How to Avoid Corners, Edges and Beams

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Certain structures inside the house may create problems. This has a direct impact on 'Chi' and due to it, residents face problems.

Sharp Edges : If there are sharp edges in the house, the flow of Chi is interrupted and bad results are obtained. For example if edges of a pillar or furniture are sharp, difficulties crop up. Its remedy is decoration by colored curtains, plants or mirrors. Otherwise a pillar may be given a round shape by covering it. Plants may be kept near the faulty furniture.

Corners : The corners in a room are normally dark. Therefore lights may be provided here or lamps/fountains may be kept. Plants may also be kept in dark corners or a lamp may be kept on a round table. If small recesses have been made in the wall, drawers are kept full, these are beneficial for Chi of dark corners.

Beam : Beam is forbidden in Feng Shui as it could be lethal. If the roofs are very high then beams may not be much detrimental but beams in a low ceiling destroy the Chi. Persons living under beams remain tense and dejected. Do not keep a bed, dining table or a desk under a beam. This gives fatigue and depression.

Remedies for a beam are as under :

  • Beam should be covered completely by false ceiling or light should be reflected on the beam.

  • Flutes made from bamboo should be tied with a red ribbon and hanged from the beam. Please see the figure.

  • Green statue of Ganesh should be kept on both sides of beam.

If the bed is kept under the beam, marital relations of the couple suffer.

Working below the beam causes loss in efficiency. Mental development slows down.