Vastu Tips for your Hotel and Restaurant

Indian Astrology | 18-Sep-2021

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The ancient science of Vaastu Shastra has laid down certain guidelines for constructing as well as maintaining every kind of building and spaces. 

It is always advisable to follow these rules and principles while planning the construction of both personal and commercial spaces. 

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants are the places where people come to relax and rejuvenate from their hectic life schedule. The better is the ambience and the services more is the foot fall at that place

You must have noticed that despite situated at the same location and having more or less the same facilities, people prefer a particular place in comparison to the other. Why does this happen? 

The positive vibes and the energy of a place matter a lot in attracting people towards it. In order to ensure a large number of visitors, it is important to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra while constructing a place. 

Vastu tips for hotels go a long way in ensuring progress of that place. Vastu defects found at a place may invite troubles that hamper its growth

A restaurant or a hotel constructed as per the principles of Vastu not only prospers but also attract customers and goodwill. Commercial projects like resorts, hotels and restaurants should always be constructed according to the Vaastu guidelines so that the place is the most wanted place in your town. 

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Important Vastu tips for construction of a hotel, restaurant and a resort

Vastu for commercial spaces helps a lot in guaranteeing the success of the resort while promising growth of the business. 

There are a lot of things that have to be taken into account, while suggesting the appropriate Vastu Shastra tips like the choice of site, placement of the kitchen, the position of different articles, location of rooms, hotel design, etc.

There are several aspects mentioned below that must be kept in mind after meeting a Vastu consultant in order to reap the maximum benefits of a progressive and profitable business.


The owner of the hotel must construct the reception and the restaurant at the ground floor and use the first floor of the hotel for conference rooms. The reception area must be well lit and neat and clean. One may opt for indoor plants but those must not obstruct the main way. 

Selection of the site

The foremost requirement is to select the right piece of land for hotel or restaurant. The land should preferable be square or rectangular in shape. An extended Ishaan Kona or north east corner gives unexpectedly good results.

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Entrance and water resources

A water tank or water source like a pond, swimming pool, fountain or flowing water river is desirable in the north – east direction of hotel or resort. 

The presence of water element at the north east corner enhances the prosperity of the business. Underground water reservoir or boring should be done in North direction as it adds to the fame of the place. 

The owner never lacks financial stability. Visitors get attracted towards the place. A water source should never be constructed in the centre of the land or in the South West direction as it is known to bring poverty. 

Construction precautions

South-West direction should be kept heavier through maximum construction in this part of the Hotel or Resort. North and East parts should be lighter and open. 

South, West wall should be strong and higher. A boundary wall must be constructed around the hotel and the main entrance door is best constructed in North, North East or East side.

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A kitchen should be constructed in Agneya kona or south direction. If it is not possible, Vayavya sthan can also be used for kitchen, but in this case cooking platform or cooking stove should be kept in south-East direction. 

The kitchen should never be constructed in north and centre part of the land. There might be a problem of wastage of food items and even bankruptcy if the kitchen is in North-East direction. 

If it is in South-West direction, it causes enmity and hostility in relations. Kitchen placed in the North direction is not considered suitable for financial growth. The cook should face East direction while cooking.

Dining hall

West direction is the best direction for locating dining hall in a hotel. Other preferable direction is the East direction. If the kitchen is in South East direction, the dining hall should be made in East or South directions. 

If the kitchen is situated in the North West, the dining hall should be in West direction. But if no place is available, then the kitchen can be made in North direction. 

The dining table should be either in rectangular or square shape. The length of the table should not be more than the twice the width of the dining table.

Dining room

Wash basin should also be placed in North East side. The paint at the doors should be yellow (colour of Jupiter), because Lord Jupiter has the domain on dining room. 

The walls of the dining room should be painted in light yellow, cream or orange as these are considered auspicious. Dining table should not be kept right under the beam as it enhances stress while eating. It is preferable to have even number of chairs in the dining room.

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Vastu Shastra for Restaurant

  • Firstly, these must be constructed on the ground floor with the main entrance in the north, east, or north-east directions only.
  • Kitchens must be in the South-east corner and should be on ground floor.
  • While constructing a building, make sure that the north and east zones are mostly airy and open.
  • Cash should be kept in the lockers constructed in the south-west direction with elevated platforms. If this place is occupied by something else, then it may be constructed in the north-west direction or any other direction but the floor level should be lower than the south-west direction.

Vastu for Toilet

  • The bathrooms should be in north, east, or west directions only.
  • Bathrooms with attached toilets must be constructed in the south, south-west, or north-west parts only.
  • In any situation toilets should not be constructed in the north-eastern side of the room.
  • Vastu for toilets in restaurants is almost the same. They should be located in northwest or west directions. The washbasins should be placed in the north or east.

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Vastu for Lodge

  • Southeast location in the room is appropriate for installing ACs.
  • Electronic equipment like generator and transformers must also be installed in southeast direction.
  • An open ground is desirable in a hotel.
  • For balcony, one can use northern and eastern directions.

Vastu for South Facing Hotels

It is a common belief that south-facing hotels do not flourish easily. But, it is not correct. If your hotel or lodge is south facing, then also it may do really well. However, there are certain Vastu tips that must be kept in mind if your plot is facing south.

  • If the entrance is in the south, make the north part heavy by making a slope.
  • Placing the door at the centre (exactly in front of the hotel) will bring prosperity.
  • In south-facing restaurants, reception should be in the north eastern side.
  • The sitting area for visitors must be towards south or west portion.

If one follows above mentioned Vastu advice for hotels then business is sure to grow while attracting positive vibes and energy to the place. You may also consult experienced vastu consultants at Future point to get genuine vastu guidance.