Saturn transit 2023: It’s Time For Everything To Change!

Indian Astrology | 24-Dec-2022

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Saturn is the most influential planet in Astrology. Why is it so? Saturn is a karmakaraka and gives results per the native's actions or karmas. Saturn stays in a zodiac sign or house for the longest duration, as taken by any of the other eight remaining zodiac planets. Saturn's transit is a spectacular astrological phenomenon that is known to bring significant changes in an individual's life. Now, these changes can either be good or bad depending upon the house and sign of transit. 

Saturn will transit in its own mooltrikona sign Aquarius on 17 January 2023. It means the year 2023 is highly significant for people around the globe. Many natives were eagerly waiting for Saturn to shift to the next house as they were facing a lot of troubles due to the unfavorable position of Saturn in their chart. Saturn stays for long 2.5 years, which is sufficient to bring long-term and permanent effects in someone's life. Saturn as the judge of your karmas, can either make you successful or a complete failure with its immense power and influence on other planets and houses of the birth chart.

Let's understand what this very important transit of Saturn is bringing for you in 2023. It would help if you looked for your Moon sign to understand the results of Saturn in your life. One thing is sure, and the most powerful Saturn will not let things stay as they were!

Key Dates of Saturn transit 2023

Saturn will move from its sign Capricorn to its mooltrikona sign Aquarius. Saturn will become more powerful in its mooltrikona sign Aquarius to affect the natives more significantly. Saturn will stay in Aquarius for 2.5 years, from January 2023 to 2025. The key dates, including its direct and retrograde movement, are given below:  

  • 18th January 2023- 18th June 2023- Direct
  • 18 June- 3 November 2023- Retrograde
  • 4th November 2023- 31st July 2024- Direct
  • 1st august 2024- 15th November 2024- Retrograde
  • 16th November 2024- 3rd March 2025- Direct  

The result of Saturn changes with its varying movements, i.e., direct and retrograde motions. Saturn gets twice the strength when it's in retrograde motion.

Results of Saturn's transit 2023

Saturn will bring significant changes in the lives of people belonging to different zodiac signs. Many will get free from the dreaded phases of sadesati and dhaiyya, while for some signs, it will start.

The signs of getting their sadesati - Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

The signs of getting their dhaiyya – Cancer, Scorpio

So, let's understand which sign will be benefitted and which has to suffer:


Saturn's transit 2023 will be in your eleventh house. The eleventh house is the best place for Saturn to be. Here, Saturn will fulfill your long-due desires. Saturn will give you recognition and awards for your special achievements and efforts. Of course, patience and discipline are expected as Saturn blesses those who remain determined and focused on their work. Your social circle will change, and you may meet someone engaged in social work and working for the betterment of society. You will make new friends at your workplace, and many will be left behind who don't match your wavelength.

You will get into some serious love relations during this time. The love relationship will not be hanky-panky, but you will put your heart and soul into your love relationship.    

Financial conditions will be very strong. Saturn in the house of gains will attract many profitable opportunities your way. You will earn abundantly through social contacts and your career or business. Many may get new jobs and sources of income. Speculation activities should be avoided. You may earn through inheritance.  

Students will excel with Saturn, bestowing their discipline, focus, and hard-working qualities. They will be amazed at the progress they make during this time. You will be more focused and disciplined with Saturn's influence. Health needs to be taken care of. You will take good care of your physique and eating habits.


Saturn in the tenth house can make you meet a strict boss at work. Your work responsibilities will increase more than expected, but you will successfully handle them with great patience and hard work. This is the time for a change in your job or career. There can be a suffocating environment, but since Saturn shows services, if you apply serving attitude, things will become easier for you.

Saturn will make your expenses grow with its third aspect. You may wish to settle abroad or go in some retreat center for meditation and spirituality. But Saturn in the Kendra houses puts so much pressure that you can't leave your responsibilities to have solace outside.

There can be changes in your domestic environment. You may even think of changing your residence. Saturn shows delays, and thus you will get to see satisfactory changes in the home or domestic environment toward the end of the transit, i.e., 2025. Till then, the times will be really difficult at home.

Your mother, spouse, or business partner can have health issues. There will be problems in your married life. You may have arguments with your business partner. Many can make serious commitments in new love or married relations.


Saturn in the ninth house will make you grounded more than before. You will face problems in dealing with foreigners and outsiders, so most of your karmas will be focused on people in the locality. You will meet a karmic guru or teacher in this transit. The transit will make you learn good values and knowledge during its transit.

You may face problems with your elder siblings, relatives, colleagues, and friends. Many friendships may fall, and there is a tendency to fight with your father and gurus. You will get a completely different perspective of life and tend to become spiritual. You will leave your past life events and start something afresh.

Saturn aspects the sixth house with its tenth aspect, which is wonderful. You will turn victorious in legal cases and any competition. There can be problems with the people at work, but you will be able to control them with patience, persistence, and service. All your health issues will disappear, and you can pay off your loans. Serve small animals for great results of Saturn here. Job and profession will bring profitable results.


Saturn will transit into the eighth house of your zodiac, initiating Shani dhaiyya for your zodiac. The 8th house is a house of sudden events. Something or the other happens suddenly in your life, and then you don't know how to deal with it. Saturn in the eighth house can take you on unknown and unexpected journeys. Things will not match your expectations, sending you off track.

You may lose your job, or losses in business can happen. It is a time of transformation, and you need to think deeply about your habits and actions. There may be benefits through inheritance. Don't invest in the share market and make any big investment. The seventh house lord in the eighth house can cause health issues or fights with the spouse. There can be health and study problems for your children.


