11 days of windfall gains for these 4 luckiest zodiac signs, horoscope 2022

Indian Astrology | 21-Feb-2022

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Planets affect all of us through their transit into various signs and nakshatras. This is probably the reason behind saying that time doesn’t remain the same!

This time the planet of communication, wit, intelligence and commercial activities, Mercury is changing its nakshatra to shravan nakshatra from 19th February 2022 at 6:21 A.M. to 3rd   March 2022. Shravan nakshatra is ruled by the Moon and shares friendly relations with Mercury, however Mercury has enmity with the Moon.

This short transit of 11 days will bring powerfully good or bad results as per the transit placement of Mercury in your natal chart. But specifically 4 luckiest zodiac signs will get windfall gains in these 11 days of Mercury transit.

Little information about shravan nakshatra

The Moon is the ruler of Shravana Nakshatra and is symbolized by an Eagle. In simple words, Shravana means ‘Hearing’ and it is the star of listening and learning. In ancient times knowledge used to be passed on through oral traditions for which strong learning capabilities and focus was required. Natives born under Shravana Nakshatra have excellent ability to absorb knowledge through listening. As the main theme is to listen and learn, the media and communication field basically reflect this nakshatra. This is a Nakshatra of long travels and higher education. Lord Vishnu is the diety of the shravana nakshatra who symbolizes three footprints associated with the nakshatra. Interestingly, it is also the birth start of Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of education and knowledge. Shravana nakshatra blesses the natives with wisdom, knowledge and educational proficiency.

Let’s know about the zodiacs which will get windfall gains in these 11 days of Mercury in shravan nakshatra:  


For Aries natives, Mercury will be transiting into shravan nakshatra in the 10th house of the zodiac. This is a good position to make gains through sale/purchase deals in property. You will enjoy peaceful domestic environment and the health of mother will remain good. Your family members and parents will support you.

You may also get some good news from your maternal side. You may also buy new vehicle, property and new business venture etc. the students will do extremely well during this shorter span and if you are appearing for any exam then the success is guaranteed.

Things to take care: You are advised to stay alert of any cheating or theft as there are chances of the same. For that you should check documents twice before entering any business deal or making any kind of investment. Your love relations and children will remain your focus during this time.


For Taurus natives, Mercury is staying in the ninth house of luck that makes Taurus the first luckiest zodiac sign to get windfall gains in these 11 days. 

You will gain immense popularity at business and work. All your siblings, friends and relatives will support you. Those involved in work related to media, publication, travel, writing and teaching will gain immensely during this time.

The transit will make your fortune shine and bring overall prosperity. Your religious inclinations will rise. Short travels and new connections will amuse you bringing long term gains. You may also change place of your residence or work for good.

Things to take care: NOTHING… HAPPY TIME!


For Gemini natives, Mercury is lagna lord and will stay in the eighth house of the zodiac. There would be increment in your daily earnings. New business opportunities may come your way. You will enjoy great bonding in the family and may also travel for work related reasons.

If you are in the fields where communication skills are required like that of teaching, preaching and lawyer etc. then the transit will bring very good results to you. Love life will remain decent and you may gain through speculation and stock market during this time.

Things to take care: Students have to put more focus in studies and you should drive carefully as Mercury in eighth warns against careless driving.


For Cancer natives, Mercury will stay in the seventh house of the zodiac. Your communication and intellectual skills will earn you benefits in business and career. The family life will remain moderate with few chances of mild arguments.

Things to take care: Take care of heath, Eat nutritious food and stay away from any kind of stress through meditation and exercise.    


For Leo natives, Mercury will stay in the sixth house of the zodiac. You may gain interests in occult studies and love relations will prosper. Those engaged in foreign trade will gain through this transit and some may even travel abroad for work or leisure. 

Things to take care: Take care of health, drive carefully and stay away from illegal activities as it may bring ill repute during this time. Take control on your expenses as that may drain your savings.


For Virgo natives, Mercury will stay in the fifth house of the zodiac. Mercury is the lagna lord of Virgo natives and is also the second luckiest sign to get windfall gains in these 11 days.

You will gain huge wealth with the support of your elder siblings, friends and social network. There would be increase in your savings and you will sail a smooth ride during this time. Those engaged in teaching, politics, stock market and social work will also make great benefits during this time. 

Things to take care: NOTHING…HAPPY TIME!


For Libra natives, Mercury is staying in the fourth house of the zodiac. You will get fame and recognition with this transit. Your social image will improve and you will take part in social causes. There are chances of travel as well.

Things to take care: Students have to stay focused on studies and many of you may face health troubles. There might be bitterness in your relations with your spouse so handle the situation gracefully. 

Scorpion: For Scorpion natives, Mercury will stay in the third house of the zodiac. With its favorable placements Scorpion is the third luckiest sign to get windfall gains in these 11 days.

You will turn religious and do charities for general welfare. Many may travel abroad and those involved in foreign trade will gain immensely from this transit. Students will do very well in studies and your love relations will prosper during this phase.

Things to take care: NOTHING…HAPPY TIME!


For Sagittarius natives, Mercury will stay in the second house of the zodiac. Your long stuck money may come back during this time and you may also earn through inheritance and insurance. Talk nicely to your loved ones to avoid any kind of arguments in the family.

Things to take care: Manage your expenses else there might be financial losses. Take care of health and avoid rash driving.


For Capricorn natives, Mercury will stay in the ascendant of the zodiac. Your marital relations will remain harmonious. Those awaiting marriage may get married. You will gain through foreign trade and relations. You may invest in new business ventures during this time. Some may travel abroad as well.

Things to take care: Avoid all kind of arguments as it may get you into trouble. Maintain sanctity in your married relations. Litigation is also not desirable during this time. 


For Aquarius natives, Mercury will stay in the twelfth house of the zodiac. Those looking for job will get the desired job. There are chances of promotion and salary hike and you will be appreciated at the work place for your hard work and skills.

Things to take care: Take care of your health and avoid unhealthy food. There might be some skin or teeth related problems. The transit may induce circumstances for taking loans so those who wanted loan may take the benefits of the situation.


For Pisces natives, Mercury will stay in the eleventh house of the zodiac. Mercury will bring immense gains to the natives with its benefic placement. Pisces is the fourth luckiest sign to make windfall gains in these 11 days.

The natives will get full support of friends and social circle. You will achieve name and fame during this time. Great accumulation of wealth will make you extremely happy during this time. Some of you may also get awards for your skills an dhardwork done in the past. Overall, this is wonderful time for you.

Things to take care: NOTHING…HAPPY TIME!

Remedies to propitiate Mercury 

  • Distribute white sweets made of milk or milk products to small girls below 12 years.
  • You may wear green emerald after talk to astrologer.