How to Overcome Problems Related to Your Job With Some Astrological Help

Future Point | 13-Oct-2018

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As success and failures are two sides of the same coin, similarly, every coin has two side of Problems and then its solutions. Which means, if there is any problem then it would have a solution too. This would reflect in all aspect of one’s personal life. Be it career, business, money, marriage or progeny etc., At this juncture, astrology comes in to help them, that plays the role of identifying the problem and then suggesting remedies to the same. Since, astrology is the eyes of The Vedas it is the only science that can foresee the problems and then suggest solutions accordingly. Hence, even today many believe in the benefits of astrology. This is reflective when one would talk of Career consultation through career horoscope.

What is Career Horoscope?

Career horoscope is a simple activity where the horoscope or kundali reading for career for an individual is analysed in great detailed. Here, the reason of any such problems is checked, and then solutions are also recommended. Usually this is done by checking the D1 and the D10 horoscope of the native, along with the Main and Sub period in the horoscope. Post this, any shortcomings in these horoscopes are provided with suitable remedy.

This is one area which has picked up much importance. There are some expert and learnt astrologers term them self as Career astrologer while providing their services.

In fact, at Indian Astrology have identified some of the common problems faced by individuals in their career life and have recommended them the required solutions to the same. These are purely empirical and for any specific problems one would need solutions accordingly. Since the past three decades, Indian Astrology has charted out many such solutions and then have brought them for the benefits of its readers.

Over the years, it has been observed that every Zodiac sign has some problem or the other in career. Many of them are common to all the individual zodiac signs and the remedies recommended can be easily exercised to overcome the same. Following are the solutions for the 12 moon signs, or Zodiac.


If Native of this sign may face problems at their workplace, then donate some turmeric and rice especially on any one Thursday. Usually the main problem at your workplace is due to your superiors, so try to change your attitude towards them and find ways to maintain a good standing with them.


In your case, Problems occur due to your ego or stubbornness. When you face any such problems, donate some black clothing or a black blanket to someone poor or to leprosy patients. This would bring immediate results.


Generally, native of this sign don’t have many problems at their workplace. Thanks to the divine almighty. The only time they do experience problems is due to Lord Saturn or Rahu. As a remedy, let some wooden coal flow into dirty water body for 41 days.


The common problems experienced by native of this sign are due to their friends who deceive them or due to their subordinates in not cooperating with them at the work place. Alternatively, their seniors may like them a lot, initially, but due to the intervention of Lord Satun and Rahu, situations arise which make makes them not liked by their superiors and sometimes the problems even cause them to change their job, frequently.


Leos are very ambitious to reach to the top which causes them to change their attitude that in turn makes them stuck in office politics. As they are very energetic, talented, and skilful, they have the ability to reach great heights, but at the same time need to remember to be patient. Sometimes Behaviour can lead to problems.


Native of your sign don’t usually want to work for others, in the long run. Their inclination is to start their own business at some point. Virgos should try to put in more efforts at work and not be in a hurry to get home. Whenever there’s any problem, wear a triangular piece of copper around your neck.


Generally, Librans don’t face many problems at work. However, if their Sun is weak, then it causes them to switch jobs frequently. Hence, it’s important for them to continue worship lord Sun for stability regarding their work.


These people normally progress well and complete their work properly. They are loyal workers. The problem arises when they’re not given a lot of praise for their work. Hence, Scorpions will find it hard to handle the ego of such a person and will not be able to work properly for the boss.


Sagittarians usually carry out their work at their jobs well and don’t get into many fights with others. However, they struggle quite a bit. If their Jupiter is in a good state, then they will surely see success after the hard work. So, it’s important for them to make their Jupiter strong. For this, chant the mantra "om brim brahspataaye Namaha" as much as you can.


Native of this sign are usually good at their workplace as they are very committed to their work and hence, they also get timely promotions at their workplace. However, if lord Saturn turns negative, then it causes problems at workplace and they even start talking about leaving. Especially when Saturn-Rahu join together and create certain situations. As a remedy, do some donations for lord Satun and Rahu on a Saturday.


Although Aquarians get success at their workplace due to their sincerity, they are not happy staying at a job. Since these people have their own unique way of working, they are not used to working in teams which causes problems. They can wear a Peral ring for strengthen their Moon to enhance temperament.


Pisceans are known to work 100% in the initial stage of your job, but as they crave lot of changes, they are known to easily get digressed of what they do. As a remedy, try to incorporate something new in your work regularly to make sure your interest in your work is maintained.

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