How to Publish a Christian Book

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Around 2,700 books get published every day. A would-be author is up for thousands of competition from the beginning. It’s only going to be harder from now on.

Do you wish to publish a Christian book? Don’t worry since our guide is here for you. Keep reading to learn how to start your journey.

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Before You Write a Christian Book

Take the time to clarify your purpose for writing your book. What message do you wish to convey to your readers? Who is your audience?

Identify your target readers and make a list of social issues you might want to cover. You may also begin to gather and organize your source materials at this point.

Start the Writing Process

First, create an outline of your topics, sections, and chapter titles. It can be the most tedious part of writing a Christian book. After all, your enemy is procrastination.

Make a road map for your writing process. Decide on a point-of-view, and follow that throughout your whole book. It saves you from headaches in the editing process.

Most authors have a writing schedule. Some might have a 9-to-5 schedule like a day job, while others have a quota for the number of words they write per day. Choose which one works best for you against procrastination.

Reread and Rewrite Your Manuscript

Are you done with your book? Not quite.

After writing, you still have to fine-tune your book until it becomes suitable for publishing. From start to finish, reread and rewrite your manuscript one chapter at a time.

You’ll see a lot of mistakes, but it’s okay. It’s common to end up with three or more drafts once you finish rewriting. 

Enlist Beta Readers

It helps to get another pair of eyes before you publish a Christian book. They will spot some mistakes you might not have noticed even after reviewing your manuscript four times. 

Christian beta readers are professional. They can provide an objective review of your manuscript.

Having other readers aside from you gives you a reader’s perspective before your book goes to your actual readers. It helps you discover any problems and address them as soon as possible.

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Decide on a Publishing Method

The beauty of the internet is that it allows authors to self-publish Christian books. It’s a popular method considering over a million books get self-published each year. If you like this route, you only have to choose a self-publisher.

A self-publishing platform provides authors with several tools to hone their manuscripts. It can give you some Christian book publishing tips should you get stuck.

However, learn how to choose legitimate websites. Do your research and make sure you partner with a reliable Christian self-publisher. Also, look into sites that can display your books, like SWRC.

You can also decide to submit your manuscript to publishing companies. In this route, you have to talk with one or several agents. Prepare to wait for several weeks before they get back to you.

Make sure to follow the standard policies for manuscript submissions. Review the publisher’s requirements. If you don’t adhere to the rules, they might not even read your book.

Edit Your Book or Hire an Editor

You can start the editing process after choosing a self-publisher. As mentioned above, your chosen service should have a Christian book publishing guide you only have to follow. It has tools and services for proofreading, copyediting, and so on.

Publishing companies provide you with an editor. Your assigned editor will work with you closely to polish your manuscript and turn it into a successful book. They already have a ton of experience to help refine your work.

Having a professional editor is more effective than editing the book yourself. Authors don’t usually edit their work, and they can’t do so with a high level of excellence. 

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Get a Cover Designer

When self-publishing, you have to design your book cover, as well. You don’t have to do it yourself. Instead, it’s best to hire a designer to work on it.

The book cover is more important than it seems. While you can argue the importance of content, people won’t even bother if they don’t like the book cover in the first place.

It isn’t an issue if you choose a publishing agency, though. They usually have a whole department dedicated to designing covers. They do all the market research, testing, and more to decide on a fitting art.

Format Your Book

Your book and the cover must have the proper formatting. It must be in PDF or other eBook formats. It must also have the perfect font and font size.

You can look for templates to help you design your format. Better yet, you may consider hiring a book 'formatter' for this step. They ensure that your book is closer to success.

Market Your Book

Promote your book proudly. It applies whether you’re self-publishing or going to an agency. As long as you get the word out, your chances of success will increase.

In the age of social media, consider making an account. It allows your readers can follow you. You can interact with them there and promote your book. 

Create some ads, boost your posts, and partner with Christian influencers. You may send your book to influential people and have them review it. However, make sure to choose the perfect people as your readers will associate your published piece with your connections.

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Publish a Christian Book

If you want to publish a Christian book, you have a lot of work ahead of you. You have a lot of resources, and you can get help from anywhere.

Join groups on social media, enlist your friends and family, and read a lot. You’ll reach success if you put your mind to it. 

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