These fengshui tips can make the Universe Work in Your Favor

Future Point | 18-Oct-2018

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In reality, god has created such a beautiful world for us. The life given by god is very precious and beautiful, so we should live our life to the fullest. Happiness and sadness are two sides of coins of life. Everyone has some problems in their lives but still there are millions way to be happy because happiness is the key of good life. Fengshui has the solutions of all your problems and can bring luck in your life and can also make the universe in your favor.

What is fengshui

In ancient times Chinese people have been using fensghui concept for the betterment of their life. Fengshui is a chinese concept of astrology. In china fengshui means air and water. Fengshui is used to balance air and water. There are many ways to tackle from negative energies and to change negative vibes into positive energy. Crystal, flute, fensghui bagua mirror, aquarium, water fountain etc are the fengshui products which can help you to make your life easy and better. These things are also used in homes and offices to attract wealth, health, positive energy and happiness. Buy Feng Shui Products Online at cheap and affordable rates.

Fengshui rule

In fengshui some places are believed to more fortunate. The main reason is the balanced state of air and water present in that place. The positive circle of water, air, earth, wood and metal is the sign of good and benefic fengshui.

Importance of fengshui

Fengshui is use to give positive energy and one can achieve wealth, health, money, success and happiness. This Chinese concept will help to attract happiness in your life and for this you only need to make some changes like change in color, direction of furniture, use of some signs etc.

Luck in fengshui

In fensghui fortune is divide into three periods – past, present or future.

Our previous deeds are our past which derived from heaven and these cannot be changed. Present is where human is struggling in the present time. And the future period is the fate derived from the earth which you received from your surroundings, directions, location etc. you can change your future with your karmas and fengshui. Fensghui can help to change your future and molded it in your favor.

The concept of fengshui is very easy and adaptable. Fengshui has the power to change your surroundings into your favor and bring happiness, wealth, prosperity, positivity and good luck into your life. In fengshui, yin and yang are two opposing forces of the universe. It is like men and women, happiness and sadness, say and night, truth or lie. To make balance in these anti powers, one can achieve fengshui help. For example, you can balance yin and yang to make changes in your surroundings like if the wall color is light then the furniture can be kept dark.

According to fengshui chi is the universal energy which permits everything around us. This energy is always invisible or cannot be touched by human being. Chi is the invisible power which giver energy to the whole universe. Chi is divided into two parts living chi and dead chi.

In fengshui terms, dead chi signifies misfortune and living chi represents good fortune. Chi energy comes from the door or the entrance of your house. That’s why doors and windows are very important in fengshui.

Fengshui tips for good fortune

  • Always make sure that your home and every part of it should be neat and clean.
  • Place sea salt at all the corners of your house.
  • On the entrance of the house, one should place live flowers and plants for the flow of good vibes and energy.
  • Everyday wear neat and clean clothes.
  • Place a crystal ball by the window.
  • In your living area place positive words like Asian calligraphy good luck words etc.
  • Decorate your bedroom or living space with those pictures or images that make you feel good.
  • Hang watch for color balance in each room.
  • To increase your good luck, place a healthy plant in the left corner of your home. Placing three shiny coins beneath the pot. It will also benefit or boost your financial health.
  • Sunflowers and pink daisies can help you be lucky in relationships. If you place these in the northwest of your home then it will be more harmonious for you.
  • Fountains are important in fengshui. It will bring good luck for you. At the entrance of your home place a fountain and make sure the water in your fountain is always fresh and plentiful because dry fountain can ruin your good luck. To boost your good luck, place three shiny coins in the fountain, but not under it.

These are some easiest fenghui tips to attain good luck in life. If you are facing any problem in any field of life then you must try above mentioned fensghui tips.