These 7 Common Mistakes May Spoil Your Married Life

Indian Astrology | 06-Aug-2022

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Marriage is the most desired phase in someone’s life but sometimes wrong choice of life partner may turn it into the most dreadful phase of life. It’s not always that the choice of partner is wrong, but the time period or dasha period in our own life may not let the things fall in place. 

It is the time when not just our married life but problems in many aspects of life are felt through one means or the other. The root cause lies in the malefic effects of the planets in our birth chart. The best astrologer may help you identify what’s going wrong in your married life and how you can control them.

Here, we will discuss 7 most common married life problems which may spoil the marital bliss in any marriage. Astrology helps to know the presence of malefic planetary effects and bad periods in life but at the same time our behavior and karmas are what takes the prime importance in solving any married life problems. 

  1. The couple doesn’t have compatibility- This is the prime reason for all kinds of problems in married life. When two people live together, it is important for them to understand each others’ needs and expectations. But you must have noticed that many times even after trying hard the partners just can’t understand each other’s point of view. It all happens when you skip kundli Milan before marriage. Even if you did, you missed the bhakoot dosha! The bhakoot Milan helps to know about the similarity or how well they both can co-operate each other at the mental level. The position of Moon and its rashi and nakshatra lords are checked particularly to know the temperament and mental pursuits of them as a couple. 
  2. There may a communication gap between the partners- With busy work schedules and other priorities in life, the couple may lack effective communication between them. Mostly, if the third house is weak in any of the partner’s chart, there is a lack of communication. Talking and discussing is an important part of any relation and any problem can be solved if the couple sit and discuss. But easy said then doing, it may even further spoil the situation if any of the partners is under the influence of hot and fiery planets like Mars and Ketu. Thus, before you start discussing your problems, try to keep calm and communicate productively. 
  3. One partner may wish to dominate other- In our male dominant society, husbands generally dominate wives but with changing scenario, even wives may dominate their husbands. Dominance can be in any field like choice of work, food, life style, attitude towards in-laws, children etc. A partner may sometimes keep over expectations from the partner which may be practically impossible. This may lead to fights and arguments. Astrologers in Delhi suggest respecting personal space of each other and don’t be too nosy!
  4. Financial instability or downfall in business/career- Sometimes your career or business may take a plunge leading to financial instability in life. Otherwise also, financial troubles may arise anytime. This is the time when frustrations are at their peak. Because, smoothness of life depend upon the strong financial position and any downfall may create troubles in life. But here, it is important to understand that sometimes bad phases like sadesati and dhaiyya or bad transits of planets also create financial problems. These can be tackled with right astrological guidance and remedies. So, don’t panic and meet the best astrologer. 
  5. A feeling of jealousy/ego amidst partners- When the earnings of one partner are more than the earnings of the other, problem of jealousy may arise. It particularly happens when the female is earning more than the male. The lower earning partner may feel belittle and may behave indifferently. This all can be cured by strengthening the planet Moon. A strong moon gives mental strength and the native is safeguarded against all kind of negative feelings. Kundli matching may help to know the mental pursuits of the other partner as Moon is mainly responsible for all kinds of evil and negative thinking.  
  6. No sexual life – To maintain good married relations, your sexual life also plays a very important role. If the couple fails to enjoy sexual life due to over business or diseases or some other reasons, the marital relations tend to lose its charm over a period of time. Kundli matching helps to know the sexual compatibility between the partners and if it’s not there, marriage is usually not permitted. This is counted as yoni dosha. Sometimes the influence of planets with spiritual or say, separating tendencies like Saturn and Ketu also create disinterest in sexual relations. 
  7. Indulgence in extramarital affairs- If the lagna and Moon in your birth chart are under the influence of malefic or sinful planets of the kundli, nobleness may be lost. There would be a possibility of getting involved in immoral acts. Further if Mars and Rahu are also involved, the person may go out of the marital bond to establish relations outside. The 8th house also plays an important role here as it is the house of hidden or secret things. Thus, one must consult an astrologer to ensure whether your partner is actually deceiving you! It is important to know that deceiving your married partner may also ruin your career or business as there is a direct relation between the 7th and the 10th house of the birth chart. 

These were common 7 problems as faced by the couple in married life. apart from these, the cultural and background differences between the partners, interference of in-laws, age difference, children etc. may also cause disturbance in married life of a couple. The period of sadesati or dhaiyya, dasha period of the 6th lord or the planet sitting in it, and also the dasha of the planet placed in the 8th house of the navamsha or D-9 chart may create huge problems in married life.  

The Best Astrologer may help you to live a happy married life

The horoscope may show all the flaws of life instantly. A good astrologer may detect the problem areas related to your married life and may provide with the effective solutions to overcome them. The planets are particularly energies which need to be channelized properly to safeguard against their ill-effects. Various astrological remedies may help a troubled marriage to prosper once again as Astrology not just works at a supra level but at the psychological level as well. The astrologers also suggest karma rectification or modification along with removing the bad effects of the planet through various astrological means. It is just like getting a psychological help but with manifold effects!