Sharad Navratri 2023: Day 3 of Maa Chandraghanta

Indian Astrology | 10-Oct-2023

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Navratri is a festival that spans over 9 days and devotees worship the 9 forms of Goddess Durga during this time. Throughout Navratri, devotees wake up early in the morning and pray to the different Swaroops or forms of Goddess (Maa) Durga. Many devotees also observe fasts and eat a proper vegetarian diet and even avoid consuming onion and garlic.

According to the holy Hindu scriptures, the 3rd day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Chandraghanta, the one who carries Trishul, Gada, Sword, and Kamandal in Her multiple hands. Maa Chandraghanta wears a crescent Moon on the forehead and this gives Her the name Chandraghanta. The word ‘Chandra’ in Sanskrit means Moon. Goddess (Maa) Chandraghanta represents the calm and soft side of Maa Durga.

The Goddess signifies knowledge and it is believed that anyone who worships Her, gets blessed with success, prosperity, and peace. Her blessings eradicate all the negative energies from the environment and spread a positive aura all around. She rides a tiger, has ten arms, and holds various weapons in Her hands symbolizing bravery and strength.


Date of the 3rd day of Navratri 2023: 17th October 2023


The Story Behind the 3rd day of Navratri


According to the holy Hindu Scriptures, when Goddess Sati immolated Herself, Lord Shiva detached Himself for all the worldly affairs and got into a deep state of meditation. After some time, Goddess Sati who was a form of Adi Shakti, incarnated as Parvati. She was born as the daughter of King Himalaya. Maa Parvati was determined to marry Lord Shiva and for that, she performed severe austerities for thousands of years. Lord Shiva finally agreed to marry Maa Parvati and on their day of marriage Lord Shiva arrived at the palace of King Himalaya in the most strange way. His neck was wrapped with snakes and His body was covered with ashes. He brought the strangest marriage procession along with Him that consisted of the group of Aghoris, Sages, Ghosts, Goblins, etc. After seeing Lord Shiva’s guest and His own appearance, all the relatives of Maa Parvati went into a state of shock. Maa Parvati then took the Swaroop of Maa Chandraghanta and told Lord Shiva to appear in the marriage as a charming prince, to protect Her family from embarrassment.

Significance of Maa Chandraghanta Puja


  • Maa Chandraghanta is worshipped by devotees on the 3rd day of Navratri. People worship Her with full devotion to get her blessings. It is believed that the Goddess blesses Her with knowledge and internal strength. The one who has too many enemies or obstacles in life should worship Goddess Chandraghanta.
  • The one who worships Goddess Chandraghanta is blessed with great knowledge and success. Maa Chandraghanta has a golden complexion. She has 10 arms and 3 eyes. She wears a garland of bells that horrifies demons. She wears a crescent Moon on Her forehead.
  • Goddess Durga in the form of Maa Chandraghanta is ready for war with all Her arms and weapons. Problems are there in everyone’s life but fighting with them and finding solutions is the best thing one should do. It is believed that any ‘Devi’ Puja done during these 9 days gives highly auspicious results. Therefore, Book Online Navratri Puja from Indian Astrology and find solutions to different problems of your life.


Maa Chandraghanta Puja Vidhi


  • For performing the Puja, One should prepare for bathing the idol of Goddess Chandraghanta. For bathing the idol, one will require milk, curd, sugar, honey, paan, and Supari. After the offerings, one should pray to the Navgrahas and his/her Ishta Devata.
  • Then offer Roli, Akshat, Sandalwood, and some flowers to the Goddess. After offering all these items, keep some flowers in hand and pray to the Goddess while chanting the following mantra:


“ॐ देवी चन्द्रघण्टायै नमः॥” (Om Devi Chandraghantaayai Namah).


  • Then, offer a garland to Goddess Chandraghanta. One should make sure that this garland should be of bells as she wears bell-garland for horrifying all the spirits. Then, perform the aarti, offer sweets or some simple sugar as a Bhog to the Goddess, and attain the blessings of Maa Chandraghanta.


This mantra to please Maa Chandraghanta should be recited at the time of the Puja by the devotees to seek the blessings of the Goddess.


“पिण्डज प्रवरारूढा चण्डकोपास्त्रकैर्युता। प्रसादं तनुते मह्यम् चन्द्रघण्टेति विश्रुता॥ ”
(Pindaja Pravararudha Chandakopastrakairyuta। Prasadam Tanute Mahyam Chandraghanteti Vishruta).


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Maa Chandraghanta’s Stuti Path


आपदुध्दारिणी त्वंहि आद्या शक्तिः शुभपराम्।
अणिमादि सिद्धिदात्री चन्द्रघण्टे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥
चन्द्रमुखी इष्ट दात्री इष्टम् मन्त्र स्वरूपिणीम्।
धनदात्री, आनन्ददात्री चन्द्रघण्टे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥
नानारूपधारिणी इच्छामयी ऐश्वर्यदायिनीम्।
सौभाग्यारोग्यदायिनी चन्द्रघण्टे प्रणमाम्यहम्॥


Apad Uddharini Tvamhi Adya Shaktih Shubhparaam।
Animadi Siddhidatri Chandraghante Pranamamyaham॥
Chandramukhi Ishta Datri Ishtam Mantra Swarupinim।
Dhanadatri, Anandadatri Chandraghante Pranamamyaham॥ Nanarupadharini Ichchhamayi Aishwaryadayinim। Saubhagyarogyadayini Chandraghante Pranamamyaham॥


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Navratri Pujas to Seek Maa Durga’s Blessings


There are many pujas (Vedic worship rituals) mentioned in the holy Hindu scriptures to please all forms of Maa Durga also known as Nav Durga. These pujas are extremely powerful rituals that open up the doorway to Devi’s grace & blessings in the life of a devotee.

One such puja which is widely opted for by the devotees is the Durga Saptashati Puja with Samput.

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