Something big will happen- Union of Sun and Saturn, Sun transits in Capricorn

Indian Astrology | 26-Dec-2022

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The planet Sun changes its sign every month and brings essential changes in a person's life with its transit. In Astrology, Sun is believed to give its results within ten days of coming into a new sign. Now, these results can be good or bad depending upon your zodiac sign and the natal placements of planets. The Sun will transit in Capricorn on Friday, 14 January 2023, at 2:13 P.M. The transit of the Sun in Capricorn is an essential astrological event, and the day of transit is popularly known as Makar Sankranti. 

The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great vigor in different parts of the country. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, and there is enmity between Saturn and Sun. A planet doesn't feel comfortable in an inimical sign, so, depending upon the house placements of the Sun, let's see which zodiac sign will get benefits or losses with this transit of the Sun in Capricorn. 

The Sun has enmity with Saturn, but it is a natural karaka of the tenth house and is considered very strong in the tenth house, which falls in the sign of Capricorn in the Kaalpurusha kundli. Capricorn is the natural ruling sign of the tenth house, i.e., the house of name, fame, career, and activities. Hence, this is the sign of our actions and deeds. Sun is energy, and when it transits into the house of karma, it will help enhance our work vigor. We will feel more energetic and perform our tasks with more enthusiasm yet patience and maturity. 


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The Sun rules the fifth house of the zodiac and will move into the 10th house of the zodiac. The Sun in the 10th house gives excellent results to achieve name-fame, recognition, power, and authority at work. The time is perfect for making benefits at the business and career. If you are working in the field of medicine, politics or government, etc., you will get wonderful transit results. You will be acknowledged for your hard work and abilities at work. There are chances of salary hikes and promotions. Those unemployed can get employment of their choice. You may also face some troubles from the labor or others working at lower levels in your office. You are advised to act diplomatically to attain success in life during this time. Financial position will be strong, and you will enjoy good health, energy, and immunity. However, some problems with the family members may occur due to your harsh speech and arrogance. 





The Sun rules the zodiac's fourth house and will transit in the ninth house for the Taurus natives. The Sun in the ninth house is good for higher studies. Many may go abroad; there would be a religious inclination in the natives. You may have some arguments with your father and teachers. Luck may support differently than expected. Take care of your father's health during this transit. A strong urge to go on a pilgrimage or abroad may make you spend a lot of money. You will get positive results in career and finance-related matters. Your father may feel arrogant or may get angry for no reason. Control your arrogance and anger to get good results in transit. Married couples will get favorable results and may even go on religious travel together. Take care of your health; some heat-related diseases may strike.


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Sun rules the third house for Gemini natives and will transit in the zodiac's eighth house. The Sun in the eighth house may give interest in the occult and other deep subjects. The 8th house is the house of secrets, and with the Sun appearing here, your secrets may get revealed. You may undergo some transformation as well. Stay careful of your actions, as there are chances of punishments through the government. Your speech may become harsh and rude. The planet of courage is going in the eighth house. You may feel a lack of courage during this time. You may have to face challenges in your job and career. We warn you against signing any document without reading it. It would be best if you avoided any expansion plans for this period. Avoid investing during this period. Students may find it difficult to focus, but those in research will perform well. Take care of your health and eating habits, and drive carefully. 




The Sun rules the second house for Cancer natives, and in January, it will transit into the seventh house of spouse and marriage. This is a good time to grow in the partnership business. However, relations with the spouse may get weaker, creating ego issues between you. You may feel irritated and over-excited, leading to frustration at the end. You may face conspiracies and fights at the office. Your seniors may not remain happy with you. Take care of the health of your spouse. The second lord in the seventh house may give a better financial position to your spouse. The spouse may perform well in their career. For you, your financial position will be stable too. You may start with some new work during this time. You may face some problems in your stomach or digestion. 




