Kajari Teej 2022 – Don’t ever do these things

Indian Astrology | 02-Aug-2022

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If there is a perfect example of amalgamation of religion, love and faith together anywhere on the Earth, then it is here in our own country India.  Here, married women keep fast and perform penance for the long life and prosperity of their husbands. It may not be appreciated in western culture, but in reality, fasts kept with full devotion bring auspicious results. One such festival is Kajari Teej which women keep for the longevity and prosperity of their husbands. Kajari Teej is also known by many names like Saturi Teej and Bhado Teej. In the year 2022, Kajari Teej is falling on 14th August.

Let’s explore everything related to Kajari Teej -

Kajari Teej 2022 tithi and shubh muhurata 

According to the Indian Hindu calendar, Kajari Teej is celebrated on the third day or tritiya tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada i.e. Bhado. In this year 2022, this tithi will start from 12:53 midnight on 13th August 2022. And it will end on August 14, 2022 at 10:35 pm. Kajari Teej fast will be observed on Sunday, 14 August 2022.

Why is Kajari Teej celebrated?

The festival of Kajari Teej is an important festival for married women. It is believed that this festival makes the relationship of married couple very strong and gives very good results in their married life. The married women keep this fast for the long life and health of their husbands. And unmarried girls keep this fast to get a good husband.

Legend of Kajari Teej

According to Hindu beliefs, there was a forest named Kajali in central India. This forest was under King Dadurai and the king used to come here with his queen. People used to sing Kajri songs to demonstrate the love of the King and the Queen; gradually these songs started getting famous far and wide. After some time the king died and the queen became sati with him. This forest became an epitome of the immortal love of both of them and people started considering it as a symbol of the love of husband and wife. Since then, Kajari Teej is considered as a festival to enhance love between husband and wife.

Worship or puja vidhi of Kajari Teej

  • On the day of Kajari Teej, the married females keep fast for the long life and marital happiness of their husbands. This fast is kept Nirjala i.e. without taking any water the whole day.
  • On the day of Kajari Teej swings are put in the houses. Women swing , sing, dance and celebrate. 
  • On this day many dishes are prepared from the sattu of wheat, rice and gram.
  • This fast is broken after the rising of the moon, and delicacies are eaten.
  • Seven rotis of flour are made and given to the cow along with gram and jaggery and only after that the fast is broken.

Kajari Teej rules for fasting

As per the Hindu ideologies, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and Goddess Neemdi are worshiped this day. On the day of Kajari Teej, married women observe a Nirjala fast. In the evening they offer Arghya to the moon and perform puja after that they break their fast. By the grace of Lord Bholenath, Kajari Teej removes all the problems of married life.

Women should never do these things on Kajari Teej

  • Do not wear white colored clothes.
  • Women should get decked up nicely or perform solah shringaar.
  • Women should observe Nirjala fast and do not take food and water before moon rise.
  • Do not quarrel with husband or say bad words to him.
  • Do not stay away from your husband this day.
  • Wearing henna and bangles is considered very auspicious.
  • Do not roam empty handed on Kajari Teej.
  • Avoid criticism, back biting or evil talking of any kind.
  • Respect elders and seek their blessings.