Importance of Hexagonal Trigram

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Trigram is important in Feng Shui. These are 8 in numbers. It is said that in one morning Fu Hsi saw at the bank of yellow river in North China that a tortoise came out from the river. At that time Fu Hsi was immersed in the worship of God. He got an inspiration from God that map of universe was etched on the back of tortoise. He looked at the lines present on the back of tortoise and decided its sequence. It is called Heaven Sequence.

This trigram is made by 3 lines.

Eight Trigrams

Principles of 5 elements and Yin-Yang are the basis of trigrams. A full line (--------) indicates Yang while a broken line represents Yin (– –)

The combinations of full and broken lines gives Trigrams that are 8 in numbers.

Symbol of Construction Symbol of Heaven

Adding various lines in it gives 8 combinations. These are called 8 Trigrams. These have been given special names of China.

Heaven Earth Water Fire

The other four trigrams or Guas clearly possess a quality of absolute direction. They become different trigrams, and their meanings change when viewed from the opposite direction. For example, Syun becomes Dwei when reversed. These are the changeable or yang Guas.

Lake Wind Thunder Mountain

The unbroken lines represent Yang (Male) while broken lines indicate Yin (Female). Chyan consists of 3 unbroken lines that represent the mighty Yang. It represents Father.

Kwun is composed from 3 broken lines and represents Mother.

Li and K'an are two important trigrams. In Li, one broken line is situated between 2 unbroken lines. This gives an impression that energies of heaven are meeting earth's might. Formation of Sun is a kind of heaven's power. We can say that earth is being embraced by heaven's might, Sun.

According to Chinese Vastu, Sun is more powerful in South. Li represents South.

In Kan, there is one unbroken line between 2 broken lines. This trigram indicates North.

In Li the middle line is broken. This is Yin (Female) and indicates middle daughter. In Kan, the middle unbroken line indicates middle son.

We can see that place, name, properties and symbols of each trigram are fixed. Three unbroken lines always represent Chyan. This represents learned people and heaven. Three broken lines always indicate Kwun which represents earth, woman and exporter.

8 Trigrams are useful for selection of a place.