Palmistry: Discover the Health Secrets of Your Life

Future Point | 04-Sep-2018

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The practise of the Occult science has been for a time immoral. Many in the field of Occult science practise Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and many more. Each of these sciences has one fundamental principal and that is to foretell the future. The only difference is that of Medium. Which means, how to foretell the future. For instance, in astrology one would cast a horoscope to give the future details. In Numerology, one would tell the future based on Date of Birth, Month and Year of Birth. In both, astrology as well as Numerology, the dependence of accurate details is a must. Unfortunately, it has been seen that a native must depend upon their partners for these details. If their parents’ miss these record or details, then the entire prediction will god haywire. But thankfully, Palmistry is a difference science.

The Secrets of Palmistry lies on the palm of an individual itself. Thus, in this science, one need not depend upon any other person for details and would have to rely upon one’s own palm and no other details. Palm reading or Palmistry’s also known as hasta Rekha Vigyan in Hindi, since It has evolved from Samudrik Shastra, an ancient scripture to study Human body analysis. Some layman term also would call this as, palm reading astrology. Now, let us check out some of the important aspect of Palm reason especially the Heath secrets of your life.

What are the Health secrets in palm reading?

Before we address the health secrets, readers must know this that according to Hast Rekha Vigyan, it is believed that planets reside in different areas of the palm. By analysing the signs formed on them, good or bad times are identified. Primarily, life line, heart line, mind line, fate line and marriage line are found on one’s palm. This is check in the Right palm for Males and left Palm for Female natives.

Health line is also one of them, though, it is generally not found on everyone’s palm. However, it is not a bad thing if a line is not present in a native’s hand, i.e. if health line is not there on their palm, they do not have to worry about it.

Then What Is a health line? How to identify a Health Line?

Usually heart time is an extension form the index finger to that of the of one’s palm. Some time is a very small extension but to others it can extended right upon to the end of cavity between index finger and the end of one’d palm. In fact, this is the line that can say what diseases might occur to a native and can be known through palm reading. For those people who don’t have health line on their hand, they can also acquire health related information with the help of other signs and lines on their hand. This can be explained only by an established palmist. They would assess the complete palm and then provide details to the native.

What is the secret of Health line?

Now for a person with a thick and clear Health line has a good digestive system. Such people are internally very strong and have firm immunity to fight diseases. They also have good memory and mental strength.

If the Health line is being intersected by criss - crossed lines on one’s palm, health issues occur as they age. If the line is chained, a person suffers from stomach related issues. If there is an island on the line over Mercury mount (the point which connects the index finger and plan), it may cause serious problems and might lead to intestines related diseases.

Again, If a person’s health line is clean, but Life line is thin, crossed or cut at some place, this indicates improvement in health. Similarly, if Head line is weak and health line is strong, this also imply positive results for mind related problems. However, its opposite signifies poor health, especially problems related to head and stomach may increase.

Thus, the importance of Health line is paramount. In fact, readers can get more details of their health line through consulting with our expert team of learnt occult science specialist. We at Indian Astrology have been practising the Occult science for the past three decades. Readers can write to us at [email protected] or visit our Website To get connected to our team seek consultation.