With Saturn in the seventh house, you need to make certain big decisions in life. Saturn gets digbala in the seventh house, and it is already powerful in its moltrikona sign. So, here Saturn can turn your life upside down. Saturn is not a favorable planet for your zodiac, and in the seventh house, it may cause separation and divorce from the spouse. There can be fewer emotions, and you may feel detached from the family members. There will be too much pressure as everyone seems to demand or expect from you.

Some of your secrets may come in public. If you show care, hard work, responsibility, and determination in relations, you can save them. There can be an increased burden of responsibilities in business and jobs. There is a possibility of change in the workplace as well. Saturn wants you to show persistence and patience, and if you stick to something patiently, it will result in tremendous results. Saturn is influencing the houses of education, which states that students with greater focus and hard work will excel superbly in academics. You may have clashes with your father, Guru, and other fatherly figures.

Health will be good with a doctor's consultation. But take care of your parent's health.


Saturn will transit into your sixth house, which is the position you might have been waiting for for the past 2.5 years. Saturn ends all miseries with its transit into the sixth house, which is too in its mooltrikona sign. It is an extremely favorable transit.

You may face health or work issues, but Saturn will help you overcome these problems with patience and persistence. You will get an increased burden of work but will accomplish it happily. Those unemployed can get a job, and many will get promotions and salary hikes.

Some well-wishers can come to your help. You will get free from the worries of loans and debts. Saturn will help you solve all your financial problems. You will manage your funds and expenses very well. Saturn's transit 202 is a blessing for you. You will overcome all problems in life, and your communication skills will improve. You will pass any interview, and your influential talks will bring you the favor of your siblings, friends, and neighbors. The transit is very good for financial benefits.


Saturn in the fourth house brought immense domestic pressure to you till 2022. Now, Saturn is moving to your fifth house, relieving pressure from your domestic environment. This is a better position than before. Saturn will help students to excel in their studies. There can be too much pressure in studies, but Saturn wants you to stick to it and don't give up.

Saturn influences the eleventh and second houses of wealth and gains. So, you may work for your financial stability. There are too many expectations of the family, spouse, and social circle on you that you feel immensely stressed. The transit is specifically important for your married relations. There can be fights and disagreements with the spouse. But until you talk openly about the issues, they can't be resolved. Saturn wants you to communicate with your friends, family, and spouse else separations may happen.


Saturn will transit into your fourth house of domestic peace and direction. You may get a completely different direction in life. You may be looking for inner peace and satisfaction. You feel like going away from the house. Home life can become burdensome. Many can change homes or work place. But you will get a satisfactory home environment toward the end of 2024.

You should maintain good health and an eating routine. Saturn can cause digestive and stomach problems. Take good care of what you eat. Saturn in the fourth house will bring changes in your career or job. You may have to lose or change the job, but you will get better in the end. Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your health, work, and relations. If you do that heartedly, Saturn will reward you sufficiently.


Saturn in the third house frees you from the clutches of sade sati. You will get new opportunities and relations in this period. Whatever comes your way will be permanent during this time. The third house is a house of siblings, friends, and neighbors. You will have effective communication with them.

Saturn will influence the 5th and 9th house of your zodiac. It indicates effective higher learning. You may gain knowledge of religion, philosophy, and occult, etc. This is the period to meet karmic gurus; however, they can be strict and demand high discipline from you. With persistence, you will win their hearts. It is an awakening time, and many may adopt spiritual paths in life. Saturn aspects the houses of foreign travels and settlement, but your long journeys will create troubles. You need to maintain local relations during this time.


Saturn transits into the second house of wealth. Saturn wants you to get serious about your wealth matters. You need to show responsibility toward your family. Since it's the third phase of your sadesati, you need to be more conscious about your wealth and family matters. Saturn will increase your workload and responsibilities but, at the same time, will increase your wealth. You need to take care of your eating habits during this period.

You should avoid any long-term investment or share market transactions during this time. You may lose in a sudden manner if you employ illicit means of earning. Domestic life will be unstable, and you need to take family responsibility seriously. You will gain through property deals and inheritance. But you need to be patient to have a beneficial deal. You will notice a change in your social circle.


Saturn will transit into your first sign, and it is the second phase of your sadesati. You will think more about your actions and decisions in life. You should take good care of your health during this time. Saturn will affect the tenth house of career and business. You should support and serve others. There may be changes in your business or job. Whatever you do during this time will be for future support and is permanent in nature.

Saturn aspects the third house of siblings and friends, which may create bitterness in relations with them due to poor communication. You will face problems in marital life and some delays in business partnership business can cause losses to you. Saturn will bring noticeable changes in business and career. You will get more serious about your business and health. However, there can be obstacles and delays in business opportunities. Say patient to get the best results of Saturn.


Saturn will transit into the twelfth house of your zodiac. Here, it will give you spiritual advancement. It is a completely different phase of your life. It is a serious time. This is the first phase of sade sati and can cause trouble. Saturn is the eleventh lord, and you will meet new friends during this time. Your source of income will increase, and you may multitask. You need to balance your expenses and gains here. Many may settle abroad with family. It is the time to get higher studies in a foreign land. Saturn in the twelfth house aspects the sixth house of daily routine. Here, it wants you to follow a set routine. You should follow fixed timings for every activity. Perform meditation or yoga to have great health and good results from Saturn. It would help if you worked on your communication and eating patterns here. Speak your mind to those in contact to get good transit results.