care and some may tie knot with their loving partners. Married life will remain harmonious too but the presence of Mars with Venus gives caution against aggression and pride.


Venus will bring immense gains and recognition to the natives of Aquarius with its presence in the eleventh house. However, Mars may create troubles in easy access of money but with sweet words and loving attitude you will succeed in your goals. Any long term investments are not advised during this phase as it may harm you in the long run. Career and profession will remain good and business people will earn considerable profits too. Venus will certainly get materialistic gains to you with its presence in the eleventh house. You will enjoy with the family and there are chances of attending a family function. Love life will be wonderful with mutual understanding and care.


Venus will bring very good results to the business and profession of the natives. There are chances of getting recognition and fame for your work. You will get an influential position and people will acknowledge your achievements. Those in job may get promotion or salary hike due to their hard work and skills. Many may travel related to work and will get good benefits out of it. Love and married relations will remain harmonious. Venus is the eight Lord as well so may bring sudden obstacles and miseries at the work place if you introduced anger with your working attitude.