For Leo natives, the Sun is their ascendant lord and hence keeps a lot of importance for them. The transit of the Sun will occur in the 6th house. The placement of the Sun in the 6th house of the horoscope is considered very excellent. Here, it will bring an end to old diseases, debts, and competition. The natives are likely to win competitions and pay off old debts. The placement is good for those in jobs, especially government jobs. There are chances of salary hikes and promotions. You may get an important post at work but with an increased burden of responsibilities. Your efforts will be recognized, and your colleagues will work under your power and authority. There may be some misunderstandings with colleagues, but they will not be able to say anything. Those students who appear for any exam will succeed. You will make financial gains, and overall, the transit is good for you. 


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For Virgo natives, Sun rules the 12th house of the zodiac and will transit in the fifth house. This transit is particularly good for those in politics, sports, and higher studies. There are chances of your kids going abroad for studies, or you may have to spend a lot on them. The students may find difficulty in paying attention in their studies. You may gain recognition and make some gains through the government during this time. You may come in contact with some influential people during this time. Your creativity and skills will enhance bringing accolades from the people. Take care of the health of your children.




For Libra natives, the Sun rules the 11th house, and the transit will occur in the fourth house. Sun in the fourth house may cause ego problems with the family members, especially the mother. Those in the real-estate business will make good gains during this time. This is the time to get recognition and praise at the workplace. However, some fights with the seniors may happen, but in the end, you will make gains at the workplace. The business will flourish. We suggest you take due care while investing in business or property. Your love life may get troubled and issues with your life partner may give you stress. Take care of your harsh words while talking with others else disputes may occur. Take care of your health. 


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The Sun rules the most powerful house of the zodiac i.e., the 10th house. The 10th lord will be transiting in the 3rd house of courage. The Sun being the symbol of energy will increase the courage of the natives. The natives will experience good things in their careers. However, some arguments with the siblings may trouble your mind. You will work hard to get financial benefits in your career. The Sun in the 3rd house gives good results, and the natives will remain financially stable. Your love life will be sweet, and there are chances of short travels with your loved ones. Health will also be good during this time. 




For Sagittarius natives, the Sun rules the ninth house of the zodiac, and the transit will occur in the second house. The Sun in the second house will help to make financial gains with the help of your father. You may notice harshness in your speech which may create misunderstandings with the family members. You may suddenly show interest in astrology and other deep subjects. Those in government or political fields will make financial gains through this transit. Take care of your expenses. You may get many opportunities to earn, which will help you to grow your wealth. Those doing higher studies will perform well. Avoid arguments for this transit period. If you are someone who earns by your speech, then this is the best transit for you. Your speech will be highly influential, and you will make substantial gains. Health will be good. 




For you, the Sun rules the eighth house of your zodiac. The Capricorn natives will experience the transit in their first house. The transit is significant for the natives as it will bring noticeable changes in their personalities. You may feel energetic but irritated at the same time. There will be delays in your work. Ego clashes you're your father may cause stress. Many may get sudden benefits in their career. Those in research and occult will perform well. There may be clashes and arguments with your life partner. You are advised to use soft speech while interacting else problems may occur. Don't lend money to anyone for this time, and take care of your health.


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The Sun rules the seventh house for Aquarius natives, and the transit will occur in the 12th house of the zodiac. Those involved in foreign trade will have an excellent time. There are chances of going abroad with your partner. Take care of your expenses for this duration of transit. The period could be better for your career and profession, and you will likely face obstacles in achieving success. Business people, too, have to struggle. You may face troubles due to secret enemies, which may harm you financially. There may be arguments with your loved ones and hence speak softly with everyone. Married life may not remain harmonious, and you will face stress at times. You should take good care of your health as some problems with your eyes or sleeplessness may occur. 




The Sun rules the sixth house of the zodiac and will transit in the 11th house for the Pisces natives. This transit will bring beneficial results to the natives. The seniors will praise you and you will make substantial gains through your profession. You will also get opportunities to make sudden profits. You will have to face opposition if you work at a high post. But everything will be okay in the end, and you will grow in your work field. You will be recognized for your efforts and hard work. There are chances of promotion and salary hikes as well. All your pending work will get completed, and you will feel energy inside. For business people, it is a beneficial time to find new proposals. Your financial position will also improve. There would be harmony in relations with the partner. Health will also remain good.