Know what is kaal sarp dosha and What happens in Kaalsarp Dosha?

Future Point | 09-Oct-2018

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There are many hardships and highs and lows that a human has to deal with in life. it depends on how he puts himself together again and stands on his feat. In your life, you may be faced with many challenges in your professional life or personal life and striking a balance becomes really taxing.

There are people who are pounding the pavement for long but still unemployed, then there are nubile girls who are not finding their suitable bridegroom and their marriageable age is just passing by, there are people who keep concerned about the health of their ailing parents, there are people who are robbed off their sleep over property disputes, there are people whose marital life are turmoil ridden and there seems no light at the end of the tunnel.

What is Kaalsarp Dosha?

There are many discernments life faces you with but one thing for sure, the positioning of your stars is the key reason behind your hardships and happiness. Every human being is born under the influence of stars which realign and orchestrate the happenings in your life. But there are other factors too that are at play behind your luck bringing you challenges and one of them is Kaalsarp Dosha.

You have probably heard of this term but never examined whether you too are one of the preys of Kaalsarp Dosha that decelerates your success, takes a toll on your marital that decelerates your success, takes a toll on your marital life, dwindles your mental peace, creates hindrances in the progress of your business or because your offspring is afflicted with this Dosha, you can't marry her off to a suitable groom.

Kaalsarp Yoga is a serious condition in one's horoscope which is touted as one of the adverse horoscope conditions in the Hindu astrology. Kalsaarp Dosha emergence when seven planets are hemmed between the shadow of planets Rahu and Ketu, Kaalsarp Yog is formed. Rahu is the serpant's head whilst Ketu is the serpant's tail.

What happens in Kaalsarp Dosha?

Having Kaalsard Dosha can spell ultimate ruin in your life if you are having it in your horoscope. It can make you unlucky for your life no matter if you have good planetary positions in your horoscope. It will turn around all the good effects of your planets and you will fall in bottomless pit of misfortune.

What are the constellations of Kaalsarp Dosha?

Judging by Hindu astrology, when all seven planets are on the same line as Rahu and Ketu's axis without any other planet being present on the other side, full 'kaalsarp dosha' is formed. If there is any single planet located on the other side of the axis of Rahu or Ketu, partial Kaalsarp Dosha is formed. When you are afflicted with full Kaalsarp dosha, you are in complete bad luck but when there is partial kaal sarp dosha, you are not as unlucky and the situation can be handled.

How detrimental is Kaalsarp Dosha?

However, it differs from person to person as to how much they will be affected by Kaalsarp dosha and how much bad will come in their way. It also depends on the other dosas present in their kundali. Take for instance, if any person's kundali has strong Raj Yoga, and have four planets digbali or escalated 2-3 planets or swagrehi planets present in the kundali, it would make the strong effects of Kaalsarp Dosha fade out.

Think again, do you face much delays in all your work? is your mental peace always at stake? are you suffering from low self esteem? is your health deteriorating? Are you losing wealth and property? are you always jobless or your businesses don't prosper? are you anxious all the time? are you having family disputes? do all your friends and colleagues trick you? do your friends and relatives always enage in a brawl with you? if yes, then you are probably having Kaal sarp dosha in your kundali which can only be dealt with by visiting an astrologer who will perform the methodical rituals to curb the ill-effects of this dosha in your kundali.

Look at the brighter side:

Those having Kaalsarp dosa in their kundali should not lose heart right now because not necessarily you will be unlucky for all your life. There is still glimmer of hope that everything will fall in order again. You too will be able to enjoy the good things in life but the key requirement is holding your patience. However, if you are prone to these problems, you can point out the type of your kaalsarp dosha on your own.

For example, if you are having adverse impacts on marriage, you are having Anant Kaalsarp dosa, if you are prone to accidents and surgery, you are having Kulik Kaalsarp dosa, if you are facing too much hurdles in the important events in your life, you are having Vasuki kaalsarp dosa, if you are having problems with higher authorities in your workplace, you are having Sankpal Kaalsarp yoga, if you are having problems in childbirth, you are having Padam Kaalsarp yoga, if your money getting wasted a lot, you are having MahaPadam Kaalsarp dosa, if your headache and high BP troubling you too much the you are having Takshak Kaalsarp dosa, if you are not finding mental peace anywhere then you are having Ghatak Kaalsarp dosa, if your enemy is causing you a lot of harm then you are having Vishadhar Kaalsarp Dosa, if your relationship with your children are worsening then you are having Seshnag Kaalsarp Dosa.

These dosas can only be removed by performing certain rituals for which you need to seek the help of an astrologer.