Power of Astrology in bringing Financial Freedom & Abundance of Wealth

Indian Astrology | 31-Mar-2020

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All our efforts right from our adulthood are channelized towards achieving financial independence in life. Right from the academic phase of our life, our focus is fixed on the goal of securing a career that would bring abundant wealth in our life.

This is perfectly justified considering the role that finances play in a person’s life to ensure his/her smooth survival in this modern day materialistic world that is heavily driven by money.

Plus once you have a family that is dependent on you, taking the financial aspect of life lightly, is not an option.

The in-general social prescription for having ample money in life is- “hard work”.

Well agreed, there is no denying the fact that hard work is essential in life to achieve anything meaningful. 

However, just look around in the world and see the number of people that are working tirelessly day & night but still are somehow just able to make ends meet or in other words just scraping through the brutal rock bottom of the reality called life!

Why is that?

This question might make certain people uncomfortable, but if hard work ensures big money in life then why is the reality out there in the professional world different?

Simply because plain hard work on its own will not yield you success & prosperity in life as there are other factors that play a significant and quite frankly, a major role in shaping up the destiny of a person.

Yes we are talking about the incredibly powerful planetary bodies and their immensely high influence on us as per the sacred science of Vedic Astrology.

Use of Vedic Astrology in decoding our Financial State

  • Vedic Astrology is a science that reveals what the planets have in store for us as far as different areas of our life are concerned.
  • Remember, planets based on our karmic account that we carry from our past lives, give us results in various domains of our life.
  • When it comes to the type of results, it entirely depends on the type of karmic structure that is being unfolded from our karmic account at any given time in our lives.
  • At a time when our positive karmas are unfolded, we get positive results and at a time when our negative karmas are unfolded, we face problems in life.
  • Vedic Astrology offers tools that empower an astrologer to read the horoscope of a native to know how and when different domains of the native’s life are getting affected by planets as per their positioning in the native’s horoscope.
  • This in turn provides an opportunity to incorporate certain highly powerful astrological remedies in our lives that have the potential to nullify or minimize the negative planetary effects that we are facing or about to face at some point in our life.  
  • Therefore, it becomes of paramount importance to get our horoscope thoroughly analyzed by a professional astrologer.
  • The fundamental motive of an astrologer is to correctly identify what different planets are signifying for the financial domain of the native and at what times in the native’s life, are they casting their respective influence on the native’s financial domain so that timely remedial measures could be adopted to pacify the negative effects of ill placed planets and maximize the positive effects of well placed planets in the native’s finance horoscope.
  • All finance problems and solutions to those problems are present in the finance horoscope of a native and an experienced astrologer provides the crucial guidance that a native needs to attract wealth in his/her life. 

Houses in our Finance Horoscope that affect our Finances the most!

When it comes to making a wealth prediction by date of birth and other birth details of a native, an astrologer from a financial perspective, primarily looks at the state of the following houses:

2nd House

This is a house that represents “Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance”. 

To have a stable & sound state of finances in life, it is very important that this house is strong and free from any negative influence.

6th House

This is a house that represents “Job and Competition”. 

For those pursuing a job and or appearing for competitive examinations for getting a job must have a very strong & positive 6th house.

Furthermore, since this house represents competition, its strength becomes even more crucial when it comes to promotion and in-job growth.

Also for people engaged in their own business, competition is a factor that keeps them on their toes constantly and decides their profit margins. Hence, even those that are self employed, must have the backing of a strong 6th house to reap maximum profits in their businesses.

7th House

This house represents “Business and Partnerships”.  

For obvious reasons, a self employed person needs a positive & only positive 7th house if that person wants to run a profitable business in this modern day world where there is cut-throat competition in every sector.

Any negative influence on this house would bring unnecessary obstacles and pose repeated regulatory hurdles resulting in frequent disruptions in the business.

Successful business partnerships are forged with a favourable 7th house in the horoscopes of all the parties concerned.  

8th House

This house represents “Obstacles, Sudden Gains/Losses and Inheritance”.

Just as a sudden windfall gain in life can change the financial state of a person for good, a sudden financial shock can bring the financial graph of that native down to the bottom as well.

Hence, it is crucial that even if there are no sudden financial gains signified by the 8th house, there should not be any unpleasant financial shocks signified either.

It must also be noted that for people who want to know whether the inheritance that they rightfully deserve is secure or not, the 8th house holds all the answers.

10th House

This house represents “Career, Profession, Name, Fame and Position”.

For people who are primarily in a job or public life, this house decides the level to which they would rise and the position that they would command in their profession.

Also, the level to which the brand of your business would rise, depends on the condition of the 10th house of your horoscope.

11th House

This house represents “Gains and Realization of Desires”.

The strength of this house decides whether your desires would be fulfilled in your life or not. 

In other words, to lead a life of luxury, one must have multiple planets giving the prosperous results of the 11th house at all or most times in his/her life.

12th House

This house represents “Expenditures”.

Now, it is extremely important that this house is well balanced in a person’s horoscope because expenditures are needed not only to ensure survival and have articles of absolute need in life but also for bringing different comforts & conveniences in life as well. 

However, if expenditures are disproportionate to earnings then this will eventually lead to financial distress in a person's life.

Therefore, the state of the 12th house must be perfectly balanced with respect to the earnings of an individual.

A Remedy that ensures Unforeseen Prosperity in life!

There are many truly effective remedies that Vedic Astrology prescribes for attracting wealth & stabilizing finances in life based on the specific planetary conditions in the personal horoscope of a native. 

But one remedy that stands apart and ensures the flow of prosperous energies in the life of an individual is- A Sri Yantra!

If you talk to astrologer who has a considerable experience in analyzing the financial state of a person as per his/her horoscope, the first recommendation that the astrologer would give you is to bring a Sri Yantra in your house or place of business if you are really serious about attracting wealth in your life.

A Sri Yantra is the architectural representation of the cosmic form of Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari. Sri Yantra has the potential to attract highly prosperous energies from the cosmos and bring wealth into the life of a person who worships it with a devout heart.

Our Humble Appeal

In the end, we urge you to take all necessary steps when it comes to finance, which is arguably the most important aspect of your life.

Consult with famous astrologers in South Delhi to know the exact will of the planets for you and how you can turn the wave of fortune in your favour!

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Compliment your hard work with the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology to take charge of your finances and make wealth & affluence, an integral part of your life!