Numbers In Numerology And Their Connection With Astrology

Indian Astrology | 12-Sep-2022

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We all are very well aware of the wonders of Astrology that how well it can predict the events in someone’s life. But do you know the inherent attributes of Numerology in Astrology? Yes, Astrology also involves numerical attributes that help in predicting the behavior and events in a person’s life. However, calculations are an inseparable part of Astrology and the best astrologer has to make several computations and calculations to come at a decision. Every house in Astrology has been attributed a number ranging from 1 to 12. 

Merely at the mention of a number as related to the house, the person can take an idea of several significations in life. For e.g. if we mention 4th house, immediately you recognize several attributes like mother, vehicles, happiness and education etc. with it. Likewise different planets have been attributed numbers in Numerology. Here, we will see how the use of numbers as made in Numerology can be applied in Astrology for better and effective predictions.

Numerology and Astrology complement each other

Numerology believes in the wonders of numbers and suggests that the numbers you are surrounded with are there for a reason. Your birth date, your address, your car number and in fact mobile number affect you in one way or the other. Talk to India’s best astrologers to understand how Astrology and Numerology work hand-in-hand.

The placement of various planets in various houses of the horoscope reveals valuable information about a person’s life. Similarly, numbers reveal important information about a person’s intrinsic traits and shortcomings as well as blessings of life.

When these two come together, it becomes imperative to extract almost 100% accurate information about future events. Here, we will see how each planet is connected with certain number and how that number brings significant changes in someone’s life.

The birth chart is about the planetary placements at the time of birth whereas the numerology horoscope mainly considers the birth date of a person. The root number is derived through adding the digits in your birth date. Your root number reveals a lot about your personality and attributes in life.

The life path number is found in Numerology by adding the digits to the lowest possible number except the master numbers which come in doubling of numbers like 11, 22 and so on. This life path number exactly shows what the sun sign of a native reveals. The life path number just like the sun sign shows the purpose in life and the inherent attributes of a person.

The Sun is atmakaraka in Astrology and reveals the purpose of soul similarly, the life path number also reveal the purpose of someone’s life. It may depict one’s strength, talents, weak points, blessings and threats in life. The Sun also represents these attributes in Astrology. 

Numbers and planets

Number 1

The number one as depicted in Numerology is associated with the planet Sun in Astrology. The people born with this number as their life path number are known to be associated with the planet Sun. The natives are royal, intelligent, creative, individualistic, brave, strong headed and powerful. The natives are energetic and motivated enough to complete any task with a great deal of bravery and capability. They are highly focused on their predetermined goals. They are born leaders and wish to live life with self respect and freedom in life. They are noble souls but wish to seek appreciation for whatever favor they do to others. 

Number 2

The number 2 in Numerology is depicted by the planet Moon. Just like in Astrology, the planet Moon also represents over emotional and sentimental side of a person.  The native born under number 2 has a caring and loving nature. The person is mostly romantic other than action-oriented. The attributes like strong intuitions, kindness, thinking much, love for family and friends and softness are some of the characteristics as possessed by these individuals. They can mould themselves easily and are capable to adapting to any changing environment. However, most of the times they remain in confusing and indecisive state and always look upon someone to support them.

Number 3

The number 3 represents the planet Jupiter. The persons born under number 3 are noble, gentle and philanthropic. However a sense of pride and dominance may rule them which cause more enemies than friends in their lives. They are born to have fame in life and have a great sense of responsibility. They love everything grand around them and appreciate enthusiasm towards life. They long for learning and exploring new things. They love to meet people and always look upon learning something new from them. They are widely appreciated for their intelligent and impressive communication skills. 

Number 4

The people born under number 4 are represented by the planet Sun. They share the same attributes as people belonging to no. 1. But here a slight difference would be there. They are miser and believe in saving every penny. Thus they build large bank balance. They find fault with others and are less positive in life. They are trustworthy, full of creative ideas and have high values in life.

Number 5 

The number 5 depicts the planet Mercury. In Astrology, Mercury shows intelligence, friendship, fun loving nature, writing and intellectual side of a person. Similarly the person born with number 5 is an intelligent person. He has excellent communication skills that brighten up the surroundings immediately. They are known for their fun loving nature but are also bit flirty. They adapt to new surroundings easily and make everyone around comfortable. They love to challenge their intellectual skills by solving several puzzles and crosswords. 

Number 6

In Numerology horoscope, Venus represents the number 6. The planet is known for beauty, charm, attraction, splendor, luxury and harmony etc. They appreciate comforts in home and a good life style. They are impressive, caring and passionate in relations. Usually, they love to spend time with family and love to serve others. They love social gatherings and keep themselves decked up all the time. They are very rigid and can’t be deviated from their path easily.

Number 7

The number 7 is associated with the planet Moon. It has the same traits as those possessed by the person born under number 2. Here, the person shows more interest in deep truth of life and occult. They love to travel long distances mostly for exploration and learning. They are intuitive, spiritual and mystical. They are shy but put significant impression on people surrounding them. They are keen thinker and have a philosophical mindset. They always look for the hidden aspects of life and their talents mostly remain hidden during the early years of life. it is only in later years of life that they are known for what they truly are.

Number 8

Number 8 is associated with the planet Saturn. In Astrology, Saturn is a planet of miseries, delay, obstacles and teachings in life. The person born under number 8 are disciplined, focused, punctual, head strong and hardworking. They are not carried away by the materialistic aspect of life and look for more serious characteristics in life. They are naturally goal-oriented, strong and highly determined people in life. They are leaders and motivate people in achieving their pre-determined goals. They are hard core fighters and wish to achieve success through any means. 

Number 9

Number 9 belongs to the planet Mars. A strong Mars makes you highly courageous and bold while a weak Mars makes you quarrelsome and selfish. So, the number 9 amalgamates both these traits. They are enthusiastic, bold, brave, passionate but insecure and selfish at the same time. They love to explore the mysterious side of life. Their over driven and egoistic attitude sometimes lead to their fall. They rarely find a partner to match their over enthusiasm and frequency. Even if they do, they seem to have clashes with them for their rigid nature. 

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