The First major event of the year 2022 to bring you unexpected results!

Indian Astrology | 15-Feb-2022

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The year 2022 is an important year as we will see major planets changing their places this year. The first is Rahu, which will transit into the sign of Aries on 12th April 2022. In Vedic astrology, Rahu has been considered as the most malefic planet and it stays in one house or zodiac sign for one and a half years. With its movement to houses it brings noticeable changes in life, so, during Rahu transit in Aries, it may bring both good and bad effects to the natives of various zodiac signs. Rahu is a planet of illusions which may create a lot of confusions in your mind bringing instability in life. It may put greater influence on your finances, education, business, marriage, health and other major aspects of life. So let’s read about how Rahu transit in Aries 2022 will affect your life.


Rahu will transit in the sign of Aries, and with its presence in the first house, it may create confusions in the heads of the natives. It will affect the fifth, seventh and ninth house with its aspects which is a malefic aspect. So, there may be problems with the kids and studies. There are also the possibilities of minor arguments with your love partner. Free kundli report says that you need to take care of your stomach as well as your partner’s health. You may find your mental stress increasing during this time with less religious inclinations. It’s suggested that you take help of meditation and yoga to soothe your mind. However, you will earn good amount of money with applications of your mental tendencies as Rahu will help you to think out of the box ideas and business tricks. Spend wisely and partnerships may not prove successful for you.


For Taurus natives, Rahu will stay in the 12th house of the zodiac. The transit may increase your expenses unexpectedly. There would remain financial crunches and health problems related to your feet may also trouble you. You may find it difficult to have a sound sleep but meditation and yoga will help. You may also have to change your job or may get transfers. The positive sides include gains from foreign relations or projects and you would be able to brat your competitors easily. Students would have favorable times. Mutual understanding in love relations will enhance.


For Gemini natives, Rahu will bring unexpected profits with its transit in the eleventh house. It’s time to get your money back which was long hauled due to some reasons. Those awaiting job will get the desired job and time is good for business to prosper. Stomach problems may irritate you and much patience is needed in love relations as chances of arguments are there.


Rahu transit will occur in the 10th house for Cancer natives. This would prove a favorable transit for married couples. Financially, you have to remain careful while making any new investment. Restlessness may follow and you are advised to exercise and practice yoga daily. New opportunities in business may surprise you and salaried people may expect promotions. Students have to work hard to get the desired results.


For Leo natives, Rahu will be staying in the ninth house of the zodiac. Time is good for career and business and there are chances of finding opportunities overseas as well. Past investments will prove fruitful during this time, and will strengthen your financial prospects. Free love calculator predicts, those waiting for marriage may get good news. Health may trouble you which can be avoided by eating nutritious food. 


For Virgo natives, Rahu may invite troubles in love life with its transit in the 8th house of the zodiac. Take careful decisions in business and also at the time of making any new investments. Students will do well in their studies. You are advised to take due care of your dietary habits as junk food may give troubles in health. Finances may not remain promising during this time. Talk to astrologer to find solutions to your finance problems foreseen due to the transit.  


Rahu with its transit in the 7th house for Libra zodiac bring financial benefits for the natives. Investments that have been done in past will bring good results. New opportunities will come your way in terms of career and those looking for job will also get the desired job. However, avoid new investments at this time. Health will be fine except some stress and restlessness. Speak nicely to your partner or lover to maintain harmony in relations. 


The transit of Rahu will be in the 6th house of the Scorpio zodiac. The transit is supposed to bring health challenges to the natives. They are advised to remain careful while driving. Financially, the time is good and you may easily take a loan or make long term investments. Those in job may face changes or transfers. Salaried people may face jealous and competition from their counterparts but will win at the end. Your love compatibility report is perfect with harmonious and loving relationships during this time. 


The transit of Rahu in the 5th house for Sagittarius natives will bring financial gains to the natives. Gains may come from speculation or stock market activities. Salaried people too will get promotions during the transit. Students may have to work harder to get success in studies. Your love life will also remain troubled. Some health issues like stomach infections may crop up during the transit.


The transit of Rahu in the 4th house of Capricorn zodiac may bring bad news for the health of the natives. Financial troubles may also trouble you and avoid lending money to people during this time. Stay calm to improve harmony in love relations. Competition in business and otherwise may trouble you and you are advised to remain careful about any kind of conspiracy against you. Do not take decisions in a hurry.


The transit of Rahu for Aquarius natives will take place in the 3rd house of the zodiac. This is a good position and you will remain influential during the transit. Your success in whatever you undertake will boost both your physical and mental health. Financial position will remain promising and you may also find new opportunities for earning more wealth. Salaried people may change jobs and may also get promotions. Entrepreneurs will crack profitable business deals. Those awaiting marriage may get their soul mate.


The transit of Rahu will occur in the 2nd house of the zodiac for Pisces natives. This is a good placement for to fetch long term financial benefits but at the same time stay conscious of your undesired expenses. Love life may go up and down with your careless words so be careful about your rude behavior to maintain mutual understanding. It is also advisable to pay attention to your eating pattern. For business people, time demands extra care in terms of documents and required papers. Hard work may bring huge benefits at your workplace.