Christmas 2022: Why People Eagerly Wait For This Festival?

Indian Astrology | 22-Dec-2022

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It is no doubt that we all get excited and geared up whenever it is Christmas time round the corner. Christmas is both a sacred religious festival and a worldwide celebrated phenomenon for which everyone looks forward to. People all across the globe have been celebrating it with much fervor, enthusiasm, traditions and religious practices that makes this festival all the merrier. According to Christian tradition, the festival of Christmas is celebrated each year on 25th December to honor the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ who is known to be a spiritual leader for this religion. His teachings form the very basis and is the foundation of Christianity.

The popular customs and religious activities include exchanging gifts with each other, decorating the Xmas trees, attending the church carols, sharing special meals with family and closed ones around and last but not the least, waiting for Santa Claus to finally come and distribute special gifts and blessings to children. For a fact, it is also to be noted that December 25, the Christmas day, has always been a federal holiday in the US since the year 1870.

The History & Origin of Christmas:

Dating back to the ancient Christianity years, the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ was not celebrated and Easter used to be the main festival. It is only later in the fourth century that the officials of the church instituted and proposed the birth of Jesus as a celebration and holiday. Unfortunately, and as per the Bible facts, it doesn’t mention the date of the birth of Jesus. It is however believed that this date of 25 December was chosen by the officials of the church to absorb and adopt the traditions and religious practices of the Saturnalia pagan festival.

With this regard, the celebration and enthusiasm for Christmas spread across Europe and the western world in the next several centuries but still many Christians used to believe and celebrate Epiphany and Easter as more important festivals.

The Importance & Significance Of Christmas:

Christmas is undoubtedly the main festival of all Christians. It is believed that on this day, God has sent Jesus Christ as his son on earth to free the people from their sins and show them the right path of righteousness. It is also to be mentioned that the celebration of Christmas could not be completed without mentioning Santa Claus, who is the favorite of all children. It is said that Santa Claus resides in the north pole and travels all across the globe to distribute exciting gifts to children. That is why children throughout the time of Christmas remain super excited to receive gifts and goodies from him.

The Main Reason Why People Stay Excited & Eagerly Wait For Christmas?

It is a religious tradition in Christianity that people visit each other’s home and exchange meals and cakes. They also enjoy a good time together by singing Christmas carols and stay in groups to enjoy little meal samplings. It is also a well-known custom to attend midnight mass in the churches during the Christmas eve and at the same time make donations and charity to the ones in need and poor.

Santa Claus plays a major and significant role in the celebration of the Christmas festival. It is on this day of Christmas many parents, guardians, relatives and teachers often dress up as Santa Claus to distribute gifts to the children around. 


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Why is it Famous & Loved All Around The World?

Christmas is indeed one of a magical festivals that is celebrated all across the globe to spread and share joy and happiness. Being the last festival of the year, people eagerly wait for this festival so that they can enjoy their best and at the same time, welcome the new year with much fervor, enthusiasm and zeal.

Talking of the Christmas festival, it is often wondered that why it is being called as “Merry”, instead of happy?

The meaning of the word “merry”: 

The English word is said to be combination of both old English and Germanic word. The simple meaning and interpretation of this word is known as happy. That makes the meaning of mary to be happily and blissfully. And it is on the date of Christmas that people chose to say merry instead of happy.

The use of Merry word came into existence in around the 16th century. During this time, the English language was not that widely spread and was at its infancy stage. However, the word merry gained its popularity and existence in the later of 18th and 19th centuries. It is only later that people started to choose merry instead of happy Christmas. 

That is how Christmas became a world-wide holiday and festival especially for Christians, that typically honors the birth of Jesus Christ. It has notably and considerably evolved in a worldwide religious and secular festive celebration and is celebrated by bringing in and incorporating many pre Christian and pagan traditions in the forefront of the festival celebration.


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The Traditions & Customs Followed In The Celebration:

In most of the European countries, special gifts and goodies are exchanged on the Christmas Eve, which is on the December 24. It is done by keeping in mind, the notion and belief that the baby Jesus was born on the night of the 24th December. However, in North America, the morning has become the right time for the exchange of gifts. During the time of 17th- and 18th-century, in almost all parts of the Europe the modest exchange and sharing of gifts took place in the morning hours of the 25th when the family used to return home from attending the Christmas mass. It is when the evening of the 24th December became the right time for the exchange of gifts and goodies, the Christmas mass was then set in the late afternoon of this day.

Contemporary Customs & Spread Of Christmas in Other Parts of the World:

In the Central & South America, some unique religious and secular traditions and customs mark the Christmas celebration. Talking of Mexico, it is on the days leading up to Christmas, the search of Mary and the Joseph for a place to stay is reenacted with all fervor and zeal, and children participate by trying to break a big piñata filled with playful toys and candy. On the other hand, Christmas is known to be a great summer festival in Brazil, that is celebrated by going to picnics, doing fireworks, and other festivities by marking the end with a solemn procession of priests to the church to celebrate the midnight mass on the Christmas eve.

In some parts of India, the evergreen and authentic Christmas tree is often replaced by the mango tree or the bamboo tree, and the religious houses are also decorated with mango leaves and paper stars. Herein. The festival of Christmas largely and mainly remains as a Christian holiday and is otherwise not widely celebrated or observed.

Taking Japan in consideration, the nation celebrates this festival by serving as an illustration of a unique sort. In the predominantly Malaysian, Shinto and Buddhist country, the secular aspects of the holiday such as the Christmas trees and other decorations, along with the singing of Christmas songs such as “White Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” are widely celebrated instead of the religious aspects of the festival.


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