Vastu Tips 2022: Which direction you should make puja room in your house

Indian Astrology | 21-Jan-2022

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Everyone wishes to begin the day with divine blessings and for that purpose most of us either go to the temple or establish a small puja room in our house. While planning a house, we tend to ignore to give separate space to puja room and end up setting our small temple in any corner of the house. But this is what should be strictly avoided!

Either you don’t make puja room in your house or if you make then it should be in accordance with the vastu principles. A puja room charges us with positive vibrations every morning to deal with the stress of the day ahead. It is very important to have a separate place for God where you can ensure gaining your mental peace every morning. It is the place that energizes our environment, mind, body and soul. With positivity around, our work efficiency tend to increase manifold paving way for progress and prosperity. 

In today's Vastu tips, we will tell you in which direction you should make your temple and in which direction you should place idol or pictures of God in that puja room. 

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Why it is important to have the puja room or your place of worship in the right direction?

It is always desirable to have your puja room in the direction as suggested by Vastu because it may ward off all evils and do away with obstacles coming in your daily chores of life. A puja room located in the appropriate direction helps to attract divine support and hence luck in your life. You get maximum results for your hard work and achieve success in every endeavor. Therefore, it is very important to have the place of worship in the right direction of the house. Almost every Vastu consultant takes North-East direction as the most suitable direction meant for constructing puja room.

Why the Northeast direction? 

The Northeast direction also known as Ishaan Kon in hindi, is considered the most auspicious direction for establishing your place of worship by Vastu experts. It is believed that it is the direction where “Eesh” i.e. God resides, it is also the direction of Lord Kubera, the Lord of wealth. So, making puja room in Northeast direction helps to attain divine grace of God. 

Dev Guru Brihaspati is the deity of Northeast direction who is known to bring spiritual uplift in an individual. Jupiter is considered the biggest fortune and the most religious planet in Astrology as well. So, His grace is certain to bring prosperity for the dwellers. As per Vastu tips for finance, getting the grace of Jupiter will strengthen your financial progress and stability in life.

  • A puja room in the Northeast direction retains positivity within the surroundings of the house. 
  • It helps to maintain peace amongst the family members and thus eliminate all chances of argument and fights.
  • It also helps the dwellers to grow spiritually as to attain higher goals in life.
  • It also ensures calm mindset which further increases productivity of the family members. 
  • It helps to remove unforeseen obstacles in life so as to bring success in every work.
  • Kids in the family become more obedient and grow moral values due to positive environment in the house.
  • Knowing the right direction and utilizing the same can be learnt through online vastu course from the comfort of your home.

Where should you install the idol or picture of deity in the temple or puja room in your house?

As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, one should place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity at the wall on the east or north side of the puja room. It is suggested to never make the idol or picture of God to face towards the north. As in that situation, the worshipper will face towards the south which is not considered an auspicious direction for worshipping. South direction is the direction of yama-the Lord of death and hence should be avoided while worshipping or meditating

One should also never build the puja room in the south direction. Always remember that God's idols should never be placed on the ground, rather they should be kept on a wooden platform at a height. It is very important to maintain sanctity in the place of worship and it should be kept neat and clean with minimum disturbances from any means. It is desirable to keep the place scented with aroma of incense sticks or otherwise.   

Things to remember while making a puja room
Before constructing a place of worship in the house, you must take following precautions:

  • The house of worship should not be constructed under the stairs. 
  • The puja room should always be at a distance from a toilet as it brings negativity around.
  • Worship room should be free from any kind of disturbances and there should be less movement of the family members.
  • The place of worship should also not to be made in the bedroom at all. 
  • The idols kept at the place of worship should not face each other else it may give bad results.
  • Install the idols in the puja room in such a way that there is a direct contact between the enlightened lamp and your eyes. 
  • Also prefer worshipping while sitting at any time, if you worship in standing pose then inauspicious results are likely to follow.
  • Apart from all these precautions, the most important thing is to keep the place of worship covered and try to open it while doing puja only.

If you retain these Vastu tips as mentioned in this article and make your place of worship in accordance with the directions and precautions as suggested, you are bound to attract fortunes, wealth, health and success in your life.