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Indian Astrology | 19-Sep-2023

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Life is full of ups and downs. We all face problems and challenges from time to time that can cause stress and anxiety and negatively impact our lives. While some issues are inevitable, there are things you can do to minimize problems and overcome obstacles more smoothly. One approach that many people find helpful is to talk to astrologer.

Astrologers provide guidance based on the positions of planets and stars at the exact time you were born. By understanding your astrological chart, astrologers can offer remedies and suggestions to improve your fortune and ward off potential problematic issues.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why you may want to consult with an astrologer online, what kind of advice they can provide, and how their remedies can help ward off problems in your life.

Why Consult an Astrologer?

Here are some of the key reasons why people choose to talk to an astrologer:

  • Gain clarity and insight into situations: Astrologers look at the cosmic energies influencing your life. This big-picture perspective can help you understand why certain things are happening and determine the best course of action. Contact ‘Indian Astrology’ to Talk to Astrologer and get the best occult guidance to steer your life towards success & prosperity. 
  • Find solutions to problems: Astrologers can provide mantras, stones, rituals, and other remedies customized to your birth chart to help resolve problems you are facing in relationships, career, health, and other aspects of life.
  • Improve fortune and attract positivity: Astrological remedies can help ward off bad luck, remove obstacles, and invite more happiness and good fortune into your life.
  • Make informed decisions: Knowing the planetary alignments affecting you can help you determine the best timing for major life decisions like changing jobs, moving, or planning a wedding.
  • Discover your life's purpose and path: Your astrological birth chart provides insight into your talents, strengths, and what motivates you. Astrologers can guide you towards your right livelihood.

Consult Experienced Astrologers for Insight into Your Birth Chart

Your birth chart, calculated from your exact time, date, and location of birth, provides a blueprint of your personality, talents, and life path. An experienced Vedic Astrologer can decode this complex map to offer profound revelations about your inner world. 

By studying the placement of planets in the zodiac at your birth, astrologers gain insight into your core motivations, relationships, and hidden strengths and weaknesses. Consultations with expert astrologers allow you to ask targeted questions about specific areas of your life, like career, finances, health, and relationships. With their years of training and experience reading birth charts, the best astrologers make connections you would likely miss on your own.

Their readings can validate your life experiences in a moment while also awakening you to new possibilities. Whether you seek transformation or just want to understand yourself better, book a session with a well-qualified astrologer to illuminate your birth chart.


What Advice Can an Astrologer Offer?

There are many ways an astrologer can provide guidance and helpful suggestions based on your birth chart. Here are some of the topics an astrologer can advise you on:

Career - Your astrological profile indicates your ideal career paths that align with your purpose. Astrologers can see planetary alignments that support success or warn of potential blocks in your profession.

Relationships - Astrologers can offer compatibility insights about romantic partners using synastry or the comparison of birth charts. They may also identify auspicious times for marriage using Muhurat Astrology.

Money and Finances - Astrologers look at your chart rulers and transits to determine favorable times for investing, starting a business, and avoiding money loss. They can recommend remedial measures for increasing prosperity.

Health - The planetary placements in your chart give insight into potential health issues. Astrologers may suggest healing gemstones, changes to your diet and lifestyle, and auspicious times for procedures or treatments.

Education - Your astrological indicators show your learning style, intelligence, and times that support academic achievement. Astrologers can advise on strategies for success in exams and education.

Spirituality - The positions of the planets at your time of birth reveal your spiritual needs and psychic abilities. Astrologers can recommend meditation practices, mantras, and yantras to support spiritual growth.

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Ask About Auspicious Dates and Times Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign, determined by your birth date, provides clues about the best times to begin new ventures or schedule important events. Consulting an astrologer can help you identify upcoming dates and times that are astrologically optimal for your unique zodiac profile. 

For example, they may advise a Pisces to schedule a creative project on a Neptune-ruled day or recommend a Leo avoid signing contracts when the Sun is transiting their 12th house. By understanding your planetary alignments, an astrologer can reveal days that boost your confidence and productivity. 

They can also pinpoint cycles or days when you are more emotionally sensitive and should lay low. Whether planning a wedding, trip, or career shift, ask your astrologer which celestial energies will surround and assist you. Their guidance empowers you to harness the cosmos' natural rhythms and start new chapters under the luckiest stars.

