Saturn transit in Dhanishtha nakshatra- The most effective results and remedies

Indian Astrology | 17-Feb-2022

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Saturn, the most influential yet the slowest planet will change its sign from Capricorn to Aquarius in 2022. But before that spectacular and very important astrological event of 2022, Saturn will affect all of us with its nakshatra parivartan from Shravan to Dhanishtha nakshatra. Saturn will transit into dhanishtha nakshatra on 18 February 2022 and will stay there till March 15, 2023. Saturn is a karmic planet that gives results as per our accumulated karmas and hence keeps an extremely important place in Vedic astrology.

Why nakshatra parivartan of Saturn in Dhanishta is important?

Saturn in dhanishtha is particularly important for those undergoing Saturn and Mars dasha and also those undergoing saadesati and dhaiya of Saturn. Those who are working in fields like law, medicine, oil, under earth articles, excavations, sports and music will particularly get its visible effects. 

  • Dhanishtha nakshatra falls in Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs and is ruled by Mars. Till its stay in dhanishtha, Saturn will remain under the influence of Mars which is not a friendly planet to it. We may conclude that for one year, Saturn will give mixed results of Saturn and Mars as Capricorn and Aquarius both are ruled by Saturn.  As per vedic astrology, dhanishtha is a movable nakshatra and it is very beneficial to travel during this time. Deities which preside over Dhanishta are the Ashta Vasus: Agni, Prithvi, Vāyu, Varuna, Dyaus, Surya, Chandramas and Dhruva. Each of these vasu carry a specific signification which they bestow on dhanishtha. Thus, making the native blessed with many attributes. 
  • Dhanishtha- dhanishtha means an affluent one. The one who possesses several skills, wealth, fortunes and loaded with positive qualities is very well defined by dhanishtha nakshatra. 
  • Dhanishtha nakshatra has connection with Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva with its depiction of drum (damru), flute and Lord Nataraja who is considered the main supreme deity of dhanishtha nakshatra. 
  • The hollowness of the musical instruments as depicted under dhanishtha nakshatra state that one has to be hollow inside without any grudges to fill them with positive universal energy.
  • Dhanishtha nakshatra is associated with sports, music, spirituality, celibacy and solace.
  • The transit of Saturn in Mars owned Dhanishta Nakshatra is not good for people born with their birth nakshatra: Poorvabhadra, Magha, Mrigshira and Chitra. People born with moon in above nakshatras may have to face strained relations, loans, failure or no growth at work, unwanted expenditure, losses in ventures, lack of opportunities, ill repute, bad-health, lack of focus in education and loss of someone close in the family.
  • While Saturn will stay in Mars ruled nakshatra, Jupiter will transit into Saturn owned Uttarabhadra nakshatra for 13 months (28 April 2022 – 24 February 2023) and will deliver results under the influence of Saturn for everyone.
  • Mars too will remain in dhanishtha nakshatra during 29 March – 16 April 2022 and the results will be felt aggressively.
  • On 29th March 2022, 4 planets including Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus will be there in Dhanishta nakshatra which will bring significant impact to those undergoing Mars Mahadasa or Antardasa.
  • Saturn transiting Capricorn and Aquarius is benefic to people born with Moon in Rohini, Magha, Swathi, Poorvashada, Uttarabhadrapada as it brings monetary gains, new opportunities, support of government officials and loving relations.
  • Those born with janm nakshatra in Krittika, Arudra, Aslesha, Poorva Phalguni, Chitra, Moola, Sravana, Poorvabhadra, Revati may get bad results. If in your natal chart, Saturn and Mars or both owns or are associated with trik bhavas then you may expect 2022 as a tough year ahead. Sudden loss of loved ones, financial crisis, and health or reputation degradation may occur. You may feel loneliness in life causing insomnia and depression.
  • Saturn will remain combust during 5 February – 8 March 2022 which will reduce ill effects of both Saturn and Mars. The combustion for at least 32 days will make Saturn almost inactive making it difficult for it to deliver bad results. This will be a relaxing period for those undergoing bad effects of Saturn and mars. 
  • Gemini natives with transit in their eighth house should avoid self driving and need to take care of their health. 
  • There may be increased incidents of fire taking place this year. Saturn depicts hard work, duty, responsibility and discipline and people will tend to escape from these attributes during its combustion period.
  • Those born under rashi of Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Pisces and Capricorn may feel relaxed as ill-effects of Saturn are reduced to some extent.

Remedies for Saturn in Dhanishtha

  • Listen to spiritual music as dhanishtha represents divinity.
  • You may also gift some musical instrument to your younger brother.
  • You may please laborers working at your premises with some movie entertainment.
  • Don’t praise yourself.
  • Keep your promises and stay grounded.
  • Follow regular exercise regime done with some sort of music.
  • Recite hanuman chalisa.
  • You may also recite or listen to sundar kaand path.
  • Sing bhajans and artis of divine or Lord shiva.
  • Meditate on vedic mantras.
  • Control your greed.
  • Worship lord Krishna and goddess Durga.
  • Don’t speak unnecessarily.
  • Respect your colleagues and workers.
  • You may offer shami leaves to Lord Shiva.