Which planets are responsible for fights & bickering in marriage?

Akhil Pathak | 17-Aug-2023

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Marriage is a union in which two people take sacred vows that knit their souls together. It is arguably the most important domain in people’s lives as it teaches the true meaning of responsibility, family, love, bliss and harmony. However, our experience of the world tells us that everyone is not fortunate to enjoy a blissful marriage. People often go through bitter phases of bickering in their married life.

Sadly, it has become quite common these days to see couples who spend most of their time fighting or arguing with each other which negatively impacts their marital union and in many cases lead to the unfortunate outcome of separation or divorce.

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So the most critical question arises: “What leads to the loss of bliss & harmony in marriage?” or in other words: “What causes fights & bickering in marriage?”

Well, most of the people miss on the fact that there are certain incredibly powerful celestial entities that exert a phenomenal impact on every domain of our life and determine how those domains and cumulatively, our entire life will pan out.

Yes, we are talking about planets and their role in shaping up our lives.

Fundamental Role of Planets

A soul carries a karmic baggage that has all the karmas that were accumulated in past life times. Since the process of birth & death is never ending (unless a soul attains ‘Moksha’ of liberation), we the souls, keep on accumulating more karmas that are added to the karmic baggage that we carry along. Planets are the upholders of a portion of our karmic record from the karmic baggage that is to be accounted for in this current lifetime.

Therefore, a planet casts its effects on a particular domain of a person’s life based on its placement or state in the horoscope or kundli of the person. If the planet holds negative karmas then it appears to be in a bad state or ill-placed in the horoscope and if it holds positive karmas then it gets a good placement in the horoscope of a person.  as per the nature of the set of karmas that the planet is holding up.

Suppose a planet is casting its influence on the marital domain of a person’s life as per its placement in the horoscope and that planet is holding up negative karmas to be accounted for in this lifetime of that person. In such a case, that planet is bound to be ill-placed in the horoscope and would negatively impact the person’s marriage during its planetary periods of operation as per the Vimshottari Dasha.

Houses that are positive for marriage are:

  • 2nd House: It signifies Family
  • 5th House: It signifies Love
  • 7th House: It is the primary house of Marriage and Spouse
  • 9th House: It signifies Fortune
  • 11th House: It signifies Gains & Realization of Desires

Houses that are negative for marriage are:

  • 1st House: It signifies Self and Ego
  • 6th House: It signifies Bickering and Litigation
  • 10th House: It signifies Separation through Judiciary

Let us now look at the planets that are detrimental for a person’s marital bliss & harmony.

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Planets That Cause Marital Woes

There are certain planets that carry troubling attributes or natural significations that more often than not, prove to be detrimental for the marital domain of a person’s life provided that these planets are affecting the house or houses of a horoscope that are related to marriage.

If these planets affect the houses that are positive for marriage then they suppress the positivity of those houses. Furthermore, if these planets affect the houses that are negative for marriage then they enhance the negativity of those houses.

These planets can be categorized as Malefic and Cruel. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are naturally malefic planets while Sun and Mars are cruel planets.

Saturn: Saturn or ‘Shani’ is one of the most dreaded planets in Astrology that often casts a negative impact on the marital domain of a person. First and foremost Saturn causes delays in getting married. Then, when a person gets married, Saturn creates gloominess in emotions and brings a dullness in the relationship of a husband & wife.

Rahu: Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is a planet with notorious characteristics. It creates confusion between the couple. The misunderstandings created by Rahu lead to a loss of harmony among the couple and they find it hard to keep the element of trust vibrant in their marriage.

Ketu: Ketu (South Node of the Moon) is a planet that signifies dissatisfaction and creates a huge emotional distance between the couple. Ketu diminishes the element of love & passion that forms the very basis of the relationship that an ideal married couple share among themselves.

Sun: Sun is a cruel planet that when in connection with the houses that are related to marriage, creates frequent differences in opinions. Moreover, Sun makes a person dominating and assertive over his/her spouse which undermines mutual respect and thereby leads to bitterness among the couple.

Mars: Mars is considered as a highly volatile planet in Astrology. It creates heated arguments between the couple and is responsible for quarrels that destroy marital bliss. An aggravated Mars might lead to domestic violence as well. Mars also signifies accidents & bad state of health. At times a troubling Mars in the horoscope of a female results in miscarriages hence, it is extremely negative for the marital domain of a couple.

Ensuring Marital Bliss in Life

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