Astrological Remedies to Ward Off Problems

There are many astrological remedies that astrologers may prescribe to counter challenging planetary alignments and ward off problems. Some remedies an astrologer might suggest include:

Gemstones - Wearing certain gemstones associated with auspicious planets in your chart can strengthen their cosmic influence in your life. For example, wearing a yellow sapphire may boost Jupiter’s benefits.

Mantras - Chanting targeted mantras can activate protective energies and shift negative circumstances into more positive ones. Mantras are prescribed based on afflicted planets in your natal chart.

Yantras - These are sacred geometric diagrams that represent different deities and celestial bodies. Meditating on your astrologer-prescribed yantra can remove obstacles and magnify planetary strengths.

Puja - These are ceremonies performed to honor the planets and gods. Your astrologer will recommend pujas on certain days to amplify favorable planetary energies in your chart.

Charity - Donating to charity on key dates can mitigate inauspicious planetary alignments. Giving to those in need also invites fortune and good karma.

Gemstone Talismans - Your astrologer may design a gemstone talisman for you to wear or carry. This binds together certain gemstones that provide protection and luck based on your chart.

Fastings - Fasting on some important dates as per your chart can help appease afflicted planets. This may lead to relief from the problems they are causing.

Planetary Hours - Your astrologer will guide you in carrying out important tasks in the hours ruled by benefic planets. This planetary hour timing helps ensure success. 

Discover Custom Rituals and Gemstones to Counteract Bad Luck

When facing a run of bad luck, an astrologer can be an invaluable ally in shifting the energy in your favor. By studying your birth chart and transits, they gain insight into the cosmic obstacles weighing you down. 

An experienced Vedic Astrologer can then recommend remedial measures tailored to counteract your unique troubles. For example, they may advise wearing a Saturn-influenced gemstone like a blue sapphire to lessen hardships from its transit. Or they could design a ritual bath with herbs and oils to relax Mars’ aggressive force in your chart.

An astrologer may also suggest reciting mantras or prayers to Venus on Fridays to invite more luck and prosperity. With an astrological map to guide them, a knowledgeable astrologer can pick the perfect mix of gemstones, colors, herbs, mantras, and rituals to realign your stars and get your luck back on track.

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Life presents everyone with challenges and difficulties. Yet how well you navigate through problems often depends on understanding cosmic energies influencing your life path. By talking to an experienced Vedic Astrologer online, you can gain valuable insights and remedies tailored to your birth chart to smooth your way.

With their guidance, you can unlock opportunities, attract good fortune, and take action to prevent problems before they arise. An astrologer helps you align your life journey with the stars so you can perform at your highest potential.


Is it really necessary to consult with an astrologer?

Consulting with an experienced astrologer arms you with the information about how things are originally slated to unfold in various domains of your life as per the planetary influences on you based on your horoscope or birth chart. This information empowers you to make informed decisions in life which naturally maximizes your prospects of success.

What are qualities or characteristics of a good astrologer?

A good astrologer is one who is highly experienced, a subject matter expert, has an impeccable track record with a satisfied clientele.

Should I consult with an astrologer online?

Absolutely! In this digital age, going for an online consultation with an astrologer saves a lot of time & energy. Online consultations are as effective (if not more) as the traditional ones. All you need is a stable internet connection for a video call which is not at all a problem these days and you can connect with the astrologer from anywhere in the world.

Who is the Best Astrologer that I could consult with?

Dr. Arun Bansal is the Best Astrologer that anyone could ever come across. He has an experience spanning over 40 years with an absolute command over the occult sciences of Vedic Astrology and Vastu. His polite & understanding nature makes his clients strike an immediate connection of emotional comfort with him. He has been helping people from all across the globe to imbibe the sacred occult wisdom of Astrology and live a life which has as little friction as possible with maximum avenues of growth & success all along.

Which are the areas of life that require an Astrology consultation the most?

While the priority with respect to key areas or domains of life is a personal matter, the usual domains of life for which the majority of people consult an astrologer to seek occult based guidance are: Career, Relationship/Marriage, Finances and Health.

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