Properties of Various Trigrams

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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  1.  Chyan - Creative

    Direction - North - West

    Indicates - Heaven

    Symbolic Words - Power and wealth

    Element - Metal

    Colour - Violet

    Yin/Yang - Yang

    Property - Learned

    Climate - Starting Winter

    Chyan comprises of 3 unbroken Yang lines. This place is normally used by father or head of the house and is suitable for study, personal room or main bedroom. This is related to sky and stars as well as strength, sturdiness, energy, ambition, tolerance, originality, rule, cold and wealth. Its shortcomings can be treated by green things. Plants and crystals may be kept here.

  2.  K'un - Receptive

    Direction - South - West

    Indicates - Soil

    Symbolic Words - Readiness and obedience

    Element - Earth

    Colour - Black

    Yin/Yang - Yang

    Property - Nourishment

    Climate - Starting Autumn

    The three broken lines indicate maternal characteristics. This place indicates rooms for the mother such as kitchen, serving room. This symbolizes surrender, receptivity, patronizing, obedience. It represents intimate relations such as of husband and wife. Articles made from clay should be kept here.

  3.  Chen (Jen) - Excitement

    Direction - East

    Indicates - Thunder

    Symbolic Words - Start and progress

    Element - Wood

    Colour - Orange

    Yin/Yang - Yang

    Property - Motion, Path

    Climate - Spring

    Chen comprises of 2 broken lines above and one unbroken line at the bottom. It represents eldest son, therefore his bedroom should be located in the East. This area is connected with iron will, unexpected happenings, impatience and experimentation. This indicates activity. Goods related to owner's element should be kept here, blue and green are suitable colours.

  4.  Syun - Gentle

    Direction - South-East

    Indicates - Air

    Symbolic Words - Development

    Element - Wood

    Colour - White

    Yin/Yang - Yin

    Property - Development, Trade

    Climate - Starting summer

    Syun comprises of 2 unbroken lines at top and one broken line. It represents eldest daughter. Therefore her room should be in South-East area of home. This area is connected with sharp brains and internal strength and also indicates flexibility and correct posture while sitting.

  5.  K'an - Limitless

    Direction - North

    Indicates - Water

    Symbolic Words - To trap

    Element - Water

    Colour - Red

    Yin/Yang - Yang

    Property - Circle, Danger

    Climate - Winter

    Kan has 1 unbroken line in the middle of 2 broken lines. This represents middle son and is related to hardwork, administration and ambitions. It is also connected with deception, mystery and danger. In Feng Shui, Kan is considered a negative area because cold winds blow in this direction. Pink and red things should be kept in this area.

  6.  Li-To adhere

    Direction - South

    Indicates - Mango

    Symbolic Words - Fame, Nearness, Clarity

    Element - Fire

    Colour - Yellow

    Yin/Yang - Yin

    Li is made by one broken line situated between two unbroken lines. It indicates middle daughter and is related to beauty, joys, affection and success. This direction is ideal for bedroom or drawing room as there will be plenty of happiness and humour. South is regarded as best direction in Feng - Shui. Red things should be kept in this area for energising.

  7.  Ken (Gen)- To Remain Still

    Direction - North-East

    Indicates - Mountains

    Symbolic Words - Stoppage

    Element - Earth

    Colour - Green

    Yin/Yang - Yang

    Property - Obstruction

    Climate - Starting spring

    Ken is composed of one unbroken line at top and 2 broken lines. It is a symbol of younger son and is related to strength generated due to knowledge, stability and success. It is also connected with politeness, caution and peace. Articles made from clay may be kept in this area.

  8.  Tui (Dwei)- Delightful

    Direction - West

    Indicates - Lake

    Symbolic Words - Pleasure, Sensuality

    Element - Metal

    Colour - Blue

    Yin/Yang - Yin

    Property - Happiness

    Climate - Autumn

    Tui has one broken line at the top and 2 unbroken lines below .

    This represents youngest daughter and is related to happiness, comforts, feelings and satisfaction and signifies entertainment. This area contributes for love life and pleasures. Keep flowers and plants in it. Hang crystals and bells here.